Terriaria Played in a Browser!

Discussion in 'Suggestions Archive' started by Riadary, May 25, 2011.

  1. Riadary Green Slime

    So i was thinking, wouldn't it be awesome if we were able to play terraria on a browser.
    I mean it should be possible. From what i've heard it's a flash game.
    I know EVERYONE would really like this.
    The only big problem i see is that we'd have to make some sort of new account that doesn't run through steam otherwise we can't play.
    Maybe this idea won't be possible yet but i'm very sure it will be in the near future.
    Thanx for reading this,
  2. Riadary Green Slime

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  3. Nemesis. Green Slime

    I agree. This idea I support.

  4. Droid15.24.3 Flying Snake

    I signed up just to tell you it's an XNA game not flash.
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  5. goroyoshi Green Slime

    actually terraria is programmed in c# or c++ that is what xna game studio supports (since it uses xna and .net then it probably was made with xna game studio)
  6. Droid15.24.3 Flying Snake

    I probably should have been more specific. XD
  7. goroyoshi Green Slime

    you can probably make a version on flash, would be tough as hell though
  8. Foxet Green Slime

    Red text burns my eyes.
    And why would you want this, it would decrease performance and add nothing.
  9. orangetj Green Slime

    true but even though its a xna game it is possible to embed the game to a webpage, it would use up less memory because its inbrowser and slightly less resources because its details can be reduced and so can the view you have but thats it the game would not be compatible in macs without installing a bunch of virus infested shit (which pisses me off because i dont like moving a 4k computer on vacation (which would be worth the lugging if by some dissaster/mirracle the airline screws something up and i lose it since I would be refunded it which would allow me to get a better laptop whith a 3d graphics card)) and i my acer aspire one is low on ram only having 1 gigabite which gets hogged by all the preinstalled crap
  10. Twiggah Green Slime

    The game's freaking 15mb, who cares if it takes up memory?
  11. orangetj Green Slime

    twig thats disk space the memory i was talking about is ram a netbook which i was given for christmass has 1gig of ram which most of which is hogged by other programs like windows 7 and steam there should be a way without patching the game to be able to play it without using steam
  12. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    I'm pretty sure this is impossible, unless the whole code was converted to Actionscript...
    Which would be a pain in the ass to do.
  13. Calfman Yellow Slime

    i dont see any benefits this would provide
  14. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    Me neither, They wouldn't really profit from it, because it would cost more to do than the amount of money they earn from people buying a browser version..
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  15. orangetj Green Slime

    isnt actionscript able to run on macs? or am i just praying for a mirracle that i can play this on vacay
    btw it works ok on my acer but only when i kill enough apps to including steam to let it run properly but the graphics card is shittier then the ones nintendo uses oh wait neither of them have a graphics card:/
  16. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

    It is, it's the code used to make flash games.
  17. Kayla Slimed Zombie

    It could prevent people pirating the game, but the downsides to making a browser version highly outweighs the fight against stealing a 10 dollar game (or w/e the price is during a sale).
  18. Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

  19. Atlas™ Bone Serpent

  20. Roll Volnut Cursed Skull

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