Terraria Xbox 360 EDITION-- All items map

Discussion in 'Console' started by evilpandazzz, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. evilpandazzz

    evilpandazzz Green Slime

    Looking for anyone hosting and all items map.
    Also is there a way i could download the converted Xbox file?
    MediaFire or something?
    but yeah if anyone can friend me on XBL i would would be really apreciative

    XboxLive Gamertag: evilpandazzz <---- (no caps just the way you see it)

    xbox file (i have a mac so i cain't use PC map to Xbox map converting)

    i would also like to just chill i dont have any friends that play terraria on xbox so if your ever bored just send me a message :)

  2. i can in a bit if you would like
  3. evilpandazzz

    evilpandazzz Green Slime

    thank you XD omg thank you!!! whats your gamertag?

    just sent me a friend request or i will send you one, my xbox is right next to me so i will know if i get a request :)

    im ready when you are :) thanks again ive been waiting while.. thank you!!!!
  4. send a F.R to crazykillerblue
  5. colinjay9000

    colinjay9000 Penguin

    That title is extremely misleading.
  6. TerrariaXboxTrader

    TerrariaXboxTrader Green Slime

    I would like to play also.
    GT: TT X Connor
  7. evilpandazzz

    evilpandazzz Green Slime

    Thanks man got my stuff there are alot of crappy people on the internet but nice people like you keep the internet alive.
  8. TerrariaXboxTrader

    TerrariaXboxTrader Green Slime

    Will you be able to get online now?
  9. Teh WhiteSnip3r

    Teh WhiteSnip3r Slimed Zombie

    would like a few(maybe more :)) items for myself too...
    xbox GT: Teh WhiteSnip3r
  10. xNaxosxCrusader

    xNaxosxCrusader Green Slime

    i have a all items map if you need inv my gt in my username and i already sent you a request
  11. Teh WhiteSnip3r

    Teh WhiteSnip3r Slimed Zombie

    ok ill be on soon
  12. TerrariaXboxTrader

    TerrariaXboxTrader Green Slime

  13. Camden Walls

    Camden Walls Green Slime

    Hey i need a all items map because i have a mac and can't do the fancy mod stuffs for Xbox on mac so can i borrow someones time for a world? (GT: mylife1sg000d)
  14. TerrariaGuyAwesomeness

    TerrariaGuyAwesomeness Angel Statue

    I wanna play too GT BOBBY JOES BOS

    Xxsupermanxx youtube click on one with TrueMU pick plz sub :)
  15. Olgore

    Olgore Green Slime

    I would like to join in! And I will also play with you if you want GT: Olgore
  16. gmod

    gmod Clinger

    invite me
  17. wyatt2011

    wyatt2011 Cursed Man

    Do you think you could help me too? my gamertag is RogueTGZ just the way you see it :)
  18. darkness12375

    darkness12375 Cave Bat

    add me
    gt in sig


    I might be able to join in a week, or three, my xbox name is BLUESWORDSMAN0
  20. xxterminatorxx5

    xxterminatorxx5 Snatcher

    just go play PC and use inventory editor and t-edit like everyone else who plays pc

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