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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by Redigit, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. DarkGollum Cursed Skull

    The Boss 2 is the best one ^^ Just amazing.
    Surely for the wall of flesh, i hope so.
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  2. Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

    The blue guy is a Goblin ._.
  3. Gwydion Demon Eye

    Now this... I can handle :D Just wondering what he'll sell or do.
  4. ShinyMeta Yellow Slime

    My first thought of the blue guy was a goblin npc... but nonetheless this is epic!
  5. Ausm Green Slime

    I'm really liking some of the chiptune influences in here.
  6. rladbsgh Squirrel

    The blue NPC looks like a goblin to me. (Edit: Ninja'd)

    Awesome soundtrack.
  7. Blitzkriegx Green Slime

    Maybe the wizard is the clothiers brother? o_o
    I still say Underground Hallow is the best from 00:50 to 01:24
  8. Omikuji Green Slime

    Ohhh my the new music is fun, Boss 2 I have to listen to over and over because it's simply so catchy and dramatic. This is lovely, I am totally going to buy this. See now this is something I can get more behind on an advertising and gaining more coin. Good quality, not as slapped togeather like say... the shirts.

    Oh, also, new npcs or just random new things? Goodness I hope new npcs, the one thing I love to get in Terraria is actually the NPCs in my town. XD
  9. Aeynia Pixie

    Dat Boss 2 music..
    I love you.
    And both Underground Hallow and Corruption are epic as well.

    But just saying, I'm a sucker for epic boss music.
    Boss 2 fulfills that.

    I'd have to guess that Boss 3 is for WoF and Boss 2 is for classic boss rematches.
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  10. Wil1691 Dark Caster

    The Hallow music makes me feel... high
  11. WooTz Cave Bat

  12. Gmodlol61 Necromancer

    The hallow?
  13. Wil1691 Dark Caster

    the title screen music has always put me in a trance
  14. Oakshire Green Slime

    Awesome use of the musical elements when shifting between areas (above vs under ground) You can hear the basic "cave" sounds in both the corruption / hollow underground which help unify all of the areas into "Terraria Sounds".

    Very nicely done! I look forward to combining the music to the experience of 1.1 ;)
  15. Pentarctagon Green Slime

  16. kakashi1502 Green Slime

    buying it now sounds awesome

    man i love the boss music now i cant wait for boss 4 XD the hell boss thats going to be epic music and a epic new boss fight man i cant wait
  17. jamie o'brien Green Slime

    i don't understand why people would buy this and waste their money if they have the game and can just hear all the music in game....maybe a bunch of nerdy collectors would.

    i just hit 643 hours lol.
  18. Belathus Cursed Man

    It amuses me that the album costs half as much as Terraria itself. Bought it anyway. Re-Logic can have my money.

    On a related note, I just realized that I have over 270 hours logged in Terraria.
  19. Inoka1 Green Slime

    You, my friend, need to learn to read.
    EXTENDED versions of existing in-game songs.
    PRE-RELEASES of 5 NEW tracks included in the next update.
  20. jamie o'brien Green Slime

    dude, i read it and listened to it and i understand that perfectly fine, only a nerdy collector would buy the sound track to listen to it before it comes out in december when we can listen to it anyway..
    so what if it's extended, i can play all these songs on my keyboard just by listening to them..

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