Terraria wont start at all.

Discussion in 'In-Game Support Archive' started by Jomamma, May 23, 2011.

  1. Jomamma Green Slime

    Okay I have had this problem ever since the first update. I click play Terraria and nothing happens. Steam says loading your game or whatever it usually says and then nothing. Absolutely nothing. I know my computer can play the game because it worked before all the updates. Is this a problem with the game or is Steam not working right? Please help i really want to play the game.:( Blue please i need your help...
  2. Gesser Corrupt Bunny


    i still can't figure it out either :(
  3. danielhead Green Slime

    try to reinstall? it might help
  4. Jomamma Green Slime

    Sorry for being rude but dont you think i would of tried that already!?!?!?
  5. PapaRebornn Green Slime

    Always keep a backup in case these things happen. Always always always. Go back up both your entire file right now. Trust me, you will thank yourself for doing so. Other than that, I suggest re-installing xna, and dot NET. then maybe restart computer?

    Sorry, thats all I got =/
  6. danielhead Green Slime

    sorry just trying to help :(
  7. xWCIKDEDxREBx Green Slime

    happens to me to please tell me if they fix it
  8. Gesser Corrupt Bunny


    same issue for me still
  9. Neath Green Slime

    This is probably something blue will have to look at. You should post all your specs and OS so he knows. All I got. :)
  10. Supcher Green Slime

    I've been having this problem ever since I tried to update to 1.02 as well. If you go to Steam/Steamapps/common/Terraria you can find the files xnafx40_redist.msi and dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe. When searching around for a solution, I found someone saying that running those two files may fix it. It didn't quite work for me, but perhaps It could help some of you guys. I hope this helps and I hope a better solution is found.

    I just find it quite strange that the game worked without a hitch before I tried to update. I also hope that the developers look into this issue.
  11. Magic Karl Green Slime

    I've got this same problem, and looked into it. Steam does do this apparently, but people report the problem and no-one's solved it.. I tried running multiple, but it usually closes before I can even get a second one up.

    What it seems to do for me, is press the cancell button itself. All I can do is delay that by a few seconds by hovering over the loading window and not move my curser... which only works half the time anyway.

    Edit: Steam is no help at all... the only related issues they deal with are given one answer "your CPU doesn't meet the minimum requirements". This, of course, is crap because alot of us here who have this issue played the game before this patch just fine, and the patch can't have increased CPU usage this much, can it?
  12. Supcher Green Slime

    I've found a solution that worked for me.
    Go into your steam library. Right click on Terraria and open the properties menu. Open the local files tab. Click on the button labelled "Verify Integrity of Game Cache". That's all I had to do to get it running again. I recommend giving it a go.
  13. Magic Karl Green Slime

    Supcher... You are my new best friend. If you worked for me, I'd promote you. If I owned a buisness to begin with, I'd be giving my workers a day off.
  14. Gesser Corrupt Bunny

  15. Sasheria Green Slime

    The only thing I can think of are.

    1. back up the following. under my document/my game/terraria folder (this contains your world and your character) make sure you copy the WHOLE folder to someplace safe.
    2. Delete the folder in the my game. It is "possible" that some files are corrupt and unable to load. note: this is essentially your save game file. MAKE SURE YOU MADE A BACKUP!

    if that doesn't work
    1. delete local game cache (right click terraria and go to property) this essentially uninstall the game
    2. go to your app via program files/steam/steamapps/common/ and delete terraria folder if it is still there.
    2. uninstall .net via add/remove program
    3. reinstall Terraria via steam. this "should" reinstall .net AND xna (hopefully)
  16. Gesser Corrupt Bunny

    doesn't work :( but thanks!
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  17. gary friston Green Slime

    Ok, I basically made an account just to report my problem. I bought the game about 2 days ago I still have not been able to get on it. it just keeps bringing up the Launching Terraria for the first time. after its finished it disappears and nothing happens. I then look in my steam folder and there is nothing but basics.. this has annoiyed me to pay £6 for something I cannot play. Any help would be good Thanks :)
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  18. maddox3662 Green Slime

    i think i just destroyed everything on my computer about terraria, i think i backed it up, but cant find anything and it still wont work
  19. maddox3662 Green Slime

    wow this sucks i deleted everything and i have no idea what to do
  20. Sasheria Green Slime

    What do you mean you "delete everything" did you not make a backup? (I hope you just meant terraria)

    note: I am using Window 7 64-bit professional with i7 processor and 12GB RAM

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