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Do you think this system for pets works well?

  1. Yes! Don't Change a thing!

  2. No! I think it should be changed.

  3. The system works but the pets themselves need improvement.

  4. The system doesn't work but the pets themselves seem cool!

  1. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    So I think most people agree that they think pets should be added to the game and I'd like to offer my suggestion of how I think they should work. I think anyone who's played the game minecraft can agree after about the third time your wolves died it got pretty old pretty quick, so I believe first off pets should not be affected by monsters. Pets in my opinion should work more like buffs and trinkets in the form of a companion following behind you.
    When it comes to actually getting the pets I think it should work something like this: Similar to chests, players would be able to find nests with a single egg in it. The player could right click and loot the nest to get a "Pet Egg" with the description "Keep me warm!". After traveling a certain distance the Pet Egg would turn into a "Ready Egg". The Ready Egg could be used and a pet would hatch from it! I think its interesting to make it a surprise to what pet would be hatching from the egg until the last moment, though depending on how far you travel you could rule out the possibility of pets that can't hatch from it. There would be a pet equipment slot as to limit the amount of pets you can have following you to one(or possibly more if you guys see fit).
    These are the pets I've come up with and Id love to hear feedback from you guys if you think any of them are studs or duds! (Keep in mind I realize not all these animals/creatures hatch from eggs but hey, its a game.)

    Dog: The dog would sniff around and look for items for you. If you got within 50 feet of a chest he would start to bark and motion for you to follow him to the chest by pointing/walking in the direction of the chest and wagging his tail fast.
    Required distance of travel: 2,500ft

    Cat: The cat would increase your movement speed by 10% stacking with any additional items you have equipped that effect your movement.
    Required distance of travel: 2,500ft

    Turtle: The turtle would increase a players defense by 10 for the cost of a 5% movement speed decrease so your friend can keep up with you!
    Required distance of travel: 2,500ft

    Bird: The bird would increase your jump height by 5 tiles/blocks stacking with any additional items equipped that effect jump height. (if used with rocket boots you would fly slightly faster)
    Required distance of travel: 2,500ft

    Porcupine: The porcupine would follow behind its owner at all times, if an enemy walks into the porcupine it will receive 5 damage every time it touches the porcupine giving its owner some protection.
    Required distance of travel: 4,000ft

    Pig: The pig would be able to be right clicked and given up to 5 gold to hold on to so that the player will not lose it upon death. (If anyone finds that this destroys the death penalty I'll delete it)
    Required distance of travel: 5,000ft

    Elephant: The elephant would cause the players attacks to knock enemies back an extra 4 tiles to keep them further away.
    Required distance of travel: 4,000ft

    Donkey: The donkey would have a small bag for the player to right click it and have it hold up to 5 extra items. If the donkey is called back to the owner's inventory the items will drop down on the floor.
    Required distance of travel: 8,000ft

    FireBug: The firebug, while following you, would create a light source the size of a torch without costing the mana or fading off like the orb of light.
    Required distance of travel: 3,000ft

    Grove Sprite: The grove sprite causes a chance for grass to grow on dirt tiles you walk on as it follows you. In addition any trees you walk by with the grove sprite would grow 50% faster than normal. (the grass growing effect would not be able to get rid of corrupted tiles).
    Required distance of travel: 5,000ft

    Glowing Sprite: The glowing sprite would have a chance to cause glowing mushroom grass to grow on mud tiles you walk on if at a depth of below 150ft.
    Required distance of travel: 6,000ft

    Corrupt Sprite: This nasty devil has a chance of causing any tiles you walk on to become corruption. A wonderful way to spread evil or create an easy field for fighting the Eater of Worlds.
    Required distance of travel: 7,000ft

    Rock Golem: The rock golem would help you out by throwing stones for 15 damage at enemies around you every 5 seconds. As a bonus the stones would have a nice knock back effect on enemies when hit.
    Required distance of travel: 10,000ft

    Fire Dragon: The fire dragon would a shoot fire ball at enemies around you every 5 seconds. The fire balls would hit for 20 damage.
    Required distance of travel: 15,000ft

    Water Dragon: The water dragon would go up to enemies and spray water at them for 3 seconds then return to the owner and wait 10 seconds before go back to the enemy. The spray of water would do 15 damage.
    Required distance of travel: 13,000ft

    Electric Dragon: The electric dragon would charge its self with electricity and tackle into enemies before returning to the owner. The electric dragon would only charge into enemies when the owner attacks the enemy. The electric tackle would do 1 more damage for every second the owner waits before attacking the enemy again, reaching up to 30 damage if the owner waits half a second.
    Required distance of travel: 15,000ft

    Imp: The imp would enchant the players melee weapons with a red glow adding an additional 5 damage to the weapons base damage.
    Required distance of travel: 12,000ft

    Polar Bear: The polar bear would be similar to the imp only instead it would effect the players ranged weapons. The ranged weapons would get a blue glow and slow down any enemy they hit by 30%. (Bosses would not be slowed down).
    Required distance of travel: 12,000ft

    All the pets would be small in relation to the player's sprite, not the actual size of the animals in real life.

    I hope you guys enjoyed this suggestion and if I get positive feed back I'll come up with more pets! Thanks for reading!
  2. Kriegs

    Kriegs Green Slime

    I like the general concept, but not necessarily the requirements. It could be a lot more randomized if animals existed in the world, but required taming or fostering to produce a tamable version (ie, you find a bird nest. Drop seeds for the birds to pick up for food. Eventually the birds will drop an egg that you can pick up).
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  3. Septimal

    Septimal Blazing Wheel

    For some odd reason, the way you put special effects on the pets, reminds me of Castle Crashers :D
  4. cornett21

    cornett21 Green Slime

    i think they should be able to die but when they do they return to the spawn so u dont lose them forever
  5. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    I like it, but the path finding on these animals would have to be very good. Would take a month to get perfect.
  6. Alethium

    Alethium Green Slime

    Voted for pets improvement. What about walk speed?
  7. Fubble

    Fubble Green Slime

    Thank you very much for the feedback!
    And haha yeah I actually really enjoyed the way pets worked in castle crashers and had that in mind while doing this I'm glad someone had the same idea!
  8. C60

    C60 Green Slime

    This and FUbble Critters SHould Be Implemented NAOW!!
  9. Lasercat77

    Lasercat77 Blazing Wheel

    Support,but maybe you could craft a nest and put a pet in it,and it will make an egg that contains another pet of its kind(for example,a fire dragon could lay and egg of any dragon),or,if there is only one pet of that kind,it will hatch into another of that pet.
  10. Mr.whisker52

    Mr.whisker52 Green Slime

    what do you mean required distance of travel but good idea's
  11. Winged Monster

    Winged Monster Green Slime

    I agree adding pets but please add a Harpy too. I really really REALLLYYYYYYYYY want a harpy pet!
  12. Kiba

    Kiba Green Slime

    And u tame them with like a taming rod or somthing
  13. Kiba

    Kiba Green Slime

    And other pets like tigers and eagles and owls and crabs and a hoarse that u can ride
  14. Kiba

    Kiba Green Slime

    And u right click on a pet to make it come with u and on one can come with u at a time
  15. AkaenRievkelar

    AkaenRievkelar Demon Eye

    I especially like the Imp and Polar bear ideas, and I feel the Golem and dragons are a bit OP.
  16. Equeon

    Equeon Green Slime

    I'd rather have an actual Forest Biome with bird's nests that you could find, or have to go and track down a dragon's nest.

    So it would be balanced: the "lesser" creatures would be easier to get, and the "greater" creatures would be a challenge to get.
  17. Spinfx

    Spinfx Doctor Bones

    I want to tame a female NPC and lead her around on a leash, but I doubt that suggestion will go down well here even though she could be a really useful pet >_>
  18. Equeon

    Equeon Green Slime

    I immediately thought of your signature ;)
  19. kapekode

    kapekode Green Slime

    and then you would build a kitchen in your house and you could put the female npc there and she would make sandwitchs.
  20. Terrariable

    Terrariable Green Slime

    I think some of the pets should be based on the monster of terraria. Another idea I had was that if, re-digit, blue and co. make it so when PvP's off the pets have things like you said, but when you enable PvP it gets new abilities can attack and can die.

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