Terraria-Trade! The first ever trading server!

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by Chrisarepwn, May 16, 2011.

  1. Chrisarepwn Green Slime

    Terraria-Trade is the first ever Terraria trading server! Sell and trade your valuable items, and bring them back to your world! The IP is, and there is no password. Server will be up for 1 day at least.
  2. Chrisarepwn Green Slime

    Sorry for the few minutes of down-time!
  3. Soultearer Green Slime

    When will it be up
  4. ABlackFedora Green Slime

    I like this server already. I also like the fact that items transfer from server to server.
  5. Soultearer Green Slime

    Can't connect any idea why
  6. 99shiver99 Green Slime

    Any idea why this server doesn't work?
  7. Chrisarepwn Green Slime

    Sorry guys, I just reallize my computer can't really handle a server. Anyone care to host? Ports 31337 and 31337, and when you have to choose TCP or UDP, choose both.
  8. Ryuichimaru Green Slime

    Try getting the 1.02 version of terrara first, its port is 7777. And it has WAY less issues. All in all, Im interested in joining any trade server, I have a whole arsenal of equips and tools for sale;) And not the newbie kind of items at that. Just PM me the IP and I'll join. Im also selling heart crystals aswell as the Mana Crystals (For more max Mana)
  9. Potso Green Slime

    A trade server? Good idea. Now I can go "item shopping".

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