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  1. noroom

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    World Viewer
    Homepage: http://moreterra.codeplex.com/
    You can find screenshots, instructions, and download links at the project's homepage.

    Changelog for 1.5:
    • Made compatible with the new tiles found in Terraria 1.0.5.
    • Fixed a small glitch where the chest finder lists would be enabled when the checkbox was unchecked.
    • Changed the way the Chest Filtering works
    • Added Terraria 1.0.5 items to the Chest Filter tab
    • Chest Filter item list is now loaded from ItemList.txt. Now it's easy to add new items after an update!
    • Fixed XP compatiblity
    • Renamed project to MoreTerra
    Changelog for 1.4:
    • World file will be stored in memory to minimize chances of Terraria writing to it while we read it.
    • Different set of APIs allow the program to draw the world much quicker.
    • Loading world information (world variables, chest list) won't cause the GUI to freeze at all anymore.
    • Re-introduced the "Filter chests" checkbox: Allow disabling of chest filter/finder so all chest symbos are always drawn.
    • First-time users will have a default world path suggested to them:
      • C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Terraria
    • Improved command line argument handler.
    • Minor UX improvement: Right-click the checked lists (world markers, chest filter items) for easy selecting/deselecting all items.
    • Added application icon.
    • A ton more changes and improvements since the last release (1.1) by UberJumper
    Newest update has received a huge speed boost, so give it a try and have fun with it!

    You can post bug reports and feedback here, but I check the codeplex issue tracker much more often. Post there with a codeplex account or with a Windows Live account.
    Original thread by UberJumper is here.
  2. Serakh

    Serakh Green Slime

    Good to see this project moving forward!
  3. Tejedu

    Tejedu Cursed Skull

    Nice, does it texture the blocks? Or 1x1px for each.
  4. voorjekijke

    voorjekijke Cave Bat

    I'm using this one from now on.
    Before this I used a wv which was exactly the same but was loading slower.
    I thank you my good sir.
  5. BigD

    BigD Green Slime

    Does not work under Windows XP 64. Try again. Or maybe it's running in the background injecting packets and turning my computer into a zombie? If it is I can't see it.
  6. noroom

    noroom Green Slime

    "Does not work"?I'm gonna need more information to fix it.

    Does an exception pop up? Are you starting the .exe or the .bat?
  7. BigD

    BigD Green Slime

    The .exe and absolutely nothing happens. No warnings or windows. 1.3.1 works fine.
  8. noroom

    noroom Green Slime

    That is very odd, though I haven't tested on XP.

    Could you try using the NoGui batch file for me? Just navigate to the folder with the .bat and .exe, and enter TerrariaWorldViewerNogui.bat --help for more instructions.
  9. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

  10. FungusTrooper

    FungusTrooper Cursed Man

    Also getting errors on XP, but I posted on the issue tracker about that.

    Also I guess this needs updating for the brand new patch? Using 1.3.1 to make maps returns them all weird and skewed, pretty cool but obviously unintentional :D.
  11. EddieBu

    EddieBu Green Slime

    Yeah...My map viewer is having a acid trip.
    I use windows 7 64 bit
    would of been a fun map though XD
  12. Sandaasu

    Sandaasu Yellow Slime

    Yeah, I downloaded it, tried it, removed and downloaded it again.
    It just doesn't work for Windows XP
    Nothing pops up, I tried both the .exe and the .bat
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  13. Skatecboy45

    Skatecboy45 Squirrel

    When I use this to load up a 1.0.5 map it puts hell in the middle of the map and makes everything look all crazy.. Is there a fix for this yet?
    EDIT: and it is all tilted and stuff.
  14. thebacon

    thebacon Green Slime


    With today patch, newly generated world. Older worlds still generate fine.
  15. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    That happens because new not defined multi tiles are in (like gold chest, coral, cactus)

    We will need a list of those before any map viewer can be fixed.

    I know that of the new ids:
    80 is Cactus and is not a multitile.
    81 is Coral and is Multitile
    82 is fireblossom, which is a multitile.
    83 and 84 are plants as well and are multitiles. Dont know which plants they are though.

    It seems I now have all natural blocks:
    (1.0.5 World, shown with worldview.py)
    you can tell its a 1.0.5 world because of the different oceans and the horizontal caves in corruption.

    Can anyone please send me a world where he has all alchemical plants inside a pot each?
    Then I can figure those out.
    After I have those I will update my toolcollection, so people can make maps themselves ;)
  16. EstebanLB

    EstebanLB Zombie

    The silver ore veins now shows as background wall (black pixel)
  17. noroom

    noroom Green Slime

    Thanks for the incompatibility reports, but it will be a bit until the map format can be reverse-engineered and our mappers be made fully-compatible again. Sorry!
  18. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    No problem, look into my sig, get the programmers resource, have the tile data in tiles.csv and multitiles.txt
    Thats the data I got so far and can make a reliable png of the map.
  19. Taren

    Taren Zombie

    looks great. for some reason i used the other map viewer on a 1.4 map and also 1.5 and they turned out very strange. symbols above where they should be, the bottom half of hell was at the top of the image, and it was wavy sometimes. im pretty sure i might have just used a version too early for those. Cant wait for this to finish!
  20. SpartanBlackman

    SpartanBlackman Green Slime

    I've got a problem, my maps are all coming out wierd, but the pre 1.0.5 maps work fine. 1.0.5 maps look like this [​IMG]
    Can you help?

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