Terraria Trading Cards (TTC)

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  1. turtle5204 Bunny

    I had a idea for Terraria Trading Cards (TTC).
    I drew some on paper. But they werent good enough!

    Here's what kinds of card their will be:

    There will also be Rarity for Monsters
    Very Common

    Once enough cards is made, they will come in Card sheets, I will talk about them later.
    You can post the Template I should use. I will pick 1 Template.!

    Armor gives health, How much defense the FULL armor set Alone ingame gives adds that much health to what you use it on.
    Damage depends on Bonuses and Rarity.
    The card sheets come in NORMAL printer paper size with different cards in them that you can cut out if you print out the card sheets. You, the fans can make the cards with the template I choose.

    Happy card making!

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