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Discussion in 'Art' started by Quill, May 2, 2011.

  1. Quill

    Quill Zombie

    Howdy, Quill here. Similiar to Elbow, I'd like to let you guys know about my youtube account where I plan to post Terraria Videos. I've already got plans on what to record and plan to start recording soon and I'll post the videos when I'm allowed. So if you could check it out, it would be awesome :3

  2. Quill

    Quill Zombie

    Bumpy bump bump.

    Also a somewhat of an update, I've started a little practise run so I can decide what i'll do and stuff, I'll be starting recording soon and releasing videos as soon as Terraria is released to the public.
  3. Quill

    Quill Zombie

    Videos will be up tomorrow for sure! Make sure to check them out when they are uploaded!
  4. Quill

    Quill Zombie

    Videos are now going up at a rapid speed! Got a bunch of content to show you guys (i found a floating isle in part 2 : D)

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