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  1. tjchap2840

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    --- Works with v1. of Terraria ---

    This is a full GUI inventory editor for Terraria. You edit your characters:

    • Name
    • Gender
    • Difficulty
    • HP/Mana stats
    • Equipment
    • Inventory
    • Bank/Safe
    • Item prefixes/stack sizes
    All inventory slots are represented using pictures and all pictures have items associated with them. You can also search for a specific item using the search box on the corresponding tabs.


    You can find more information at:

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  2. SaintzRowGamerz

    SaintzRowGamerz Green Slime

    Thankx Man! I Really Needed That Terraria Viewer For 1.1.1 :)
  3. Ryska

    Ryska Yellow Slime

    Finally stacking to 999? This suddenly makes build maps less of a pain.
    Thanks for the quick update!
  4. Tejedu

    Tejedu Cursed Skull

    You're a real winner, love ya.
  5. Passer

    Passer Dark Caster

    Believe me its better than InvEdit
  6. tjchap2840

    tjchap2840 Demon Eye

    Thanks for all the support everybody!
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  7. Wasselin

    Wasselin Green Slime

    Yeah this is great! and so are you!
  8. tjchap2840

    tjchap2840 Demon Eye

    Figured I would show you guys a little preview of 6.5 if you didn't see it on my Twitter feed.

  9. Passer

    Passer Dark Caster

    Oh yeah the new Preview window on the Equipments Tab
  10. SunRise

    SunRise Green Slime

    This is great, really helps with building. Been following it since the 1.1 update.
  11. lambo

    lambo Illuminant Slime

    Thanks I'm only using this to build maps though :p
  12. DeniX

    DeniX Green Slime

    no 6.5 though :(
  13. tjchap2840

    tjchap2840 Demon Eye

    I'm working on it. Don't worry. I don't want to put out releases to quickly unless there are major bugs that need fixing. Right now, it's just cleaning up some simple things and adding features.
  14. zxeonz

    zxeonz Green Slime

  15. Andrew1333

    Andrew1333 Green Slime

    This looks legit.. Imma try it 8)
  16. Saiyan

    Saiyan Green Slime

    Maybe fix or add the female model in the Character tab? Idk if thats on the list for 6.5 but other than that its great!!
  17. seagl12

    seagl12 Green Slime

    i cant use it beacuse im using a mac and it isnt working it is only giving me the rar
  18. Gaijin

    Gaijin Green Slime

    I'm having an interesting problem with your mod.

    Using it to look at my toon's inventory shows me empty boxes with random large numerical values in some of them. I'm not wearing any armor or equipped accessories according to the mod. If I save the data via the mod I spawn in the world with nothing equipped.

    Edit: Pictures in spoilers for clarification. In the second pic I've got full Necro and misc. accessories on ingame but they don't show in the mod.

    Show Spoiler

    Show Spoiler
  19. Tiamou

    Tiamou Green Slime

    More than likely because it hasn't been updated for the newest Patch. This version is for 1.1.1 but Terraria Updated to 1.1.2 the other day.

    So just hang on till the creator updates his mod^^
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  20. Gaijin

    Gaijin Green Slime

    I wouldn't be surprised if it were something so simple.


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