Terraria World Download?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Epicxcubes, May 27, 2011.

  1. Epicxcubes

    Epicxcubes Green Slime

    Is it ok if we share our world files with people? So like we can share worlds and such to share creations on the forums??? Just wondering if I will get warned our something for doing so.
  2. TheWolfie

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  3. Nemexus

    Nemexus Green Slime

    What Wolfie said pretty much. Now there's a full forum for it. By the way, would anybody here know how to place worlds in the Terraria folder? =/ I'm confused as to where to put my worlds I download.
  4. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    C:\Users\(yourname)\Documents\My Games\Terraria\Worlds
  5. Monta

    Monta Herpling

  6. 9puppys

    9puppys Green Slime

    can you say the color of the word and not the word reply i did it if so

    Blue Red Yellow Orange Grey Black White Purple Pink

    try the worlds folder if it dont work then idk

    i got banned from the terraworld server and i want back in cna you unban me plz i promise not to sell stuff for coins unless its to merchans
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  7. Xkiller

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    go to C:/users/(name)/Documents/MyGames/Terraria/Worlds
  8. This thread is just like your mom.
    It's too old for me.
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  9. pimpinlink

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    I've never actually bothed with downloading worlds, so I have no idea on how to help

    Well I actually have downloaded and used worlds...
    On my friend's macbook... -____-

    So untill then...
  10. dss22315

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  11. Cricket

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    You are useless.
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  12. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Both of the last posts are useless. Add more content, watch the personal attacks - only warnings this time.
  13. dss22315

    dss22315 Green Slime

    yeah k i sorta minerly agree:eek:

    ok fine you got me i'm just wondering: how do dl a world of forums/online?
  14. Cricket

    Cricket Lava Slime

    Sorry for being an ass. If you're looking to post a world online, just upload the world file (they're in My Documents > My Games > Terraria > Worlds) to a file sharing site like mediafire or Curse.
  15. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    ...and to use one, just download it and be sure it is placed in your Terraria > worlds folder and that you do not have too many there for it to show (if you have too many in the worlds folder, only 5-6 will show on the in game selection list).

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