Terraria Videos on Youtube Violate the Terms of Service

Discussion in 'PC' started by JuryDutySummons, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. JuryDutySummons

    JuryDutySummons Green Slime

    The boldng is mine.

    As a game-video producer, this concerns me. With the government adding JAILTIME for more kinds of copyright infringement, I think it behooves all responsible game developers who enjoy the benefits of having videos posted on YouTube (and similar sites) to give formal permission for doing so.

    Were doing you a favor, please do a us a favor in return.
  2. AlphaWhelp

    AlphaWhelp Cursed Skull

    the materials refers to the game's code and compiled binaries. it does not refer to the user end playing of the game.
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  3. JuryDutySummons

    JuryDutySummons Green Slime

    No, "materials" refers to everything in the game that they own the copyright on, including the game's art.
  4. Soulz

    Soulz Green Slime

    Also, isnt the bill outrageous and possibly even denied already?
  5. Vesparian

    Vesparian Green Slime

    I've been hearing a lot about let's plays and their rules and regulations, things about bills being passed which would then make it illegal for you to post something such as let's play or a preview of a game unless given some sort of direct consent, bills which have a very low chance of being passed due to the fact that they conflict with other rules, I'm not 100% sure about anything I've seen however, so please don't automatically assume that I'm correct in any way, though I doubt anyone would.
  6. JuryDutySummons

    JuryDutySummons Green Slime

    I know about the bill your talking about. It's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. I made a video about it here, if you care to learn more.

    In any event, the bill isn't the point of this thread. The point is that it's ALREADY illegal to post videos. I would like to see terraria to legitimize the videos by changing their license. Minecraft did this a long time ago.
  7. JuryDutySummons

    JuryDutySummons Green Slime

  8. Elate

    Elate Dark Caster

    If the developers cared, they would have done something about it, and in fact they often praise videos on youtube. So although yes, the terms are clearly being breached, the developers are not taking action, and I doubt they ever will. Argument invalid.
  9. Finaltidus

    Finaltidus Green Slime

    as notch said:
    If the bill passes, I suspect many game companies (including us) will add a special clause to the TOS specifically to allow posting videos of their games. A huge part of why Minecraft has grown so fast is the YouTube community.

    the same will happen with terraria.
  10. JuryDutySummons

    JuryDutySummons Green Slime

    True, but the hypocracy bothers me. Game developers shouldn't force the people who help them sell games into a legal grey area.
  11. Jeckel

    Jeckel Little Red Fire Ant

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the OP's quoted ToU is for the terraria.org website and not the terraria game.


    The page title is "Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use".
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  12. Elate

    Elate Dark Caster

    Well pointed out, problem solved.
  13. JuryDutySummons

    JuryDutySummons Green Slime

    So, why wait? Even if the bill doesn't pass, we have a situation where the people who benefit the game developers the most are sitting in a legal limbo.

    (Also, I'm not sure why notch isn't aware that he's already done this.)
  14. Elate

    Elate Dark Caster

    Enough about minecraft please, this isn't off-topic.
  15. JuryDutySummons

    JuryDutySummons Green Slime

    I have been unable to find any other TOS for Terraria. I'd be happy to read though another one if you can point me at it.
  16. Brent

    Brent Green Slime

    umm.... that TOS is for the WEBSITE not the game >.> read the headings guys

    there is no tos for the game
  17. Strifefire

    Strifefire Dark Caster

    I checked everywhere I possibly could, even Google. I could not find a ToS or EULA for Terraria. I even checked Steam ... from what I can tell nothing limits our posting of Terraria on YouTube.
  18. Dranx

    Dranx Green Slime

    So... Somebody could copy the code right now and call it their own because there is no ToU? Or am I getting things jumbled up??? :\
  19. Soulz

    Soulz Green Slime

    Im pretty sure thats covered by copyright laws
  20. Brent

    Brent Green Slime

    that, my dear man, would be copyright infringement
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