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    Yes, I decided to make a new thread pertaining to Terraribros - One for my world builds, the other for my Work-in-Progress platformer, TERRARIBROS. Totally not a ripoff of anything else.

    [.The History.]
    Murphy Terraribro - A life-long electrician. Murphy has always been infatuated with the princess of the Realm, Princess Poach. (Her family is a long line of illicit animal hunters.) Recently, however, the evil king Boourns, ( ) has taken her prisoner in his fortress. Murphy will face countless threats and explore HUGE... Tracts of land in this story.

    Larry Terraribro - Murphy's younger brother, Larry is an Electrician who was trained by Murphy. He doesn't have a crush on Princess Poach, but there is a girl in his life, her name is Pansy. She loves flowers, but she's kind of creeped out by Larry's hair lip.

    Princess Poach - Her Great grandfather got the name 'Poach' by hunting boars in the neighboring village. However, it turns out the boars were dogs, and they were the king's guard dogs. She loves Murphy, but has recently been taken captive by the evil king Boourns.( ) Now, Murphy must race to save her.
    (Actually, she doesn't exist, but don't let the lack of truth behind there being a reward for beating this turn you away from it.)

    King Boourns ( ) - The evil king of the realm. He loves Princess Poach and wishes to rule the world with her, but she doesn't like him. Probably because of his name. Boourns.

    Pansy - She doesn't matter. Really. She's the forced girlfriend of Hair lip Larry.

    and YOU, the PLAYER! - I know, makes no sense, right? Why the hell are you the player if it's Murphy who wants to save Princess Poach? Well, why sit here asking stupid questions that I don't have answers to? You're the one who's playing the game - Don't fall down holes, and tread lightly... For you are on hallowed ground.

    -End Character List.-

    RULES OF ENGAGEMENT. (Or, you know, playing.)

    1. Start with a fresh character. Name him Murphy Terraribro if you're feeling adventurous.
    2. Toss away your Pickaxe, but keep your Axe and sword. No block breaking.
    3. Bomb limit of ten at any given time. Bombs will be obtained from chests - If you have ten, leave the rest in a chest.
    4. Bombs are dedicated to destroy the RED WALLS within levels. Do not purposely demolish the bronze bricks or walls to get past a level.
    5. Currently, there is a part in the Megastage where you require a gravitation potion. Such can be found in a chest along the way. However, once you pass the part requiring it, (There will be a sign) it will be necessary for you to DISABLE THE BUFF.
    6. A Magic Mirror will be supplied in the start chest. Use it if you get stuck. Also, Nature's Gift will be present in that chest, and a Mana star, so that when you die you aren't rendered useless.
    7. Money no longer serves a purpose. This might change, but for now, it's the way it is.
    8. Once you have tested it, please give me feedback. If you so desire it, you can join my team and help me develop it.

    Chloraak - Project Manager
    Judas - Secondary Manager

    CREDITS (Thank the people who did the damn work.)
    Myself (Chloraak on this forum, known as Magis, Zombie, SexyVortigaunt or the original Murphy Terraribro on Terraria, Sherrah550 on Steam.) for the idea, the floor, and 90% of the building
    My friend (Judas on Terraria) for helping me build and design levels
    Hugh Dillon, for being a damn good singer to entertain me while I slave away

    My totally super special awesome signboard. All I could fit of my name was Chlo. I was going for Chloe, so I settled with an apostrophe after realizing an E that is 3 x 3 is impossible.

    An extremely zoomed out image of stages 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, and 1-6. Each stage ends with one of the small dome shapes - A bed will be placed within each to save progress as you pass a stage.

    A zoomed out image of stages 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6, 3-1 and 3-2.
    As before, each dome shape is a save point.

    -=+Current Standings+=-

    Several short stages - After each stage is a red brick "flag" and a small house with a bed to create a respawn point before each new stage.

    Secret chests hidden in difficult areas - Find rewards such as money or HP upgrades in chests that are challenging to reach.

    Careful Testing! - Every block, though it may be difficult, is possible to reach. You may have to take full advantage of the one-block distance to get a running start!

    LAVA! THE BURNING!! - Trap holes lead to lava. Fall into the lava, and you're toast. Literally.

    REWARDS! - The satisfaction of knowing you didn't get crispified.

    FUN!!! - May not be fun. If you aren't careful, you'll die a lot. Probably fun, though.

    DEDICATION! - I intend to keep this project alive. With the help of my friends, the levels should develop quickly, while introducing new challenges and strategies!

    COMEDIC REFERENCES! - When I get tired, I start making no sense. When I make no sense, I rely on references to popular shows for comedy. Expect them.

    I will keep you posted! Trailer coming soon. (It's like, 60% uploaded, for real.)

    =-CHANGELOG-= (Stuff that isn't really that important)
    0.0.1 - Secretive planning, release of trailer. Comedic forum post with several references to The Simpsons, Monty Python's Holy Grail, HalfLife 2 and Mario Bros.

    0.0.2 - Spikes, lava, water, chests and save points added. Waiting for a demo man to move in. MegaStage will have no beds. Starts after 3-3 and goes to the end of the bronze tier, combining all of the challenges faced and introducing new ones.

    0.0.3 - Modified some aspects of the map, making 3-1's O-S section possible, making chests more secret, making jumps more jumpable. Putting in nature's Gift, Magic Mirror and Mana star at the start chest so that you can return to the beginning of a stage if you get trapped. Also, Cobalt Shield will be hidden somewhere to end spike anxiety.

    +_-Black List-_+
    Think you can screw with my map?
    Fortunately, nobody is on here right now.

    +_-White List-_+
    You have done well. You will be known as a respected member of the Terraribros Team.

    *There is a chance that in the near future the server will be hosted by one Swammy. After having given me feedback on Terraribros, I have discussed with Swammy future plans, and if the server is to be held by him, I will PM whoever wishes to help the IP address. Hamachi will not be needed, though the Blacklist still stands, and punishment will still be distributed as required.
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  2. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    A trailer is me!
  3. Judas

    Judas Green Slime

    hooray. Also, I have been planning some things for more advanced levels. I think they will provide entertainment :O
  4. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    My goal is to hit the front page when I release an early version of this map.. Totally hope I can make it! Still working on thefirst world. Once we hit the end of our track we're going to build up into the sky and go all the way back.
  5. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    Well, Here's an overview of the lower world thus far;

    Stage 1-1
    Stage 1-2.png
    Stage 1-2
    Stage 1-3.png
    Stage 1-3
    Stage 1-4
    Stage 1-5
    Stage 2-1
    Stage 2-2
    Stage 2-3
    Stage 2-4
    Stage 2-5
    Stage 3-1.png
    Stage 3-1
    Stage 3-2.png
    Stage 3-2
    Stage 3-3.png
    Stage 3-3 Megastagep1.png
    Megastage 1 Part 1

    I intend to release the map upon finishing the first megastage, and then I'll work on the second tier of the game. I've got about 30% of the megastage done so far, so.

    Feedback? Taking a break from building since my mind is mush now.

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  6. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    Phew... that was alot to take in.
    Currently i'm wondering how you plan to deal with night time versus the underwater sections of your map.
    Otherwise looks good =)
  7. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    Perhaps in one of the chests, be it secret or common, there will be a glowstick. Or, if you're lucky, A jellyfish might spawn.
  8. Novate

    Novate Bone Serpent

    mmk well i hope i won't have to rely on luck at that stage 3-1
  9. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    It will all work out - that's why I intend to release it for testing when I finish the first megastage.
  10. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    Going to work in the morning, but progress during the evening should be good! If all works as planned, tonight may be the first early release of Terraribros,
  11. Coopershaw14

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  12. Chloraak

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  13. Swammy

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    Well, I gave it a shot...and I gave it another shot....and yet another. I made it to 3-2, but lost interest. While it started out kind of fun, It became entirely too difficult....then impossible. I ended up cheating just to get to 3-2 (digging through blocks). Did you take into account the knockback from those spikes? At some points, I was completely unable to pass without using my pickaxe (yes, I know I was supposed to leave it behind, but I brought it along just in case.....glad I did).

    The idea is there, you have a good base....but this is definitely a beta. You have an excellent idea that could very well become one of the most exciting player created maps I've played, but it needs a lot more polish.

    - The demolitionist never showed up
    - This rendered secret chest on 2-4 impossible
    - It appears that this would make the chest on 3-3 impossible as well
    - No point in saving my hard earned cash
    - Secret chest on 2-1 was totally visible even on lowest resolution
    - Spike chest on 2-5?? Fuhgettaboutit
    - Getting from the O to the S on 3-1 was difficult. I admit I'm no pro jumper, but I was unable to do it. Any tips?
    - Night time is a B****, Stay in the house till daytime. Impossible to traverse without getting knocked into lava
  14. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    Again, it was my first attempt. I've received feedback from another person with some of the same points, so I'll work on fixing it when I can. * Thank you for the input.
  15. Chloraak

    Chloraak Green Slime

    In light of recent feedback, the demolition man will be removed and will be replaced with bombs that will be found in chests. I will up the bomb-carrying limit to ten, but they are to be used in areas with red brick - not to break the bronze walls purposely. As well, in the megastage where you are required to use the gravitation potion, it will also be set in the rules that once you pass it you must remove the buff.

    -Fixed the giant O in stage 3-1.
    -Will be putting better weapons as well as armor in secret and common chests to make it more night-time friendly
    -Will place a magic mirror and one mana star in the start chest to allow you to return to the beginning of the stage if need be.
    -Money will no longer be necessary.
    -Will remove some of the spikes, and at the same time I will hide a cobalt shield in a secret chest to make it doable.
    -Fixed the depth of the chest on 2-1.

    Furthermore, should anyone who has tested it want to help me in balancing current levels and designing new ones, let me know. I run my server over Hamachi since despite having port forwarded, it won't work; I will PM you the network name and password and we can work whenever I and ye who desires it are able. I intend to make this more enjoyable, and thus I will require more people to work on it. While I have myself and my friend, two people isn't much for a project of this caliber.

    Again, if you are interested in helping, calibrating, testing, or designing, please let me know.

    However, those who wish to get involved need to know that I am project lead; what I say is what will be done. You will be noted in the credits by Forum name, and will be credited as such, depending on how much you help. Should you take the time to join my server only to screw around with the work I've done, you will be kicked from the server, banned from my Hamachi network, and written on a blacklist on this forum thread. Contrarily, Those who contribute efficiently and professionally will be whitelisted.

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