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    Inspired by "Minecraftian" on Youtube by JoshuaMutter. Just a warning: contains some dark content...

    It's the year 5000, and a disastrous event is happening on December 21. To prepare for this, Professor Night sent letters to Kevin and Garrett, so they could remain in stasis while the rest of the world faces doomsday. It's December 20, when Kevin got the letter....

    Kevin opened the letter he obtained yesterday. It read:

    "Dear Kevin, if you wish to help me with my experiment of leaving Terrarians in stasis for over thousands of years, please come. Garrett has already entered. Maybe you want to come with him...? I mean, he IS your best friend!

    Professor Night"

    Kevin folded the letter, and put it on a shelf. He left the house and went to the laboratory. Curiously, it was shaped like a Tree. "There you are!" The professor said. "So you did decide to come!"
    "Of course. Garrett would've been lonely in there." Kevin replied.
    "Alright, follow me." The professor said, and they went underground to the chamber. Garrett waved. "Now, get in the empty slot, and I'll hit the switch." The professor explained. Kevin got in the slot, and the professor hit the switch. He scribbled a sticky note, saying "To be opened on 1/1/25000" and put it on one of the stasis chamber's walls.

    12:00 AM, December 21, 5000. The day the world would be under the effect of a doomsday. A corrupt meteor crashed in the country. Soon, everything began to happen. People died, bridges broke, buildings collapsed, and the evil from the meteor reigned. Soon enough the population was reduced from 4 million, to just 10.

    PART I: The Start of Everything

    20,000 years later...
    The chamber opened.

    A machine voice , glitchy from the power going out said "The time has expired, waking sleeping Terrarians...."

    Garrett and Kevin woke up. The lab had collapsed 24,800 years ago, and the underground section had vines coming down, and parts of the ceiling, floor and walls had been broken in sections. The boys climbed out.

    "What happened to everyone? Where's the professor?" Kevin questioned. The boys haven't aged a bit; the chamber prevented aging. Two copper pickaxes, shortswords and axes lied on the side of a wall.

    "We should take these, and dig out a path." Garrett told Kelvin, grabbing hold of a pickaxe. They dug a path up, into the remains of the building.

    It was a terrible sight. Buildings still standing had been covered almost entirely, and the suspension bridge's road was gone, only the entrance ramps remained. People lied dead.

    A bird dropped a bunch of envelopes, and then flew off over the sea.

    Kevin and Garrett read the letters. They had two things in common. It was to be sent to whoever was still alive, and it kept telling that two people who had also been in chambers survived, and are trying to find others.

    Kevin and Garrett wrote back to the 4 groups who sent the letters. A bird appeared again, and took the letters.

    2. The Colony
    Soon, they got the letters back. The boys decided to start to find anything that can be used for shelter, and notice the abundance of trees. They cut down said trees and make some houses out of wood. Just as they finished the 8 houses, they saw boats on the horizon. Said groups were on them.

    They had established a colony, and were going to try and survive. But night was approaching...

    "We have to get inside. It'll be dangerous!" Elysia, the dryad, shouted. Everyone got indoors. From the window, Kevin could see zombies and demon eyes.

    "Hmmm....If I had better armor, I'd be able to wipe these zombie's heads off!" Kevin said, sighing. He also noticed money in their hands. "I guess I should try to kill those zombies!"

    "Wait Up!" Gimli, the Demolitionist, and Darryl, the Arms Dealer, shouted as the ran after Kevin, who just walked out the door.

    Kevin was stabbing zombies, but they flailed their arms at him to make him lose his grip on the short sword. "So they really wan-" Kevin was cut off from the loud noise of a gun shot. The zombie fell to the ground lifelessly.

    "It's quite dangerous out here, Kevin." Darryl said. "You might need this." He gave him a flintlock pistol. "Thanks!" He replied. Gimli planted a bomb on the soil near a tall building. The bomb exploded, taking tons of concrete, metal and vines down, and caused a blanket of dust that forced the three to cover their eyes.

    The result was a huge mountain of rubble, and a cave. "Smart move, Gimli." Darryl said. The sun began to rise, and the monsters began to flee. Kevin got two good shots at fleeing demon eyes with his new weapon, and found lenses where they died. "I could do something with these..." Kevin said.

    3. Eye of Cthulhu
    Kevin laid the lenses on the workbench that Garrett had put in their house. He found out that he could make goggles. He made them and put them on. He went exploring in the caves with Garrett, and found some silver and iron. Kevin made an anvil, a furnace and silver tools and weapons. He also made a grappling hook. He was prepared for night.

    "I'm ready for anything!" Kevin said, clenching his fist. He drew his Silver broadsword, and ran outdoors, only to feel someone, or something, watching him. The wind blew loose concrete off of the buildings, and caused metal bars to reverberate. The sound echoed through all of the island.

    A chunk of the bridge fell. The snapping echoed too. Then a dark mass appeared. Elysia stepped out to look. "Kevin, look out! That's the Eye of Cthulhu! Be careful!" She shouted. Kevin heeded the warning, and shot flaming arrows at the eye with his Silver Bow. It shot out it's minions. Then Kevin switched to his pistol and started firing away.

    The eye span around. "Is it dying...?" Kevin asked. Then the pupil fell off, like a snake shedding it's skin. Out came a pair of fangs, tall as steak knives. It moved closer, and Kevin began to swing his sword at it, finally getting on top of the eye and creating a hole to put in dynamite. He ignited it and placed it in said hole.

    Then he jumped off, and the eye had exploded. Demonite ore, Unholy arrows, corrupt seeds, potions and money fell out of it. Kevin saved the village from a threat. He scooped up the items and went back indoors.

    4. The Trio of Classes
    "Those corrupt seeds make corruption, but we should make a case and wait for shadow orbs to grow. They could have nice things inside." Elysia said. "All finished!" Katie, the nurse, shouted, after crafting a Mana Crystal. "I've finished my latest invention! It increases Mana, but I don't know if it'll work." She gave Kevin the crystal.

    He held it in the air, and he began to glow blue. The crystal was dissipating, the particles entering Kevin's body. "It's working!" Amy shouted, while jumping up and down in happiness. Then the crystal was gone, and Kevin had learned to use mana. "Thanks Katie." Kevin said.

    They built the shadow orb container and planted the seeds. After waiting a few hours, an orb grew. "Ok, now smash it!" Garrett said. Kevin threw his hammer at the glass, shattering it and the orb. A horrible chill goes down Kevin's spine.

    A vilethorn dropped. "A magic weapon!" Kevin said, smiling. He swung it a few times, and saw thorns appear. "I admit I like melee weapons, so I'm not a jack of all trades." Kevin said. "Don't worry, we'll help you by filling in those gaps. I guess I'll go for magic..." Garrett replied. Kevin gave him the vilethorn, smiling. "And because I own guns, I guess it makes us a team of 3!" Darryl said.

    Katie got to work, retrieving the heart crystals that Garret and Kevin had mined, and made mana crystals for Garrett. In case a firearm had to require mana, she also made crystals for Darryl. She gave them the crystals, and they got to maximum health and mana in no time. "You can keep the flintlock as a sidearm, Kevin." Darryl said. Garrett nodded, agreeing. "Ok." Kevin said.

    The three were now a group, to survive together.

    PART II: A chain of islands

    5. A New Island
    The boys decided to find other islands, and they went to the closest, about 5 miles away, to Star Island, the place where the meteor crashed. "THIS is where the meteor crashed? It's a total wasteland!" Darryl shouted.

    Suddenly, a giant corrupted worm blasted out of the ground, and making a loop into a building, causing it to fall. Kevin, Darryl and Garrett ran to get away from the impact zone. Darryl got out his minishark and began to shoot it.

    "The Eater of Worlds...this monster is insane!" Garrett called out, using the vilethorn. Kevin was hacking and slashing on the monster's back. Finally, after a grueling battle, the world eater had died. Demonite ore and Shadow Scales laid everywhere. The boys scooped up the materials.

    "Hey, is that supposed to be Meteorite? We could use it!" Kevin pointed out. Darryl and Garrett tried to mine it with silver pickaxes, but they couldn't. "Why don't we blow it up?" Kevin asked. "Good idea. But there's meteor heads everywhere!" Darryl shouted, shooting the meteor heads. Kevin threw 3 dynamite simultaneously.

    The dynamite exploded, destroying 99% of the meteorite, leaving the rest to be easily mined. When they got back, Alfred, the Clothier, and Dawn, the Mechanic, had vanished. "We don't know what happened to him, but we have to find them!" Katie said.

    The three prepared. Kevin made Shadowscale Armor, A War Axe of the Night, The Breaker, Light's Bane, and the Nightmare Pickaxe. Garret made Meteorite Armor, A Meteor Hamaxe, a Space Gun from Kevin's flintlock pistol, and upgraded Darryl's minishark to a star cannon.

    They were going to save Alfred and Dawn.

    6. The Farthest Island
    The boys set sail the next day. It took them all day to reach the farthest island, where they saw an old man, with tattered clothes, and a castle. Every time they asked him if they could enter, he would just reply with "I cannot let you enter unless you free me of this curse.".

    That night....

    "Maybe we should ask him at night." Kevin said. Garrett and Darryl nodded, silently agreeing. They asked the old man, and he said something different. "You look like you could free me from this curse." The old man said. "Of course! Give us your best shot!" Kevin exclaimed. The old man raised his arms and then made them hit the ground.

    A giant skeleton rose from the ground. It had no body or lower body, just arms and a head. "Heads up!" Kevin shouted, as the monster crashed it's head at Darryl. Kevin jumped on one of the hands and began stabbing it. Garrett used the vilethorn to disable one hand, and then get on and attack the head.

    Soon enough, both hands broke. The skeleton head just spun and spun and spun around. Kevin did the finisher; making a hole, and placing dynamite in the hole. The skull exploded, dropping bones and cobwebs everywhere. Alfred fell out. Garrett caught him. "Thanks for saving me from this curse. Me and Dawn wanted to find treasure in the dungeon, but we got seperated!" Alfred said.

    "Shall we find her?" Kevin asked. The boys ran into the dungeon. Alfred held a candle, while monsters attacked them. Kevin and Garrett were attacking the monsters, and every time they died, they dropped keys.

    Kevin found a Muramasa in one chest, while Garrett found an Aqua Scepter in another. Darryl uncovered a handgun. Not just one, but three! Darryl handed Kevin a handgun.

    They found a magic missile, a cobalt shield and a blue moon later, and then started hearing pleads for help. They found Dawn! "Hang on, I'm cutting the ropes, just don't move." Kevin said, slicing the newly-found sword into the ropes, cutting them, and sending Dawn free! "Now let's get out of here!" She said.

    They all left the island, and returned home. While at home, Dawn built a machine. It wasn't very stable though, and all it could do was map weather. The machine picked up a hurricane. It was headed straight for....the colony!

    7. The Mysterious Person
    The storm was making it's way up to the island, picking up speed. "I can't predict this! It might be a category 5!" Dawn guessed. "Get inside!" Katie shouted, and they ran inside.

    Powerful winds and heavy rain battered the island. A small office building collapsed from corrosion and the force of the wind. It stayed for hours on the island, with no sign of stopping.

    Lighting smashed into a house, tearing part of the roof off. After a while, Dawn saw a shadow of someone. "That couldn't be anyone. They were all inside. That could mean only one thing... the professor! But how?" Dawn asked. But the man vanished when the hurricane dissipated.

    Everyone was confused. How did Professor Night survive? Why did he appear when the hurricane struck? There were so little answers. Darryl wanted to prepare for the worst case scenario that the professor is evil, and made Necro Armor. He had a slight feeling of distrust for him.

    8. The Jungle
    The boys set sail for a jungle island the next day. Once they made it, they would be able to find Garrett better armor. Once they made it, they saw Professor Night's shadow again! As soon as it was spotted by Kevin, it vanished. They entered the cavern in the middle, hacking and shooting at hornets and man eaters.

    They uncovered gems. They found shrines. Eventually, it turned night on the island, and all of a sudden, a snake made of bones bursted out of the ground! Garrett made the identification. "BONE SERPENT!!!" He shouted. The serpent made a run for Darryl, who was shooting at it his dual handguns.

    Kevin spared Darryl by cutting it in the halfway section. Without the other section, the serpent would die, and it did such a thing. Imps began to appear, shooting fireballs. Darryl outsmarted them and destroyed all of them. Finally, demons flew out, and Garrett destroyed all of them with the Space Gun. "These were all enemies from the underworld. Why would they burst out?" Garrett pondered.

    One of the demons had dropped a doll. It looked like the guide. "Uh oh, voodoo doll much?" Kevin asked. He carefully put it in his pocket. It hadn't activated yet, which was fortunate. When they got back up, a zombie wearing a hat approached them.

    Kevin put it out of it's misery with the Handgun. The hat dropped. "An explorer's hat. We should keep it. It looks like it's someone's hat. I wonder who it is?" Darryl asked, picking the hat up from the puddle of water. They sailed home.

    Garrett crafted jungle armor. Kevin had made a blade of grass and a thorn chakram. They all had been fortunate. They also had gravity potions.

    The hunt was on for the floating island's treasures.

    PART III: Changes

    9. The Goblin Tinkerer
    The boys drunk the potions and used it's gravitation abilities to find an island. They found a floating island. Kevin opened it up. There was a starfury. Garrett decided to take the starfury, because it was a magic weapon. Then they went to another island. Then they went to another island. A lucky horseshoe was inside that chest. Darryl took the horseshoe.

    Finally, they found one more island. It had a shiny red balloon. Kevin took the balloon. They went back, only to get disastrous news: A goblin army was on it's way! They quickly boarded up all the doors and stood on top of the apartment-like part of the colony town. The army approached on boats. The boys jumped off and began to fend off the army.

    They were doing they're very best, but a severe storm was also on it's way, approaching from the south. It was like a compactor; being hit with two things at a time. Once they took out 89% of the army, the goblins waved white flags, showing their surrendering, and fled on the boats. They went back into the mine, to find a place to make a base.

    They found a lone goblin, tied up on the way down. "Someone must've put him out of his misery." Kevin said. "D-Don't kill me! I'm an outcast. They tied me up here and left me for dead!" The goblin stammered. "Alright then, stay still, I'll cut the rope." Kevin said, slicing the Blade of Grass into the ropes, sending the goblin free.

    Shouting came from the cave. "Hey guys! We found someone!" It repeated. The other people ran into the cave. "Well, my name is Stazen, and I'm a goblin tinkerer. I'm an outcast from their colony." Stazen said to the people. "Alright then, you can join us on our quest to build a base underground." Dawn said. They headed off.

    10. The Underworld
    By midnight, they reached the underworld. It ran underneath all of the world. "This is a big place." Stazen said. They got to work, covering dangerous lava pits and building a base out of obsidian brick. Kevin was mining away at the hellstone. By the time they were finished, they had spent a day underground.

    Kevin crafted a Firey Greatsword, and Darryl upgraded all the handguns to Pheonix Blasters. A demon altar was nearby, and Kevin dumped the Light's Bane, the Muramasa, the Blade of Grass and the Firey Greatsword into the altar. He looked inside.

    The blades were merging! They became one, called the "Night's Edge". He held up the sword in amazement. He tried out his new blade on some of the locals. Demons, imps and serpents were annihilated from his practicing. Then Garrett came up to Kevin. "That doll, could it summon the keeper of the underworld? It requires a living sacrifice." He said. Kevin immediately got a ridiculous idea. He put the doll in the lava.

    Suddenly, Garret sizzled. "Ok....that wasn't a go-" He was cut off by him falling to the ground. Darryl came out. "Kevin, Why?" he said. "It was Garrett's idea for this to happen!" Kevin argued. Suddenly, a wall of flesh rose from the ground. "I'll deal with this." Kevin said, pulling out the Pheonix Blaster and Night's Edge. "Get Garrett and RUN!" Darryl got Garrett and got into the base. Dawn peeped out. "CODE RED! A massive wall is approaching!" She shouted.

    Luckily, she had an underground bunker, and everyone hid in it, as another wall came up. "I'm helping Kevin." Darryl said, pulling out the star cannon and getting out of the base. Darryl fired the star cannon at the second wall.

    "It's no use! We can't stop them!" Kevin shouted. Suddenly, one of the walls crumbled, leaving a box of demonite brick behind. The wall Darryl was attacking crumbled too, leaving another box behind. They opened the box. Emblems were in one. Three weapons were in another. A breaker blade, a clockwork assault rifle and a Laser Rifle.

    Garrett woke up. "What...happened?" He questioned. "Darryl and Kevin defeated the keeper of the underworld." Dawn explained. "I shouldn't have told Kevin to summon it. Now the corruption and hallow run rampant!" He warned.

    "Hey Guys! We found some stuff!" Kevin shouted. Everyone got out of the bunker and looked around. Garrett picked up the Sorcerer Emblem and Laser Rifle. Kevin picked up the Warrior Emblem and Breaker Blade. Darryl picked up the Clockwork Assault Rifle and Ranger Emblem. Three hammers fell out. "Pwnhammers! We're able to destroy demon altars now!" Garrett exclaimed.

    They're actions had unleashed the world's fury. How will they survive?

    11. Differences
    The group emerged.

    The grass had turned light blue. The tree's leaves were different colors for each part of the tree. "We're lucky! Our island turned hallow!" Garrett said. A unicorn came up to them. It realized that they might kill it, and suddenly, ran away! A pixie flew up and gave Darryl a short circuit.

    "Owww.....Silly fairies...." Darryl said, eyes spinning around. Kevin swung his sword at the pixie and it disintegrated, dust remaining. Some altars were totally exposed. Kevin, Darryl and Garrett slammed their hammers into the holes, overloading them with hallowed energy and exploding them!

    Portions of the buildings turned into cobalt, mythril and adamantite ore. The cobalt building's had their supports changed. The cobalt was too weak to hold up the heavy structure, causing a pancake collapse. The cobalt was exposed in the rubble. The mythril caused some parts of the structure to crumble. The adamantite kept the structure still.

    "Interesting. The ores must be differing strengths, with cobalt being the weakest, and adamantite being the strongest." Garrett said, astounded at the results of the ore. Kevin was amazed. "I wanna go mine it!" He shouted. All three pulled out their molten pickaxes and began to mine the cobalt. In the rubble, Kevin picked up a toy eye.

    "It's got a key in it." Kevin said, twisting the key.

    A terrible idea. Two eyes appeared. Garrett and Darryl took a step back. "Kevin, turn around...." Garrett said. Kevin turned around and yelled, falling to the ground. "You wish to fight us. Very well. We are the twins." The eyes said. "I am Spazmatism." The green eye bellowed. "And I'm Retinazer!" The red eye boasted. "This won't end well..." Darryl said, reloading the assault rifle.

    12. The Twins
    "So, shall we begin?" Retinazer asked Spazmatism. "Very well, attack!" Spazmatisim replied. Retinazer shot lasers from it's pupils, and Spazmatism blasted fireballs. Kevin sliced away at Spazmatism, but his way of killing the bosses wasn't working! "Hey! They have metal under their skin! It'll be almost impossible to defeat them!" Kevin shouted. Spazmatism spun around, knocking Kevin off, and the metal skin became exposed, with sharp teeth replacing the pupil.

    Suddenly, a powerful explosion rocked the ground! When everyone got up, Spazmatism was destroyed, and a little green ball was up where the eye once floated. The dust cleared and...the professor?!

    PART IV: One by One

    13. The Professor is back
    "I knew I'd find you all!" Professor Night exclaimed. "But...how did you manage to survive?!" Kevin questioned. "I went into a stasis chamber after everyone else. When you unleashed the world's fury, many ores appeared on the island I was on. I managed to get Adamantite Gear, and found you all, fighting these monstrosities. Shall we end this?" Night explained.

    Professor Night pulled out an Adamantite Sword, and hacked at Retinazer, with it's laser cannon exposed. Soon enough, Retinazer exploded. The same ball appeared. Kevin grabbed the orbs. "Souls! We can use those to make powerful tools and armor!" Garrett said. "Correct. But first, we need to gather one of each ore for it to work. I already have an Adamantite and a Mythril Repeater..." Night said.

    Kevin quickly ran over to the colony buildings and crafted a Cobalt repeater. "Alright, lay down the tools and..." Amy said, placing the soul in the middle of the table. Night and Kevin laid down the repeaters...but it wouldn't fusion! "I managed to craft these tools on an ordinary anvil...but why isn't it working?" Professor Night said. "It also took me a very long time too."

    They took the tools and souls and went to the buildings. Night began constructing a building in the colony too, out of Cobalt brick.

    14. Outside the box
    Kevin was thinking heavily that night, on why it didn't work. He thought of what to use with the mythril bars. He began trying to craft an anvil, but he wasn't sure if that would also work. "You know Kevin, we're kinda the same." Garrett said. "We both think outside the box, and find what really counts to us." "Really?" Kevin asked. "Yes." Garrett said.

    Kevin began work on the mythril anvil. Bashing it into the shape of an anvil. While everyone else was sleeping, Kevin took Professor Night's repeaters and his Cobalt Repeater, and took the souls, and tried the fusion. It worked! A hallowed repeater was generated. Kevin put the repeater in Night's house, by his bed, and went to bed too.

    15. Surprises at every turn
    "What the...." Professor Night said, picking up the hallowed repeater. "A hallowed repeater...only one thing to say. Kevin did this!"

    Kevin opened the door. "Yes professor, I did. I found out we needed a mythril anvil, not a regular one." Kevin said. "Ah! You helped me create such a fine weapon! But we need to be careful with it. We should spare it for very tough situations."

    Meanwhile, Darryl was mining the Adamantite with his Mythril Drill, and admist the rubble, he found a mechanical worm. "Hmmmm....intresting. I should keep it." Darryl kept mining, from the top of the structure, to the point where he leveled a floor. "720 ore! Everyone will be pleased!" Darryl said. That day, all four boys geared up, and Kevin used the worm. A giant steel worm came out.

    "I am the destroyer. You desire to engage me in combat?" The Destroyer said. "We wish to fight you!" Kevin bravely said, Pulling out his Adamantite Sword. Darryl reloaded the Clockwork Assault Rifle. Garrett made sure he had a lot of Mana Potions, since his Mana Flower would drink a potion when his mana was depleted. Professor Night prepared the Hallowed Repeater.

    "You all are ready. I am pleased to be your opponent." The Destroyer said, and dug into the ground, bursting up from a mythril ore-enhanced building. "Be careful! Aim for his head!" Garrett said, shooting the head. Night fired Hellfire Arrows, causing massive explosions. Darryl shot the assault rifle. Kevin ignited a stick of dynamite. "Here's your food!" Kevin said, luring the destroyer to him.

    The destroyer ate the stick, and then it exploded into a huge fireball, setting fire to some of the ruined buildings. Whatever caught fire, collapsed. All the cobalt-enhanced buildings collapsed, and the mythril building that the destroyer crashed into collapsed. The only remnant was a blue orb. "The soul of might. Sweet!" Darryl said, taking the orb. "We could upgrade both Night's and Kevin's swords!"

    Meanwhile, deep underground...

    "How many more to be defeated?" A massive creature demanded. "Cthulhu, I am your last guardian. I will not lose to them. Nobody will survive..." The red orb told Cthulhu.

    15. The World's Fury

    Amy searched carefully for anything suspicious, while Kevin, Garrett, Darryl and Professor Night upgraded tools and armor with the souls they found. Surprisingly, Souls of Fright were scattered all over, which surprised the four. Amy spotted a Mechanical Skull. "I guess this could be used...." Amy said, returning back to the house.

    "Skeletron Prime." Garrett said, gazing at the skull. "Is everyone ready?" "We are. Unleash him." Darryl said, reloading his new Megashark. Garrett winded the toy up. Skeletron Prime came out. "I knew you'd summon me. Now the end is nigh, for all of you!" Prime bellowed. Instantly, he let out a fury of attacks. Garrett was watching carefully, worried at what might happen.

    "I'm afraid Cthulhu might awaken...." Garrett said. Nobody heard him over the loud explosions and lasers firing. Kevin swung the Excalibur like a saw. "Now, this is YOUR end, not OURS!" Kevin shouted, soaring up, and stabbing Prime in the center of his head. Prime's head and arms exploded. "I...may have lost....but Cthulhu...will reign...." Prime weakly said, before disintegrating. Soon, a hurricane appeared. "The Perfect Storm....this is the end. We've attracted the World's Fury." Dawn said.

    16. Cthulhu
    The wind became ferocious, snapping some buildings in half like twigs. Tornadoes ran rampant. Soon, the center of the ocean became a whirlpool, and Cthulhu rised out of the waves. "I...AM CTHULHU!!!" Cthulhu shouted. The roar created an intense gust.

    "Is this...the end?" Merlin, the wizard, asked, taking his hat off. "I shall erase this world and create a new one from my liking!" Cthulhu bellowed. "We have to stop him!" Darryl said, rapidly firing with the Megashark. The bullets bounced off, and Cthulhu swung one of it's arms, knocking Darryl and Merlin away. Both crashed to their knees. They had taken immense injury from the impact.

    "I won't let you treat my friends like this!" Kevin shouted. Suddenly, the Hallowed Armor's jewels started glowing brightly, like stars in the night sky. "For this a world to die for!"

    PART V: To Die For

    17. The Final Battle
    Kevin swung rapidly at Cthulhu, scarring him. "Is this...the power of a mortal? Foolish. I shall end you!" Cthulhu said, making huge walls of water rise. "I'll destroy you, and save the world we already have!" Kevin yelled, rapidly hacking, slashing the chains off of the monstrosity. Cthulhu flew straight up. Out from the whirlpool that dissipated came mega-tsunamis.

    Garrett and Night aided Kevin, firing Holy Arrows and unleashing Crystal Storms and Cursed Flames. "Your friends shall be annihilated." Cthulhu shouted, flying down and swiping Professor Night and Garrett. Both of them were thrown against a building. Kevin's repeated slashes were starting to do nothing, except make Cthulhu laugh.

    "Life is a void. When you die, do you head for a fate far worse than what you have experienced, or ascend to paradise? That question is answered. I destroy the world!" Cthulhu yelled. The jewels on Kevin's armor glowed extremely bright. "The light...NO! You can't seal me again!" Cthulhu yelled. "I'm going to destroy you instead." Kevin said. "DIE!"

    Kevin's Excalibur glowed extremely bright, and did multiple giant slashes, before doing one more, causing a bright explosion that blows Kevin away, crashing him to the ground, and causing Cthulhu to glow brightly, and then explode.

    18. Epilogue

    Kevin laid on the ground, the jewels broken. Darryl and Garret ran to Kevin's side. "Kevin? Are you..ok?" Darryl asked, taking his Hallowed Mask off. Professor Night got to Kevin's side.

    "I...don't know if I'll live." Kevin said. "If you don't...then we will never forget you." Elysia said. Suddenly, the ground began to collapse. "Oh no..." Night said. A nature's gift fell out of Elysia's pocket, onto the falling ground. The ground collapsed into the sea. "Atleast he had a burial at sea, instead of one in molten lava". Night said.

    Suddenly, the area around where the ground collapsed glowed bright blue. "Rest in peace Kevin, we will never forget you.." Darryl, Gimli, Elysia and Professor Night said. "If there's anywhere you can go, it's with the gods.." Dawn, Merlin, Stazen, and Garrett said. "I hope the world remembers you." Amy and Eugene said.

    Everyone but Amy left. Amy threw a Crystal Heart in the water. She then left.

    10 years later...

    The population had never forgotten Kevin, and they built a monument to remember him. Elysia walked over to the statue and placed a Nature's Gift at the foot of the statue.

    And as the wise man once said..
    That's all for now folks...
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    Seen the actual "Minecraftian" already, not gonna spoil it, but I hope to see what extra twist you put on this in a terraria version.
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    It's inspired, but it's almost completely different after the Prologue. Also, I've seen the movie too!
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    The movie would have been boring to most people but i find it so sad how the dog and steve died and such. Anyways good story keep it up.
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    Thanks o3o

    EDIT: It's crazy the professor survived. Well in this story, it mentions the population being dropped from 4 billion to 10. The professors were in that fatality list. But because all the survivors remember is what they like to specialize in, except for Kevin and Garrett, for an odd reason explained later, they forgot who died. You'll see soon.

    ANOTHER EDIT: I'll give the chapters names. It's been title-less.
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    It seems that not many people have viewed this...

    And I'm making this into parts. Each part is 4 chapters each.
  9. StoryPasta2

    StoryPasta2 Slimed Zombie

    I don't think I will be able to continue this.

    All these infractions depress me, with all my reputation going down the drain. I have no motivation to continue, yet alone ever touch these forums.

    If I never come back, I will allow you to continue this. But if I ever do, I will continue this.

    I'm sorry, and goodbye.
  10. EpicXeno

    EpicXeno Green Slime

  11. StoryPasta2

    StoryPasta2 Slimed Zombie

    Guess who came back?
    EpicXeno likes this.
  12. StoryPasta2

    StoryPasta2 Slimed Zombie

    Almost done with the story! Epilogue will be sad.
  13. EpicXeno

    EpicXeno Green Slime

    Congrats, what do you plan to do on the forums afterwords 'Story'Pasta?
  14. StoryPasta2

    StoryPasta2 Slimed Zombie

    I'm making a sequel. But you're thinking that Kevin died. Just wait until I write the epillogue.

    I deny any of this. I find it should leave off right here.
  15. StoryPasta2

    StoryPasta2 Slimed Zombie


    Anyway, I have no idea what to write next. NO IDEA. I need some inspiration! If you have a story idea, privately message me please.

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