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Discussion in 'Art' started by kovacs bela, Jun 5, 2011.

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  1. kovacs bela Green Slime

    Hello people!
    I would like to share you guys some terraria sprites that i made:
    Molten armor Front view:
    Meteor armor shooting stance (Space Gun):
    Meteor armor shoot.png
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  2. Mendoza231 Cursed Skull

  3. kovacs bela Green Slime

    Thank you Mendoza! Iam working on a better and updated Jungel armor.
  4. mariustroen Green Slime

    The molten armor front view looks amazing! The jungle armor.. meh.. not so much. But thats just my opinion :)
  5. Elde Tim

    jup, that front view would be great ingame as a charge up animation for like a battlecry or some other buff,great job!
  6. Sam Piranha

    Very nice, can i ask what do you make your sprites with? I'd love to start making some!
  7. Elde Tim

    it's either Paint, Photoshop or some of the other programs scattered all around the net, havent really looked int them.

    I prefer Photoshop as it gives u alot of control, both in colors and hotkeys,easy to work with layers incase u mess up:p
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  8. HornyToadVR Green Slime

    Agreed :D
  9. Elde Tim

    and u WILL mess up, especially when u start animating:p
  10. HornyToadVR Green Slime

    I don't know how to animate things... but i'm sure its difficult (Still i would love to be able to, it makes things look awesome) :p

    For example... that cool looking frog in ur sig
  11. Elde Tim

    oh he was pretty easy, its only 4 frames, tricky part is adding motion to the whole body,and arms, legs are easy.

    As long as u have a gameplan it's pretty easy, but u do end up scratching ur head wondering what the next frame should look like. I draw directly onto the next frame, and im pretty sure there are better ways to do it:p
  12. kovacs bela Green Slime

    Thank you for the replies guys!

    Sam: I use GIMP 2.0 a free software. Awsome tool, but hard to use to it!
  13. Nate Demon Eye

    The molten one is pretty sick.
  14. Sparky Cursed Man

    really cool keep up the good work!
  15. flame226 Green Slime

  16. KevinFerreira Squirrel

    Well i think their both awesome i like them.
    Nice work, keep going and you'll might become a Leonardo Davinci on Terraria Online.:D
  17. Terrariking Piranha

    I'd love a jungle one :)
  18. Xylord Green Slime

    This is the best NE-E-E-ECROOOOOOO I have ever seen... requesting lock, since the author isn't on the site anymore...
  19. Mistress Rarity Nightmarity

    I agree. It's necro'd and the OP isn't working on it anymore so I'm locking this.
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