Terraria's Top 5 mods

Discussion in 'PC' started by Arroz2003, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. Arroz2003

    Arroz2003 Devourer

    What do you all think are the best mods? I want to get a good one.
  2. Mikoto Misaka

    Mikoto Misaka Voodoo Demon

    The Reborn mod has just come out. It's a WIP but its a ton of fun.
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  3. SonicR

    SonicR Bone Serpent

    Obsidian54's mod is my first choice. It adds hundreds of new items, as wells as mob variations and a few new bosses. A weather system, a pet system and a parallel world are believed to be included in the next update.

    Dogsonofawolf's Other Worlds is another good mod, a provides lots of variety from 'normal' terraria in terms of world creation. This mod changes worlds to things such as jungle, snowy or asteroid, but is recommended for an advanced pre-hardmode character, as some environments are quite challenging!
  4. incalculant

    incalculant Green Slime

    I like TEdit since i can change the world in the editor self like using "paint". Just sad that you can't "Flip or Rotate" and copied area's.
    Other very useful one is Buildarria since you can add ani item in the game, Fully customize your own character inventory to have what ever you need... and best of all you never run out of blocks.

    TerrariForm is another useful inventory editor. Can max stacks to 999 and even fully buff your character for 30min. Not to mention adding any item you want.

    Make your pick ;)
  5. Berserker66

    Berserker66 Umbrella Slime

    Only one of those 3 is a mod. You are missing the question.

    I'd say tconfig and cmod.
  6. Sinister Stairs

    Sinister Stairs Squirrel

    Need the Game Launcher to run tConfig, so there's 2 of the mods for most any top 5.
  7. H2Stickman

    H2Stickman Demon Eye

    why dont you add images and links instead of describing it?

    i dont really care about your point of view, i wanna see it with my eyes without going on a quest looking for hideous topic in the dark depths of this forum
  8. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    - Portal mod.
    - Other Worlds mod (worldgen.)

    And I made small useless bits of code you could call mods to add adamantite bricks and walls, and a lava immunity accessory.

    I generally don't give half a damn about new enemies or weapons unless they add a real new AI/new ways to use weapons other than "left mouse button spam/hold!" so I haven't bothered with most mods around.
  9. Blu

    Blu Moderator Staff Member

    Kirabook, Valanthril, Graceful Assassin, Doctor G33k, and Mistress Rarity.

    Because that's what I always think when I see threads like this.
  10. Razor Knight

    Razor Knight Mushi Ladybug

    Wonder what mods mods play? Could that be considered "modception?"

    There's a "mods" section and most of the popular mods are kept in the first page due to... Being popular.

    So you'll most likely only get ankle-deep into that part of the forums.
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  11. ViolentNub

    ViolentNub Green Slime

    Heh. Nice joke.

    I love tConfig, makes starting coders begin to learn as well as making it easy with careful and amazing tutorials.
  12. master M

    master M Green Slime

    dream, obsidian, reborn, ? and ?
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  13. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    For teleportation, use both:
    Surfpup's Portal mod.
    Phlebas' Bamf mod.

    For general content, added difficulty and such, use:
    Omnir's Creatures mod.
    Obsidian54's mod.
    W1K's mod.
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  14. Arroz2003

    Arroz2003 Devourer

    Awesome picks!
  15. SofusTheGreat

    SofusTheGreat Piranha

    Derp, clearly MKII
  16. Loki13

    Loki13 Slimer

    aavri, CrazyCoco, Crisis, qbicfeet,:d (and would have been Dark-as,:()
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  17. daaseemas

    daaseemas Dark Caster

    Reborn mod. It's quite fun to play
  18. TigerAceCrew

    TigerAceCrew Slimed Zombie

    Obsidian54's mod, and Reborn mod "ofcorz" =D
    And dont forget Planetoids. Well it's not much of a mod, mut makes HUGE differences in gameplay, all by itself =D
  19. r9310

    r9310 Cursed Man

    i think people should add a link so we can all see these mods
  20. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here


    No one cares about one of the best balanced mod ever.

    Anyway, I obviously get my mod to the first place, not just because "it'z mine so itz awsum", but I don't remember to have seen a so big pack with perfect multiplayer support.
    For the second place, the entire CMHQ team mods (as i'm also one of the team members) that have some of the best mods and ideas ever made as a mod.
    For the third, Obsidian for his mechanic changes and I love his bosses.
    Fourth, Omnir, the biggest modpack ever made.
    Fifth, Yoraiz0r's PASE, as it have some pretty well made and well coded items (probably a bit too much neglected, but Yorai is doin' his best for CMHQ, so it's pretty much understandable), with a lot of pretty original ideas.

    By the way, is not that hard at all to find them, as they're pretty well known in the modding forum. Just give a look at it and you'll find them in the first three pages. Or, you can just go in my modpack's thread (see my sig) and see them there, as I have links for their modpack's threads.
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