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Discussion in 'Trading Archive' started by Loki ISP, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Ok guys, with the Terraria Steam Trading Cards launching today, we felt it would be a great idea to add these as a trading category here in the Trading Section.

    As with all other item categories, if you are seeking a card or selling a card, just post it here using the suggested format:

    IGN/Steam Name:
    In-Game Name:
    Item Wanted/Selling:
    Method of Payment/Price:

    As a reminder, please take a look at the trading forum rules below:


    Good luck and happy trading!
  2. IGN/Steam Name: wiwigu
    In-Game Name: Gradepuxi22
    Item Wanted/Selling:
    - wanted: Minishark, Eye of Cthulhu, The Underworld, Night's Edge, Glowing Mushrooms, Wyvern
    - selling: The Guide, Living Woods
    Method of Payment/Price: I will trade one The Guide/Living Woods card for my wanted card.

    Traded with Firus (thanks).
  3. Firus

    Firus Yellow Slime

    I've got a The Underworld and a Minishark I'll trade for your Guide and Living Woods (or I can do just one for one if you don't want to trade both). My Steam name is NostalgiaCancer.
  4. polarhifly

    polarhifly Frankenstein

    Steam Name: 'polarhifly' (Will show up as Kikkawa)
    Wanted: The Guide, Night's edge, Glowing Mushroom, Living Woods, Eye of Cthulhu
    Selling: The Hallow.
    Method of payment/price: I will trade a Hallow card for any of my wanted cards.

    Traded with Cloud_Nine.
  5. lord_vinvis

    lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    IGN/Steam Name: Vinvis
    In-Game Name: Lord Vinvis
    Item Wanted/Selling: selling: wyvern
    wanted: one of these: underworld, hallow, cthulu, shrooms, or minishark
    Method of Payment/Price: I'll trade the wyvern with one of the above. traded!
  6. NyanTarts

    NyanTarts Flying Fish

    IGN/Steam Name: NyanTarts
    In-Game Name: NyanTarts
    Selling: The Hallow (x1)
    Method of Payment/Price: Nothing. This one's a freebee.
    I'm new to this trading thing, so don't take it too hard on me.
    Traded card to Vinvis.
    (Keep an eye out for me, I trade cards for free! Normal and Foil!)
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  7. polarhifly

    polarhifly Frankenstein

    It's free? If you REALLY don't want it, I can take it off your hands.
  8. Cloud_Nine987

    Cloud_Nine987 Giant Worm

    Steam Name: Cloud_Nine987
    In-Game Name: Cloud_Nine987
    Wanted: Minishark.
    Will Trade: Eye of Cthulu, Glowing Mushrooms, or The Underworld.
  9. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Maybe I should have made a donations thread - but we will see how it goes with it all together

    (You can always just send all of your unwanted orphan cards to me :p )
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  10. Ghostkiller

    Ghostkiller Demon Eye

    Steam name: zzghostkillerzz
    In-Game Name: Ghostkiller
    Wanted: Anything except Wyvern, Minishark and Night's Edge
    Will trade: Night's Edge (x2), Wyvern

  11. Cpreo

    Cpreo Piranha

    IGN/Steam Name: Cpreo
    In-Game Name:Cpreo
    Item Wanted/Selling: I want one of the following: Eye of cthulu,Hallow,underworld,Night's Edge, growing mushrooms
    Method of Payment/Price: I will pay with one mini shark card in exchange for the other card
  12. Cloud_Nine987

    Cloud_Nine987 Giant Worm

    I got every card! ...But now I have to get another set.Steam Name: Cloud_Nine987Item Wanted: Any, except for underworld.Method of Pay: A TF2 item, or an Underworld card.
    Traded, now I need Eye of Cthulu and Wyvern.
  13. Hamzorz

    Hamzorz Squirrel

    IGN/Steam Name: Holy Ham Grenade
    Item Wanted: The Guide card
    Method of Payment: Wyvern card
  14. Turgle

    Turgle Herpling

    I'll trade you the Underworld for Night's Edge if you want ^^
    Steam: TehNinjaGuy

    EDIT: Hamzorz I'll also trade you The Guide for Wyvern
    EDIT 2: Traded Underworld and The Guide for Night's Edge and Wyvern.
  15. harel1

    harel1 Bunny

    IGN/Steam Name:harel1443
    In-Game Name:harel
    Item selling: the guide
    buying: minishark\the hollow\the underworld\glowing mushrooms\living wood\
    Method of Payment/Price:1 card for 1 card( if you want to give more than one card for the guide card its also ok)
  16. Ghostkiller

    Ghostkiller Demon Eye

    Link to Steam account: Ghostkiller

    Cards wanted:
    *The Hallow

    Cards selling:
    *Night's Edge

    Traded with DarkChaos
  17. ftapkax

    ftapkax Green Slime

    IGN/Steam Name: ftapkax
    In-Game Name: ftapkax
    Item Wanted: Glowing Mushrooms
    Method of Payment/Price: I will trade it for Wyvern, The Underworld, Nights's Edge, Living Wood
  18. polarhifly

    polarhifly Frankenstein

    Steam: Polar (Clicky Clicky!)
    Card wanted: Minishark card, Lving Wood card, or Night's Edge card.
    Method of Payment: Engineer card.
  19. Cloud_Nine987

    Cloud_Nine987 Giant Worm

    Steam Name: Cloud_Nine987
    Card Wanted: Eye of Cthulu, Night's Edge, Glowing Mushrooms, and Wyvern.
    Will Trade: A Terraria profile BG or smiley, TF2 items, or TF2 cards.
  20. noiy11

    noiy11 Zombie

    Steam Name: Noiy11
    Card's Wanted: Wyvern, Guide
    Card's I have to offer: Underworld, Minishark


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