Terraria Soundtrack MIDI

Discussion in 'PC' started by tchen, Jan 29, 2012.

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  1. tchen Green Slime

    I know that you can get the soundtrack from bandcamp, but I need the MIDI files. Is there anywhere that has the Terraria Soundtrack in MIDI format?
  2. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    Download the music on ITunes and
    convert the files to midis.
    Try this. I never tried this application but it seems decent.
  3. tchen Green Slime

    I have tried that. The problem is, MIDI has data for each instrument, and a mp3 or wav or any other music file is just the sounds together. The converters work OK for a mp3 with just one instrument, but cannot decode the complex sounds from Terraria.
    Thanks for the reply anyways :)
  4. zebri Raincoat Zombie

    Hmm, use the program synthesia to change/remove instruments
    from the midi. I don't know how to save the midis but im sure
    you can.
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