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Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Evil_knight_JL, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    Hey Guys
    Im looking to tart a new server with large world, hamachi, and new characters. 4-10 players and the server will be running on T-Shock. You may play on medium core and get other players to help you if you die.

    Online hours: 3pm to 11pm USA east time.
    Server may be down when we are doing any other activities (look at bottom of thread)

    This server will run on hamachi, I will approve manualy after reading the application which can be posted on this thread or as a private message.

    ID: Pixelated System
    No password (manual approval)

    - Don't grief
    - Respect others
    - You may curse but do not insult others
    - Dont act inapropriate
    - Please do not mess up therw world to keep the scenery buitifull :D

    Application Form
    Why do you want to join?:
    Will you play on softcore or medium core?:
    Anything else?:

    You may record on the server for your own Youtube channel if want.
    I will be making videos of us playing for like big event for example first time fighting a boss, a pvp battle for fun, wall of flesh.
    I will upload my videos to my new channel EvilKnightJL

    One of my videos:

    I will also be using this computer to have event for another terraria server i will be making in the future which will be like most of the famouse Youtuber have done: Capture the Gem, Apopcalipse, ect but for other players who do not get the chance to play with these famouse Youtubers. If is so i will try to find a way to host both of the servers on the same computer or on my laptop (might get some lag but its a decent computer)

    Pixelated System
    This server is made by a new group im trying to create a group called pixelated system which will just be a small group for servers where poeple can make servers and ask any members if they would like to join.
    Im the owner and I will be making more servers as time goes on like more terraria servers, Team Fortress 2, MineCraft, L4D.......
  2. sonick100

    sonick100 Squirrel

    Username: sonick100
    Age: 13
    Why do you want to join?: Seems like this will be fun, and I would like to record some things for my youtube channel.
    Will you play on softcore or medium core?: Probably softcore...
    Anything else?: Not really.
  3. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    Accepted =D we just need atleast 2 other players and i can start the server
  4. sonick100

    sonick100 Squirrel

    Ok, thank you! I might not be on the server tonight because of the Super Bowl and homework.
  5. xMiilkx

    xMiilkx Green Slime

    Why do you want to join?:I want to join since I love survivial servers.
    Will you play on softcore or medium core?: softcore
    Anything else?: My irl is Alex.
  6. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    OOOOooooOOOOoo i forgot about the supoerbowl D:, im not watching tho.... but theres like no one on D:
  7. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    Accepted =D, Do you have hamachi? if so join Pixelated System, threres no password
  8. sonick100

    sonick100 Squirrel

    I will probably get bored near the end of it, but I still have homework, and if I don't go on today I will be tomorrow.
  9. xMiilkx

    xMiilkx Green Slime

    i need manual approval my user on hamachi is Alex ;)
  10. Zecobellic123

    Zecobellic123 Doctor Bones

    Username: Ezio (IGN)
    Age: 13
    Why you want to join: i love doing new char server and survival servers
    Anything else: i dont use hamachi, so i MIGHT not be able to connect, i somehow connected to a couple other servers that said i needed hamachi.
  11. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    Accepted yea you can join with
  12. Age:13 (there seems to be alot of us)
    Why: I'm bored, and not watching super bowl
    Anything else: not really.
  13. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    accepted :D
  14. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    We still have spots for more poeple :D
  15. Unban me ._.
  16. horto91

    horto91 Green Slime

    Username: Ryze
    Why do you want to join?: cause i like to play survival with others
    Will you play on softcore or medium core?:any if we dont need to play med ill play soft
    Anything else?:i proffer to mine more than anything
  17. Evil_knight_JL

    Evil_knight_JL Green Slime

    Accepted! Join our hamachi group or reply to me if you dont have hamachi for an ip
  18. KaosC57

    KaosC57 Demon Eye

    Username:if its my ign then its KaosC57 if its my steam then its KaosC57 if its my hamachi id then its KaosC57's pc
    Why do you want to join?:i am bored of the other servers i play on and i want to legit run through this game for my 10th time
    Will you play on softcore or medium core?: medcore cause i never have
    Anything else?:im going to do ranged weps
  19. tyler123323

    tyler123323 Green Slime

    Why do you want to join?:i wanna help people out and have fun :)
    Will you play on softcore or medium core?:softcore
    Anything else?:i fail at usernames cuz my real name is tyler
  20. Goub0

    Goub0 Fire Imp

    Username: IGN is Goub, STEAM is Goub0, and Hamchi is Derpishman
    Why do you want to join?:New characters is kinda fun but its alot funner with more people
    Will you play on softcore or medium core?: Softcore I rage quit when i died at the dungeon in mediumcore
    Anything else?:My username came from my cousin, and poop

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