Terraria's Slow Death?

Discussion in 'PC' started by Sokaz, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    Do you think since there will be no more versions of Terraria that Terraria Online will slowly die?
    Why do I even ask? Well because people might start to get bored, Leave and play other games never to return... Please leave you're opinion below.
  2. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    I am afraid this is true because there's no more updates,there's almost no more to ask in TO forums,mods for terraria are boring and finaly those forum games has no point at all :(.TO gona be dead !:mad:
  3. Sokaz

    Sokaz Undead Viking

    I guess all we can do is wait for starbound.
  4. MantasX12

    MantasX12 Hell Bat

    I bet starbound will never be as enjoyeble or even more enjoyeble as terraria.It just can't be:(.
  5. Mr. Mystery

    Mr. Mystery ★ SECRET THINGS ★

    All the console people will join to ask what the purple spiky thing is. I don't think it will completely die anytime soon.
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  6. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    All forums end like this, unless they're general forums, or have some crappy never-ending fad to support them. And in that last case, they're not worth the time. (Oh hi thar Gaia!)
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  7. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Since when did the stop of development ever meant a dying forum? Also remember the console version?
  8. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    The forum will not die for reasons related to "fuck this shit not every game in this world is updated and still liked to fucking amazing levels". What that means is that there will always be someone enjoying the game, even more than Starbound if we want to put it into the topic. Also, console users will most likely make the place popular again, even if at that time, most of the PC users will probably be following something else rather than a forum about a game that devs throw on the users faces while yelling some curses, which apparently were bug fixes promises, then went playing Diablo 3 and paying an extern company to port it and increase it's profit.
  9. Suika Ibuki

    Suika Ibuki The One and Oni

    I do believe almost every single game out there will experience/have experienced this.

    Hopeless loyalty, eh? Might as well face the facts.
  10. SFJake

    SFJake Dark Caster

    The forum has already died by an EXTREME amount.

    It'll retain some amount of activity for long, but because of the garbage mod support and the game not going open sourced (those are the right reasons), the people over the game have almost nothing to look forward to. Thus, the game is over.

    Huge amount of lost potential. But except for some fanatics around, Terraria like any other game without proper open source or modding, does not last forever, not in the slightest. I did not even hit 200 hours in Terraria and never will. Not to say thats a bad amount, I'm just saying its what it is. The end. Moving on, while I'll only come back to Terraria every few years or so, at best, if at all.

    Unless Red makes the right things happen, there is no sense in even -wanting- this to last.

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