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  1. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    here, I am posting a mod, that started out as an idea, I WILL expand on it, but for right now, it isn't much as of right now, but I will continue to add stuff as time goes on. I will be putting them up as expansion packs, with additional group of stuff added onto the next one in each progressive pack. Right now, I am working on the "blades" expansion pack, all other expansion packs will have all the stuff of this one.
    Okay, headlines will be here form now on, to state the newest update.

    Blockers removed
    blades (open)

    a collection of more swords, with a completely unnecessary amount of tiers, there are seven six blades, which are; the oh-so-familiar shortsword, everyone's favorite: the broadsword, a brand new odd-job, small but high-damage dagger, an upgraded version of the shortsword; the rapier, the dueling knife, a portable wall: the blocker no more blocker, it was a waste, and my personal favorite, the greatsword.
    The dirt and wood tiers aren't of great difference, but you will find that your old copper weapons are actually less efficient as my new wood ones, don't complain about that, I'll eventually get around to beefing up the monsters, just not for a while. The stone tier is actually fairly useful, the greatsword lets you take out EoS pretty easy actually, just watch out, it's only because flying enemies are weak, and the greatsword makes it so you can actually hit them, the stone tier will NOT help you too terribly much against a devourer, note: the blocker is kinda hard to use.
    it is focused on these seven basic weapons, but I am adding the crafting stations they need, as well as a new type of ore, so take note of that.
    with the upgraded copper and iron stuff you will notice that the new weps are out of proportion with the old stuff, I'll fix that eventually, just not in this X-pansion. Be patient, this one is mostly testing stuff out and making sure my idea is going to work so it doesn't ground the project suddenly later on.
    the bronze bar, making use of my new ore, tin, and everyone's favorite, copper.
    the stone rapier
    like the dueling knife?
    those are a few of the images I'm using, stop complaining about my crappy sprites though people.
    credit to >:SYNTAX for greatsword sprites.

    blockers have been removed, as they were a rather pointless weapon.
    I have added the bronze tier, for it you will need to make the basic forge (tin bars and copper bars at the stone furnace) for the bronze bar (1 copper bar + 2 tin bars) have fun with it. It has two more damage points than copper. iron added too
    Hey, major bug fix, watch out, no weapons from vanilla Terraria are getting updated, they are being removed (read as: being made useless and unattainable without cheating) and replaced, so your old copper shortsword and broadsword are now useless.
    no, steel doesn't use diamonds, it is iron and bronze, I wanted to streamline the metals, so you have to make at least one bar of an earlier one to get stuff of the next level up (unless you find some in chests, but that needs to be added, which won't happen for a while)
    Since I know I would be wondering, I'll put down my list of tiers (hardmode tiers won't be in the blades expansion pack) and why they rank where they do.

    1.dirt: pretty obvious, dirt is everywhere, and up until this, dirt was pretty much useless except as free building material.
    2.wood: again, not much question, wood is incredibly easy to get, as small trees drop about thirty and larger ones can drop more than two stacks worth.
    3.stone: slightly harder to get than wood, and much more effective, although admittedly you have too much stone while mining in the cavern layer.
    4.clay: much rarer than the other three, it is really the only soil that you only find in "seams" similar to ore, the difference is that clay seams usually hold enough clay to build a medium sized house.
    5.tin: a brand new ore, it will be fairly abundant, to the point where I'll probably eventually make a sell item for you to get rid of it later on.
    6.copper: pretty obvious, it will be slightly better, but slightly rarer than tin.
    7.bronze: tin+copper, a fairly good alloy.
    8.iron: everyone knows how this works.
    9.steel:iron+bronze. don't question it, I needed to add steel somehow and diamonds seemed a bit of a bad idea.
    10.silver:again, little explanation needed. Once again, just a buffed up version of the vanilla equivalent.
    12.electrum: silver+gold, another alloy, pretty good, and the third best tier you can make from basic ores and easily gathered materials.
    13.super steel: steel+electrum. a really useful alloy, it is, as one would expect, fairly powerful.
    14.enchanted: super steel+fallen star. yes, it won't be much more powerful than super steel, but it is the second best of the early-game tiers.
    15.gemstone: combining all six of the gems, this is a bit of a reference to Minecraft's diamond sword (I played it before Terraria existed, so don't hate on me.), it is the best early game tier.
    16.meteorite: self explanatory, meteorite is harder to obtain than the other stuff listed here, so it is a reasonably good tier.
    17.demonite: just to kill off the EoW/EoC and you've got the stuff, a good mid-level tier.
    18.jungle: the underground jungle is harder to survive than the corruption, that's why this goes here.
    19.necro: because you get this stuff from the dungeon's undead, a fairly strong mid-level tier.
    20.dungeon: dungeon steel is crafted form various semi-common drops in the dungeon, as well as dungeon brick, a very strong tier.
    21.hellstone: everyone knows about this.
    22.night: based off of the night's edge weapon, it is a combination of gemstone, meteorite, demonite, jungle, necro, dungeon, and hellstone, and worth the cost.
    23.mage steel: combined night tier with enchanted, the best pre-hardmode tier I'm going to do.
    hardmode: the first eight are ores obtained from the smashing of demon altars, all after that are alloys.
    24. aluminum, the first metal in hardmode, useful.
    25. cobalt, slightly rarer and stronger than aluminum, but only marginally.
    26. chrome, and upgrade to aluminum, more rare than aluminum and cobalt.
    27. mythril: chrome's counterpart.
    28. platinum: the next thing up past mythril and chrome.
    29. adamantite: platinum's counterpart.
    30. titanium: the second strongest hardmode ore.
    31. vibranium: slightly stronger than titanium, it is a very powerful metal. (yes, the Marvel metal, it was originally going to be atium, but atium is grey [so many grey metals] vibranium is pink, makes sprite work much easier)
    32. technetium: an alloy of aluminum, chrome, platinum, and titanium, very powerful
    33. soul steel: slightly stronger than technetium, made of cobalt, mythril, adamantite, and atium.
    34. corruption steel: soul steel+ technetium+souls of night. no boss souls, I'll explain in a bit.
    35.hallow steel: corruption steel+souls of light. hallow is really just a light version of corruption.
    here it is, this metal last alloy won't come out for a while, not until I've done my bosses expansion pack, and that is why no boss souls for corruption/hallow steel, I'm not implementing all of the souls for some times now.
    36.sage steel: hallow steel+mage steel+ boss souls. the ultimate tier (at least until I decide to extend it XD) incredibly powerful, probably going to be enough to one shot weaker bosses. fun huh?

    Something I should note. I will be adding some of the new crafting stations during this, so just so you know, the standard anvil/furnace/ whatever will not help you make the new stuff. The workbench is an exception, I see no reason to change that.
    I know some of the weps are odd, but I'm not going to add anymore because of that.
    and here is a little image of one of the best weapon in the arsenal so far.
    the gold greatsword, an amazing weapon. expensive, sure. but at 36 damage I think its worth it.
    If anyone doesn't like the sprites for the weapons, post new images in the comments- actually, do it anyway if you are good at sprites- , if anyone thinks that the weapons need stat changes, post it in the comments, and no, I don't want ideas right now. Wait until after the second X-pansion pack is finished.

    Please, I want feedback very much, it helps me make this better, not to mention the fact that it allows me to find bugs.

    if you want to take a look at the scripting involved, it is all in there, the mod is in the folder in the zip, so you can go in and look through the inner workings of the mod (yes, the sprites are terrible, I'm no artist. if you can do better, once again, post it in the comments.)
    Thank you >:SYNTAX for the absolutely MIND BLOWING greatsword sprites. I owe you!
    this is only the beginning, plans for later modpacks:
    future X-pansion packs (open)

    adding the hardmode tiers as well as the resource collectors
    adding all items that can tier
    re balancing monster strength
    reinforcing world blocks so you don't tear through everything too easy.
    adding new biomes
    bosses bosses bosses
    adding blocks for decoration (including dyes, and ore based coloring)
    tying up all the loose ends and extra items not already dealt with
    extending the story into new levels of hardmode (not for a long time)

    here is the past update log:
    past updates (open)

    1. created, "Blades" X-pansion pack, dirt tier.
    2. wood tier
    3. stone tier
    4. clay tier
    5. tin ore, tin tier
    6. copper tier
    7. bug fix
    8. bronze tier
    9. iron tier
    10. awesome greatsword sprites, courtesy of >:SYNTAX
    11.steel tier
    12.silver tier
    13.bug fixing
    14.weapon balancing, sprite fix
    15. gold tier
    16. electrum tier, super steel tier
    17. blockers removed*current*

    that's about it.
    Hall of fame.
    Here is where I am putting all the people who helped make this. In order from most help to least.
    1. pionoplayer.
    me. I figured I'd go in here, not out of vanity, but in case something happens and I have to make a new account to do this in.
    2. classikly
    adviser, and allowing me to use some of his sprites. I owe him a lot, even though I have just barely started, very few others have given support to this currently crappy mod. He also gave me the inspiration for this through his pickaxe mod. link here.
    3. >:SYNTAX
    Believe me, his support through the given greatsword sprite was very important. before that all the greatswords looked like wedges of moldy cheese.
    4. Josh and Wesley
    Two friends in real life, at first my only supporters. This is for you guys!
    5. All commentors
    I appreciate all feedback, whether it's good, or bad. Well, with the exception of butt-kissers and haters *cough* *cough* *Kalcipher* *cough*
    6. Everyone else that has uploaded this mod.
    thank you to everyone, just that small bit of support makes this easier.

    thank you.

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  2. SA Terraria wiz Green Slime

    okay, sounds like a good idea... but the sprites are kinda crappy, although I DO like greatsword.
    Oh, and how the heck am I supposed to use those stupid daggers of yours?
  3. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    I know the sprites aren't very good, I think I did a fairly good job for my first time sprite building so just be quiet about that, if you think you can do better, post them up here and we'll see how you do.
    yes, the greatsword is great fun.
    how are you supposed to use the daggers? they are a cheap item for a reason "wiz" they are small, you have to be right on top of an enemy, but if you do it right, that one swing can turn into an insta-kill with five shots at once, that's actually how I killed one of those Eater of Souls.
    oh, and.
    "We're off to see the wizard... the wonderful wizard of Odd!"
  4. SA Terraria wiz Green Slime

    new sprites huh? so you're just gonna rip off of other people?
    oh really? beating the eator of souls with those dinky little daggers sounds like a story.
    and ha ha very funny. you're a riot, literally
  5. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    someone isn't very supportive, and no, I'm not going to "rip off other people" I'm going to give them credit in the section of hte expansion pack where they helped out.
    and no it isn't, I got killed by another eater of souls because of how much damage I took, but I did it.
    so shove off you &&#^%&%$^
    EDIT: fun fact: the greatswords are great for holding off demon eyes at night, and you can tear through zombies with the clay rapier.
  6. drsonic1 Green Slime

    "Dirt tier"
  7. FatObeseBird Snatcher

    Not to be hating on anything but, Gold and Platinum are pretty soft materials. i made a mod just to nerf down gold items lol...
  8. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    ah well, it's sort of obvious, not to mention cobalt and adamantite are absolutely useless in real life too, copper isn't useable until made into bronze, and the idea of a wooden sword killing monsters? honestly, if you're looking for intelligent tiering, go some place else because there is no room for logic in terraria
  9. SA Terraria wiz Green Slime

    uh huh, and the dirt tier still makes sense?
  10. drsonic1 Green Slime

    Adamantite isn't even a real metal...
    Using copper as a weapon.
    You can indeed sharpen wood to a lethal point.
    Cobalt cannot make weapons, but it is far from useless.
    However, a golden sword is not nearly as ridiculous as a DIRT SWORD.
  11. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    hm.... I can't remember if it's adamantite or adamantium that's a real metal, it's got cobalt in it, and it breaks even easier and outside of chemistry it has no practical use, and has the usual grey color of most metals, and I know cobalt isn't useless, but that is far from the point, I meant with weapons. copper WAS used for weapons, but so was tin, the point is is that as soon as bronze and other metals were available, they stopped, they're better than gold, but only just, sort of like a cheaper version of silver in that respect, you CAN sharpen wood to a lethal point, but not a lethal edge, I highly doubt a practice sword can behead zombies.
    And yes, gold makes more sense than dirt, heck, cobalt being one of the best metals makes more sense, but once again, does Terraria make sense? why is the corruption-based metal called demonite, when the EoC and EoW are not actually demons? they don't live in the underworld, but the corruption, why not call it corruptium? what I am trying to point out is, you are trying to apply logic to a mod based upon illogical ideas in a game that takes logic, smacks it upside the head with a crowbar and throws it off a sky scraper, so I highly doubt you will win this fight, which I am only getting involved in because I do the same thing, so please give me input that pertains to Terraria, I would greatly appreciate it. thanks!
    EDIT: hmmm, I'm having trouble editing my old thing and putting in the update, I'll try to get it on once terraria online gets it fixed
  12. SA Terraria wiz Green Slime

    hmmm... blocker? what the heck is that supposed to be, It looks like you're holding up a wall...
  13. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    um... did I not say that? that's kinda what it is. now bug off, I'm tired of you bad mouthing me for no reason
  14. SA Terraria wiz Green Slime

    fine, odd weapon, but kind of useful I guess...
    and how the heck am I supposed to make the stone and clay weapons? I have clay bars, but I can't use them! the furnace doesn't work.
  15. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    you can't use the vanilla terraria one, the new "stone furnace" uses wood, torches, and stone, and as of right now it's only useful for those first couple of weapons so you'll want one of each.
    EDIT:tin tier added, all prior tiers are finished till next pack
  16. SA Terraria wiz Green Slime

    what the... THAT'S the tin? what the heck did you do? did you mutilate the graphics card, take a picture of your desktop, and then use that in greyscale? what the heck is wrong with you and your images?
  17. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    I know! I know! I overlayed the tile sheet off of the custom tile tutorial on the Tconfig wiki, and for some reason it doesn't work, and I have no idea how to fix it. If you can give me a fixed tile sheet, post it please.
  18. SA Terraria wiz Green Slime

    fine, but wait, where are prefixes?
  19. pionoplayer Giant Worm

    I know, I'm having trouble with that... Oh, and it might be a while before I finish with the copper tier, it seems someone has been messing with the wiki, and I rely on it a fair amount, so stay tuned folks!
  20. Kalcipher Clinger

    Hate to break it to ya, but terraria's items use 2x2 pixels. Furthermore; they also have more shades than your weapons.
    BTW: Don't blame TConfig Wiki's tilesheet, it's absolutely fine; you are the one who messed up. Also; when you say he's "bad mouthing" you, he is actually giving helpful critism. You may want to improve the mod. (*cough*startallover*cough*)

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