Terraria's music.

Discussion in 'PC' started by Froggyman, Jun 1, 2011.

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  1. Froggyman

    Froggyman Green Slime

    I've done my fair share of posting, but I've never really posted a thread yet, save for the one introducing myself. I figured I might as well make it something that has been on my mind for a while, and that would be Terraria's music.

    This is the weakest aspect of Terraria, in my opinion. I was looking through some of the other reviews for the game the other day, and I found I was not alone. And I'm not trying to say anything against the composer they hired, I'm sure he's a talented musician, but these songs are just...

    I don't know the word I want to use here. Because they aren't the worst songs I've ever heard or anything. I guess, bland would be a good description. I find the music in the game to be rather bland, and I feel like it should have more...impact. You have this huge, open world, filled with adventure, danger, and exploration...and you get some kind of fluffy melody that totally kills it for me.

    And I'm not trying to be rude, believe me. I grew up listening to midi music, or chiptunes, or whatever you'd like to refer to old music as. The older video game music is still my favorite kind of music to jam to. These songs just don't pack any punch for me though, and I really feel like they could have done a lot more with them.

    The exception to this statement would be the boss encounter music. I really dig this song, and I think it fits in well with the general aesthetic the game has. But, there are three bosses in the game. Why not write a song for each individual boss that could reflect the personality of the boss itself. That would have been something I would have liked to see.

    I'd like some songs with a little more fire to them, if that makes any sense at all. When it comes to music, especially game music, I know I sometimes don't make a whole lot of sense. I guess when it boils down to it, the music doesn't really enhance the experience to me, which is really unfortunate. It feels more like it's there, because games are supposed to have music, so they tossed some in there.

    It really sounds like I'm taking shots at the composer, but I'm really not. I just have a passion for game music is all. Please, feel totally free to disagree with me if you love the music though. Tell me your favorite song, and why you like it.

    Also, understand that by posting this, I mean no disrespect, but this is the one strong critique I have against Terraria, and I felt like putting it out there. Thanks for reading.
  2. Sir_Retinee

    Sir_Retinee Green Slime

    Honestly, my favorite game soundtracks of all time are the Halo 2 and ODST ones. Maybe the Bayonetta soundtrack...

    I have to agree with you to an extent. I feel the the music is lacking not in its quality, but in its quantity. There should be a different BGM for each area.
  3. TheWolfie

    TheWolfie Green Slime

    i love the music in this game =p
    the olny downside i see is that the boss song is waaaaay to short
    also the day/night one is too short

    makeing them maybe about 1-2 mids longer and then i will be happy =3
  4. qbicfeet

    qbicfeet Green Slime

    I like the Terraria soundtracks, they do a great job in giving the game it's own unique feel. But I like the "enviromental noise" idea Blue told us about in his last post, so I wouldn't us being able to mute the music without making it too quiet.
  5. Actinide2k9

    Actinide2k9 Green Slime

    They should put DOOM music in it... ;D

    Just kidding, but yeah I kinda agree with mr froggy.
  6. HomieKnightsUnite

    HomieKnightsUnite Green Slime

    Although i love the music there isnt enough
  7. Flopjack

    Flopjack Green Slime

    The scores are too short. That's the main issue. They either need to lengthen songs you hear for long periods of time (above ground day/night, blood moon) or create additional songs for the same time that game can 'choose' to play during those times. Also, additional songs in general need to be used for example, the dungeon, Hell, blood moon and corruption all use the same song, which is a little silly. (then again this still beta)

    Specialized boss music would be cool as well.
  8. I love the music in this game but I'd agree that they are too short and there's not enough variety. I'd bet that has something to do with the early release.
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