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    I present you my first serious Terraria creation - Subway. It is build on a small map, because otherwise I would never finish it. Oh, and I built it all by hand, without using TEdit or other programs. At first I wanted to build only subway, from one ocean to another. But then i thought - "This looks so boring, and what subway is it without stations." That's how a decision about six different places was made. I started to build this map at the end of July, and even though I have made numerous breaks, it took very long. The most annoying part was destroying dirt walls and placing gray brick walls instead. That, and the demolition of the Dungeon (Dungeon bricks, Y U not breaking from explosives). But there were fun parts too ^_^ For example, purification of the Corruption. I completely and utterly purified the corruption, using the powder. So good to see ebonstone turning into a regular stone, then creepy music stops playing, devourers stop spawning, and a feel of relief rushes through you. I dug some shafts, to reach far clutches of corruption, then purified them, then closed up the shafts with stones, to preserve the original form and look. Also, I left shafts that lead to Shadow Orbs, in case someone need it :) All in all, whole Corruption is purified. Not so dangerous now, huh?
    Though the Corruption is surely a huge achievement, the main goal was to build subway with stations. Of course, the main station, also functioning as map default spawn point, is a huge tree. I really wanted to build a house inside a tree, not on top, but also to make the foliage look juicy and green. And I noticed, that grass dirt blocks are completely green if they don't have more than 2 sides connected to other blocks. So, I filled the outline of the foliage with such blocks, and it was quite entertaining, I tell you :) And the decoration of the interior is my favorite part of the map.

    Of course, Terraria building map isn't Terraria building map without a castle. Castles are good. Castle is what the cool kidz build. Everyone builds a castle, so - build a castle. For it to happen, upper part of the Dungeon had to be obliterated, and it was pain in the ass to do such a thing. My castle resembles the Castle from Heroes of Might and Magic 3, at least that what I was trying to make.

    Next one is also inspired by Heroes 3, the Heaven station. An air shaft leads to the Portal of Glory right through the purgatory(don't forget to read the tombstones). At first, I tried to make clouds out of silver, but that did not ended well. So, glass is the choice.

    Two of subway stations had to be around oceans, but two beach houses is not very original, so I had stumbled upon an idea of a factory, with a pump sucking ocean water in. A Red factory. So, enjoy a little easter egg above it =)

    The last station was Jungle station. I really like jungle/gold style, so I made a temple atop of the gold tower, sustained by jungle trees. It's pretty ascetic temple, so nothing unnecessary. The only unnecessary thing i couldn't get rid of is harpies ><

    But, like that wasn't enough, I decided to fill the empty space between Jungle Temple and the Tree, and create series of floating islands, each with different theme. My favorite is the swamp island (looks much cooler at night), all muddy with trees fallen across the water, and distant tiki torches, showing the path.

    Here are some HD pictures of stations:


    Also, a tremendous jpg file showing the whole top part of the map with textures.

    All in all, the map was fun to make, but very grueling. I hope you enjoy it!

    Link to the rar archive

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  2. Sir Logan

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  3. Maplestrip

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    Those are awesome, I really like the factory and the tree.
    That subway is quite nice too.
  4. Aereaux

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    Impressive. How long did it take to make?
  5. Darkness4910

    Darkness4910 Demon Eye

    Your tree and your castle are very good inspirations :)
  6. Stasher92

    Stasher92 Giant Worm

    Thanks )
    Almost 4 months, but I wasn't playing for a while.
  7. lutzyputzy

    lutzyputzy Green Slime

    I really like the leaves on the tree, im definately going to copy a bit of that idea. GD
  8. Stasher92

    Stasher92 Giant Worm

  9. Bonoshman

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    AMAZING!!! Your tree is gonna be on the compendium for sure. But... this is amazing... Wow... Good job.
  10. Stasher92

    Stasher92 Giant Worm

    I hope so :) If it happens, I will update the whole map with 1.1 things )
  11. Enzym

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    Oh its the leaves!!!....Epicness
  12. jgdecimus

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    the download is deleted. will you put it back up?
  13. Stasher92

    Stasher92 Giant Worm

    Yes, inserted a new link. Should work now )
  14. Rhytech

    Rhytech Bunny

    +1 for the tree.

    What about a pic of the actual subway...or is it just an epic tunnel?

    All in all, really good job, I love the 'pearly gates'.
  15. wedge27

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    factory hhhmmmm your set for cc :D
  16. Stasher92

    Stasher92 Giant Worm

    Yeah, it is just a tunnel across the whole map, from ocean to ocean =) With stylized stations.
  17. Azure

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    Links broken.
  18. Maplestrip

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    Congratulations on getting onto the frontpage. Who would have thought, after such a long time. Thank you, cration compedium!

    Still very good builds, even after 1.1(.1)
  19. Stasher92

    Stasher92 Giant Worm

    Again? Ugh. Fixed them.

    Why thank you =) I don't feel like creating something big again. I just skim through the compendiums from time to time. If there is a suitable theme - why not post there, more people can view the work that mostly gone unnoticed at the beginning.
  20. Azure

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