Terraria: The Building Aspect

Discussion in 'PC' started by cut84li4e, May 1, 2011.

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  1. cut84li4e

    cut84li4e Green Slime

    Ok as everyone who's seen the promotional video for this amazing god sent of a game this is, adventuring, and exploration are kings, as building is not as important. I am one of those people that love building, but I love exploration and fighting monsters.

    Now for a minecraft comparison(oh boy)

    Minecraft presents us with exploring for epic caves and natural generated forms of mountains and such, but gives us no real challenge of adventuring. Even with the 100+ mods people have made for it, it is just no fun in the exploring, fighting aspect.

    Terraria presents us with adventuring and fighting but lacks in the building aspect. I relaize that Terraria will never be able to compete with Minecrafts building just as Notch will never make minecraft compete with terraria on fighting and exploring. He has obviously lost attention for minecraft and making it into the game we all want so bad.

    In the promotional video the bridge and giant tower they made was very cool, but once I build something like that what is left? Exploring and fighting mobs/bosses. I only hope for expansions on the building aspect like gates to give us a fortress/town kinda feel, more furniture, and VERY hopefully teleportation or transportation besides walking so that people can make their own areas and not have to walk all over the place to get around. I feel like i'm already asking to much because this game is obviously for fighting/exploring and that if I want building so bad some trolls are for sure going to tell me," Go to minecraft then!" but I want the building with the exploring/fighting.

    How does everyone else feel about the building aspect of the game in comparison to the main fighting/exploring aspect?
  2. Mikesteam1234

    Mikesteam1234 Dark Caster

    i personnaly love the building to this game it just looks so cool to me, i truly do think this game is better than minecraft in every way (almost). this is just my oppion i dont want to start a war XD
  3. Pixel3d Fear

    Pixel3d Fear Green Slime

    I actually like the building because the variety of things you have to build such tables and chairs, buldings for NPC's to move into (Which means you could build a town dedicated to NPC's!). Also the platforms that serve as a floor and something to jump through to progress up levels in a building, and the walls make your building look really nice and prevent monsters spawning which is helpful :D.
  4. Maksago

    Maksago Dark Caster

    I like Terraria's building because it's like 3D in a 2D world (the background blocks). Also I really like the furniture (chairs and tables) so I will probably spend a bit of time building a house and exploring and fighting monsters.
  5. cut84li4e

    cut84li4e Green Slime

    I agree with all of you, but some people get extra picky, sadly thats me, i'm truly never satisfied. =/
    But yes the building is pretty cool even though it can't compare to Minecraft.
  6. mamastoast

    mamastoast Green Slime

    fact is, it will never offer the same amount of building fun as minecraft, simply because of it being in 2d instead of 3d. That said, it does already add some aspects to the building that minecraft will never get.

    For one, your buildings will act as a real base, that you will have to defend in some situations, this means that manholes(the medieval kind), shooting platforms ect are all viable building options.

    I do agree we need more for the building aspect, such as bookcases vases, ect and maybe even foreground stuff, however seeing that the game is not done and they already support decoration quite a bit, I wouldn't put it past them to actually make some of this stuff.
  7. Crusty Cracker

    Crusty Cracker Green Slime

    The building aspect won't be as epic as in Minecraft, that's right. Just because it's not 3D. It's more impressive to see an gigantic tower that you can actually surround and look at from many different angles than something you can watch from only one perspective. But nevertheless, I really like it =)
  8. Holylifestar

    Holylifestar Fire Imp

    Well I would like to make a 2d dungeon...like that good ole days.
  9. Tate

    Tate Green Slime

    I would feel like a carpenter, making houses for NPC's, and such. I really like the building aspect.
    (P.S. ; Defending your house seems really cool, too.)
  10. Halcyon Hazard

    Halcyon Hazard Green Slime

    I actually feel that building in 2D takes more imagination than building in 3D, especially if you want to build artfully. Building-wise, the only advantage minecraft has is its sheer number of building blocks, and as you'll recall, those weren't all there at launch; they trickled in just as they will with Terraria.

    Another thing about building in 2D is that, while it takes more imagination to effectively build a cross-section of your mental design, only having to build a single slice of it also reduces the tedium. Building a massive, detailed castle in Terraria will take about 10% of the blocks needed to build it in Minecraft, possibly less. That's appealing in and of itself.
  11. MaiaKiller

    MaiaKiller Green Slime

    I agree with you.

    I play Minecraft since Infdev.
    And now i completely abandoned Minecraft.I'm addicted to Terraria.
    When it comes out,you can be sure I'm going to be one of the first players to buy it.
  12. Esthin

    Esthin Green Slime

    I like building but I prefer fighting and exploring and finding goodies, thats why I like Terraria more than Minecraft.
  13. Holylifestar

    Holylifestar Fire Imp

    Ide be the first if I have a payment method xD. Does anyone take visa gift cards?
  14. Rusher

    Rusher Green Slime

    I'm sure building will be something a lot of people will enjoy doing in this game. If you watch the trailer and see how they made a big tower with little rooms, which I guess is for each player their own room, you can't deny being a little in awe on what they made. And I'm sure there will be a lot more cool buildings then that.
  15. Holylifestar

    Holylifestar Fire Imp

    Ima be making an airship with a HUGE passanger box.
  16. Rusher

    Rusher Green Slime

    I'm going to make floating ship where people can live in!

    Oh wait..
  17. Holylifestar

    Holylifestar Fire Imp

    Ill be making...Dunuhnun.......
    You may officialy bow down to your mastaw.
  18. Rusher

    Rusher Green Slime

    Robot? Well played sir, but...
    I'll be making Clone of me.
  19. Tate

    Tate Green Slime

    This is a dream for me.
    I'm decent at 2-D video game sprites.
  20. Kelp

    Kelp Moderator Staff Member

    I like the building aspect, but I will probably aim to explore the entire world before I settle down and retire!
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