[TerrariaZ] Probably the best zombie survival server you'll ever see on Terraria.

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  1. Interittus Dark Caster

    The TerrariaZ

    This is not a double post.
    An moderator made a mistake by moving it to the server section when he/she didn't know I originally had a post up. Please be patient while i get this organized.

    "Probably the best DayZ, WarZ or whatever server you'll see on Terraria."

    Information what you'll want to know,
    TerrariaZ is a zombie simuation that has been inspired by a ArmA 2 mod called: "Day Zed.". If you played DayZ, WarZ, or anything similar, you'd know that this game requires alot of stragety and luck to get through the zombie infested region of Chernarus. You have to loot, defend, hide, and engage in firefights against someone who could be an ally or an hostile, you would never know if he/she was a friend but really would probably kill you out of the nowhere, and jack your gear.

    This game was so fun that it just had to come to Terraria. Such as myself (Duhnawt), I couldn't find anything that was similar to this. All what I found was 1 or 2 threads that had DayZ style physics but it wasn't as good, also the terrain sucked, I mean't as the building weren't detailed and most parts of the map were.

    I have made such good buildings in terraria for many clans: Subtoron Rebels, Adamayte Warriors, The Slayers, you name it! At the time I couldn't get a server running because my modem didn't have a public IP I could port-forward.

    Now that I have a working IP, I decided to start this mega project and start off TerrariaZ in pre-alpha.

    The goodies (And I mean good!):
    This server will definitely be the best out of the survival/PvP servers.

    * Homemade Plugins.
    I am a awesome c++, and c# scripter that plans to make many scripts for this server if I cant find any updated plugins I need for Tshock 4.1 and/or Terraria Dedicated Server 1.1.2 patch format.

    The scripts + plugins i'll interduce:
    * Random loot script
    This will add different levels of loot anyone can access in chests placed all around the map every 10 minutes.

    How it'll work:
    If theres a chest in a building, it will put 5 different levels of loot in it. If theres no loot in the chest it'll randomly generate a loot match. You can get loot like 1 rifle and 340 silver bullets, 1 life crystal and 5 potions, anything can pop in that chest. If it already has loot it will replace the loot with something better. How this system will detect farming is it will remove all loot in the chest till the player dies if looted 30 seconds after loot regeneration. This is probably the longest part of my plugins and I hope to get it done.

    * Fog of war.
    This will work so if you see a building you will not be able to see any rooms in the building. It'll be black tiles. Once you enter the building you'll only see the room your in till you go up the stairs and see the room under you and your current room. If you go up the stairs again you'll only be able to see floor 2 and your floor.
    This will prevent skipping so it is harder to loot.

    * Loadout system for Medium-core characters.
    When the server goes into beta 1.0, you will be prompted to join the server with a medium core character. When you join, it will give you a small loadout that you will not be able to modify offline from the server. Think of it as cloud storage.

    * Advanced server banning
    You will not be able to modify the character once it joins the server. You will not be able to import any items and you wont be able to use a character save editor to change the character around. It'll be saved through the server and it will permanently ban you if you try to modify your character.

    * Modified Mobs.
    I will edit the zombies to be twice as strong than usual and they will be able to outrun you.

    Features to come:
    * Chest Storage for private use
    * Perks
    * Factions and faction building
    * Local chatting
    * Channel chatting
    * Full-out building.
    * Public use underground mine.

    More features will come when I get time to think about it.

    This server is currently in Pre-Alpha so expect it to be buggy when you join.

    I will not post the IP on this thread because it will violate the general section's rules. Therefore, you can follow the link to the thread.

    I am in need of server Moderators and professional builders.
    If your a scripter such as I, you can defintley help me out.

    - Duhnawt

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  2. rasputin Blazing Wheel

    Do you really need to advertise it like this? Your signature link is all that's needed.
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  3. Dettbizzle Slush King

    While I do like the idea you are presenting here, I am seeing a few issues.

    First off, I'd like to point out your spelling. If your quality of work is anything like your spelling, I sincerely doubt I will be playing this server. It's off putting. Which leads us to...

    Arrogance. Arrogance is the biggest thing that puts me off here.
    I'm not going to be the bad guy here and tell you that you are not what you say, or that you are incapable of producing the finished product, but I myself do not care for your choice of wording.

    And finally, Zombies should NEVER outrun the player. Due to terrain, and the inability to effectively hide without building a wall made of dirt, the zombies will overwhelm the player nearly every time.
  4. Interittus Dark Caster

    I don't think you've played DayZ before, and I'm not going to trouble you.
    There are enough buildings in the map to hide in. If you correctly read the article, there is "walls" you can hide behind.
    Also you are hating on this thread because why would you point out problems when your "not being the bad guy". I think this thread is fine.

    But nope, why don't you try making your own plugins, mega map for once. Once you do you can come back and hate.

    Have a nice day :)

    If an forum moderator closes this thread than it means i'm breaking the rules. I'm obviously not breaking the rules because I can obviously reply to your message,

    Seriously guys if you dont have a reason to hate my thread that is proper, just don't do it.
  5. Dettbizzle Slush King

    Oh, hello, you must not realize, but I don't play Terraria on PC anymore. Furthermore, I don't have time to sit around on my ass and code things for a game that is getting likely one last "Hail Mary" update before it slowly fades into history, not unlike a bad taco fart, or yourself for that matter.
  6. rasputin Blazing Wheel

    No, that's not what he was talking about, please take some lessons in grammar.
    Lawl, this is hilarious.
  7. Interittus Dark Caster

    If you dont play terraria anymore why do you pay attention to the forums? Dont you got a life?

    I dont think anyone cares about what you think. Also i dont think your funny.
  8. rasputin Blazing Wheel

    Is that supposed to be a quote from Fable? Here's another, I think "My friend doesn't like you and I don't like you either."
    Grow up, people aren't going to like your stuff, deal with it.
  9. wifidudejj Cursed Skull

    Personally i kinda like the idea, also would we need to do anything to our offline games to participate since there are plugins, or will we just be able to join with vanilla games?
  10. ninjahippo Green Slime

    this sounds good cant wait till it goes up
  11. Interittus Dark Caster

    Yeah you wont have to edit anything. The server will automatically register your character if mediumcore is detected.
  12. Interittus Dark Caster

    Wait why was this added to the server section?
  13. Interittus Dark Caster

    This isnt a double post. This was orginally in the general section till an moderator moved here when i really dont know why but whoever moved it obviously doesnt know i have another thread based on this in the same section.
  14. Jeckel Moderator

    The thread was probably moved to the server section of the forum because it is a thread about a server. If you already had a thread in the server section about your server, then there would seem to be no need to create other threads in other sections. Simply report the original post in whichever of your threads you wish to be locked and the mods will take care of it for you.
  15. Interittus Dark Caster

    Thanks bud. Atleast i get nice anwsers from you. I already did this 4-5 hours ago and this isnt taken care of yet
  16. Razleth Crimera

    Well. It looked nice.
    And then you started acting like a dick. And now you won't get any players.
    Good job, that.
  17. Interittus Dark Caster

    Seriously was this very nessisary to comment like this? Keep your thoughts to yourself because your just like one of those dicks who point out the obvious that i could happen to figure out on my own

    Those people are called "no lives". Are you one of them?
  18. Razleth Crimera

    Well, someone sure gets mad quick. No, it wasn't neccessary. No, I'm not a nolife. The last time I heard that term I was in third grade, how old are you exactly?
    Honestly, this sounds like an interesting idea, but your attitude is just bad.
  19. Interittus Dark Caster

    No im not mad i just want to know why you posted anyways when you knew it wasnt nessisary
  20. Razleth Crimera

    Calling people nolives wasn't neccessary either, but hey. You did.
    Not gonna go more off-topic.

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