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Discussion in 'Art' started by Eltu, May 29, 2011.

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  1. Eltu

    Eltu Green Slime

    When making my Terraria Online tribute logo, it struck me that it'd look quite awesome as a desktop background - so after some tweaks, I now present to you, my very first Terraria wallpaper! :)

    Version 4 (4:3, 1600x1200):


    Download the widescreen version (1920x1080) here:

    Version 3 (widescreen, 1920x1080):

    Version 2 (widescreen, 1920x1080):

    Here is the same version without the text:

    Here is the non-widescreen version:

    Here is the non-widscreen version without the text:

    Version 1:

    Widescreen version (1920x1080):

    Non-widescreen version (1600x1200):

    This has taken more than 4 hours to make in Photoshop, all from scratch, so I'm happy to hear any feedback I can get. :)
  2. Macrid

    Macrid Green Slime

    I like it especially because the dirt looks almost real.
    and, the blocks were nicely done.
  3. Eltu

    Eltu Green Slime

    Thanks! :)

    Got a new version up, in some different variants. ;)
  4. Creepayne

    Creepayne Green Slime

    If only Terraria actually looked like this :|
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  5. Eltu

    Eltu Green Slime

    I love pixel art, so I think Terraria looks great as it is. :D

    But of course, variation is always nice.
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  6. thebest6667

    thebest6667 Doctor Bones

    This is very very good, im using it :)
  7. Eltu

    Eltu Green Slime

    I am glad you like it! :)
  8. Jerzeydan

    Jerzeydan Green Slime

    I'm using the one with the text from now on : ) I like it :D
  9. INNO

    INNO Tim

    Looks nice. You should add some clouds to the sky, it looks too plain and empty atm.
  10. Eltu

    Eltu Green Slime

    Something like this? ;)

  11. INNO

    INNO Tim

    YES! Looks a lot better ;D - The stone in the ground is a nice detail as well!
  12. Irrosion

    Irrosion Green Slime

    Make like a little tunnel in the ground with a guy running with a torch from a mother slime or something :D
  13. Eltu

    Eltu Green Slime

    I am currently working on that. :)

    Just gotta figure out a way to make the character look good... :p
  14. cedararch

    cedararch Green Slime

    Great job it looks awesome!
  15. Irrosion

    Irrosion Green Slime

    well ill be a model if you need help !
  16. NeKoChan

    NeKoChan Corrupt Bunny

    Textures look like that game that ripped off minecraft but with better graphic.
    I like when wallpaper looks like a game... so.... pixels would be better.
    Anyway its very nice.
  17. Junn

    Junn Green Slime

    that looks really good! there could be some parts that could be improved though like the...blandness of dirt (i know its dirt) maybe include some ores randomly around the area or maybe some underground water reservoirs to make it feel more like terraria?
  18. confuzzledyma

    confuzzledyma Administrator

    I love this :)
  19. Eltu

    Eltu Green Slime

    I'm really glad you all like it - will be sure to release new versions from time to time too, if nothing else for the sake of variation. :D
  20. Alondite1010

    Alondite1010 Green Slime

    Dude, these are amazing, you are really great with art. Can these get any better?
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