Terraria WITHOUT Steam.

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Bob Joey, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Bob Joey

    Bob Joey Green Slime

    This must be implemented if you want more people to buy the game. I have never been a big fan of Steam, and let's face it, their customer support really blows. I spent 2 hours trying to figure out why they didn't accept my Paypal. Contacted them numerous times, and then I got told to contact Paypal. Still awaiting a reply... I've had multiple problems with Steam before. I just don't like them.

    I really wish there was a simpler way to buy Terraria. I'm going to take Minecraft as an example (only because of how ridiculously easy it was to buy it). You go through 3 steps, verify the purchase with your email, and you're done!

    I REALLY REALLY wanna play this game. If the devs made a non-Steam version, I'd buy it without a second thought.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.
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  2. Delphidelion

    Delphidelion Green Slime

    Why use paypal? Just pay through steam themselves.
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  3. Sychosis

    Sychosis Green Slime

    Incoming Valve fanboys.
  4. Nexus545

    Nexus545 Green Slime

    I haven't had any problems with Steam. I just pay with my debit card.
  5. Delphidelion

    Delphidelion Green Slime

    Haha, not really. I just don't see any of the supposed problems that people see in steam. On the other note, if it won't accept your PP, just go to the local rite aid or walgreens and pick up a 10$ prepaid. Easy as pie.
  6. Sychosis

    Sychosis Green Slime

    Wasn't directing that at you specifically, if that's how you took it.

    Every time anyone mentions Steam being a not so "unbelievably amazing service" in regards to ANY game, ANYWHERE on the internet, a flock of fanboys, rabid, insatiable fanboys, descends to mindlessly drone on about Steam/Valve with such wonderful tidbits as:

    "Steam DRM is even better for the user than no DRM."
    "I'd prefer this game ONLY be available on Steam with no other options."
    "I'm glad [single-player game] requires Steam online activation."

    It's almost eerie the power some companies hold over their consumers.

    That said, I've never had a problem with Steam personally. But I can still understand why people don't always want Steam.
  7. Delphidelion

    Delphidelion Green Slime

    Meh, if it's the way the devs want it, that's the way it goes.
  8. Valorous

    Valorous Green Slime

    Ummmm I'm going to disagree with this post as I've never had a problem with steam. And Paypal steals money from you FYI. I would go by yourself a prepaid or punch in your debit card and work with those.
  9. Bob Joey

    Bob Joey Green Slime

    See, you guys still don't understand. Sure, most people DON'T have problems with Steam, but for those few who do, they get no support whatsoever. This is the part that makes me mad.

    I just really wish that there was a Steamless Terraria. I'm obviously going to try to work this out and buy it on Steam as there is no other option available, and I don't know if there ever will be (hopefully there will).

    Oh, and FYI, I never had any problems with Paypal and they never stole money from me.
  10. Shadowclaimer

    Shadowclaimer Green Slime

    I've had no issues with Steam support :confused: they answered my issue (sure it took a day or so) but it all got resolved pretty smoothly AND I didn't have to wait on the phone for 45 minutes like with most CSA.

    Meh I'd warrant to say considering the devs met with Valve that the game will be getting heavier steam integration which will make selling it outside of Steam quite difficult if they start mixing features or heavily integrating it with steam.
  11. Valorous

    Valorous Green Slime

    Never said they stole from you. Just saying They have from me. And whats your income? Allowance or you have a job? If you do then get a prepaid card and buy the damn game. Better yet get a credit card or a debit card and get it that way. Steam isn't the problem, its Paypal. Paypal is a old way of paying for stuff theres a reason its not working on most site anymore.

    Beyond ranting about failpal Try a prepaid or debit card and you'll be fine. If not. give a friend with a working card 10$ and have fun.
  12. Kapitol J

    Kapitol J Green Slime

    At first I thought this was about running Terraria without steam. In which case, you can just run the .exe.

    I have the impression that Valve is very helpful to Indie developers getting their titles available for Digital distribution. I think that's why these guys chose it. If you don't like it. . .umm. . .too bad for now.
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  13. Bob_The Angry Bunny

    Bob_The Angry Bunny Doctor Bones

    i just use a debit card that allows me to pay as credit. Also you may not be able to pay with paypal if you do not have a "instant" transaction thingy. Any debit card SHOULD work.
  14. Snorky

    Snorky Green Slime

    True, clicking "purchase" is pretty hard.
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  15. Petarr

    Petarr Green Slime

    You're the only person having issues with the fact that it's on Steam, you only want it as a non-Steam purchase so that you and your friends can pirate it.
  16. Bob_The Angry Bunny

    Bob_The Angry Bunny Doctor Bones

    also if you think customer support for steam sucks, you should try for mine-craft... or most other indy games...
  17. Nath99

    Nath99 Zombie

    Hello, I would just like to say that this post has already been suggested, so that means you didn't read the Pinned Thread that said Search Before you post, last time I checked, what this thread is doing is breaking the rules, we don't need another "Flame" war thread

    Oh and
    When do you ever have to? (Just a question)
  18. Bob_The Angry Bunny

    Bob_The Angry Bunny Doctor Bones

    i don't know, i've never needed customer support. Ive always been able to find a way to fix any problem i had.
  19. Roger Smith

    Roger Smith Green Slime

    I hate exclusive things period. Xbox exclusives, gay as shit. Ps3 exclusives, still gay as shit. Any product that is sold exclusivly through or to one market is stupid as shit.
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  20. Kapitol J

    Kapitol J Green Slime

    Terraria isn't exclusive to PC or "stupid as shit." Well, it is exclusive, but that's a terrible way to say it.

    The more accurate way is to say, it was developed for PC and not ported onto consoles because it requires heavy mouse functionality. Most of the time, if something is exclusive to PC, it's with good reason.

    Try playing Diablo 1 on Playstation. They made it. It sucked.
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