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Discussion in 'PC' started by Yoda, Jun 30, 2011.

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  1. Yoda

    Yoda Green Slime

    Someone has made weather in Terraria and it actually looks REALLY GOOD. Even the sound effects are cool and was wondering if there's any future plans to add this kind of thing to the game?

    Might have to go fullscreen to see the rain.

    This isn't my video and if I'm not allowed to post this than I'm sorry. The guy isn't sharing it, so there are no download links or anything. :p
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  2. Chef

    Chef Demon Eye

    My internet is messing up atm but from the 30 secs i got to watch it actually looked pretty nice... maybe making it into some sort of special event like the Blood Moon...
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  3. ZeroHunter

    ZeroHunter Cursed Skull

    Well... they are working on it. Although, who ever made this mod though, is pretty good at it.
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  4. David Holt

    David Holt Green Slime

    Lol he got the music from rainymood.com
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  5. Yoda

    Yoda Green Slime

    Wow I just went to that site and all the rain goes great with my music lol. Thanks for the link :)
  6. David Holt

    David Holt Green Slime

    No prob. I totally love listening to that while i play music and terraria. I put it on my iHome when I go to sleep. It's very relaxing and realistic.
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  7. DarkGollum

    DarkGollum Cursed Skull

    I love this ^^

    that would be asweone in 1.6
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  8. Darian Wulfbane

    Darian Wulfbane Green Slime

    It looks wonderful, though I feel as if it has an extremely long way to go. It may just be me, but it looks like if his character moved, it would mess up or something. Just a little odd that the player doesn't move at all.
  9. Kivarenn82

    Kivarenn82 Green Slime

    I was gonna post a thread about weather cycles, but this covers it nicely. I'd love to see weather cycling in terraria. Hell, maybe even seasonal cycling?
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  10. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Flying Snake

    I don't think this is actually a mod but rather, as the subtitle says, a "simulated" rain mod. Basically, he has added video effects to the game, not actual code.

    But yes, it looks and sounds pretty darn sexy. If the clouds were gray and some lightning came down for some damage it would be sweet..
  11. Sean Dominique

    Sean Dominique Green Slime

    Protip: Try some Kitaro, especially 'Best of Silk Road'.

    Anyway, I'd love to see weather in the game myself, so long as I'll get a lamp I can hang out that won't get washed away with the rain. Next to general mood, it'd be some interesting variation for starting players that doesn't kill them like, say, the Blood Moon. I suspect most weather will come with special evens if they do introduce it.
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  12. rubeszilla

    rubeszilla Flying Snake

    Then again, this rain looks quite realistic and as you will notice with many of the ideas in the suggestions thread, a lot of folk are moving away from the retro feel.

    This is a retro game. I'm not sure weather (excuse the pun) all these realisitc additions aid the game - what will we end up with? A 3D game?

    Like I said, I'm not sure. There is a conundrum on how many layers should be added and how much it should be kept retro style...
  13. Yoda

    Yoda Green Slime

    In his video description he says its version 1 of his mod and he's working on adding sandstorms and other weather, including lightning and stuff. I wonder what the sandstorms will look like, considering the rain (sprites?) looks so good.
  14. SteveThePirate

    SteveThePirate Green Slime

    I'd love to see weather, would add more depth IMO. (Specially snow, but i just want snow biomes. xD )
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  15. StonedTurtle

    StonedTurtle Guest

    It's not entirely retro, at least not in my opinion and weather would be a fantastic addition. It just adds more "depth" to the game. Also going from adding weather to a 3d game seems like a pretty steep jump to me.
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  16. Fewd

    Fewd Cursed Skull

    I'd rather the sound be a little softer and actual blocks of water fall.
  17. Alfblack

    Alfblack Green Slime

    I saw in thier possible todo list that they have weather in to list. Yeh would love that. I wish the modder can be contacted by the gamedevs so then could integrate it.

    There was a mod that adds rain (and lava rain). But its like several dropped water bucket in the air. Would eventually flood the world. i would like a dash of this effect. But very little water so there wont be flooding. But would like to see streams / lakes form eventually (if it rained long enough). maybe simulate very slow evaporation into the ecosystem. (oh boy, getting complicated now). lol
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  18. plaYer2k

    plaYer2k Mouse

    mhm yeah that sure looks nice.

    i once made a rain mod with "water drops" which were similar to the ingame water dropped from bukets and youse can image how creepy that looks.

    now those mod devs should add some more effects like
    - rain materialises water
    - direkt sun vaporizes water
    and with some tweaking your lakes donr run dry but you get a great feeling ! i love that already
    reminds me of rain in "clonk" where you dug a tunnel into mountains in a small UPward angle so the water doesnt flood your tunnel

    thumbs up for that mod
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  19. Sackofblacks

    Sackofblacks Green Slime

    Wow amazing, thanks for showing this to us, I hope this gets implemented for real :D
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  20. Darian Wulfbane

    Darian Wulfbane Green Slime

    Though that would be murder on torches and cause such wild chaos.
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