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    Here is the deal: Every day, unless time or connection intervenes, I'll add more textures. It is up to you whether you'll provide feedback and what it will be. This way the thread will hopefully stay fresh and keep people interested. I'm open to suggestions, but demands will be pointed and laughed upon. This will be released as a full-fledged texture pack, once enough textures have been made. All of the sixteen hundred textures will be done sooner or later.

    For those of you who don't feel like waiting months (as if) for a complete release can help themselves to this work-in-progress release, enjoy:

    (Latest release date: 4.April 2014)

    I would like to issue an apology to the first few posters whose posts were deleted in the name of future updates. Posts have only limited space and my wisecracks do not help in this matter, but I will try to keep them short and sweet. And of course a thanks goes to confuzzledyma and Kane, who helped in this matter.

    P.S.These textures are not up for grabs! If you ask nicely, however, I can be persuaded to make you some. They will be released as a texture pack eventually, so please wait patiently.


    Day 1

    Toolmaking is one of the obvious sign of intelligence. Indeed humans are not the only species that uses simple tools, apes and even certain kinds of birds share this achievement. People, however, are by far the most skilled in this endeavour. While wood is a prevalent material in most of tools, serving as shafts and hilts, the rest is pretty much free game. Tools have been made using anything solid, ranging from iron to precious metals, creating anything and everything from hammers to axes or swords of all sizes. Unfortunately the ability to create tools, does not grant the ability to use them responsibly.


    Day 2


    Day 3

    Wood is one of the most beautiful and useful resources in the whole world. Everything from the color, smoothness, texture of the grains, even the smell is a feast for the senses, not only that, but wood is incredibly tough, yet flexible, making it the material of choice for pretty much every craftsman. The sturdy, robust atribute of wood can be seen in the wooden hammers and the flexible nature of wood is readily apparent in bows. The only thing that wood does poorly is keeping a sharp edge. For that reason, wooden swords are either used for training purposes only or use wood as a bed for sharp objects that do the actual cutting. Among the the most common are shark or other animal teeth or stone shards, whether it be flint or obsidian pieces. Regardless, wood can be fashioned in all manner of tools. While they may not be the best, wood is always in fashion.


    Day 4

    Phaseblades are peculiar inventions indeed. While nobody can dispute their merit as a weapon of war, their origins and inner workings are shrouded in mystery or worse yet, technobabble. Different people will have different explanations of how the blades work. Some say they are laser beams in special optic cables that will release the laser beam when bent. Others have a more high-tech idea of plasma trapped in an energy field. Regardless, what we do know is that while different gemstones affect the color of the blades, they do not affect their effectiveness and their role remains a mystery to this day.


    Day 5

    Pointy sticks and their subsequent evolutions, such as the spears, tridents lances or polearms, are one of the most ancient weapons available to humans. Starting with little more than a straight branch charred in the fire to produce sharp end, it has come through many iterations, before becoming the weapons used today. While not the most modern of weapons, the broadhead spears or the gilded tridents have a decent reach and keeping the enemies away from your body is rarely a bad thing. Still, the fact remains, that they are relics and no self-respecting smith would bother to craft one today, unless special materials are used.


    Day 6

    Bottles are a one of the oldest inventions. Ever since the discovery of glass, whether it be volcanic glass, or glass made by lightning strikes in the desert, the idea was there. Just as clay jars were used for storage before, glass jars were the natural evolution. Glass itself is mostly made from silicon dioxide or quartz, mostly found in the form of sand. In the end, the value of the bottle is decided by the content within. Whether that be simple water, or whatever else you put in it. Certain enchanted bottles would even contain a magical cloud, which would considerably decrease the weight of the person carrying it, thus allowing for jumping higher with considerable ease.


    Day 7

    Harpoons have, like most contemporary weapons started, as a hunting tools, in the case of harpoons, a fishing tool. The actual harpoons are in fact only the projectiles. At first, the harpoons were jagged spears, sometimes combined with sharp stones or bones to serve as hooks so that the fish wouldn't slip off. As time progressed, bigger harpoons were created for the hunt of bigger fish and whales. In the end, the harpoons would be fired by explosive charges out of mounted guns. In the end, the handheld harpoon cannon would be the logical conclusion, firing a demonite spear connected via a chain for quick and easy refire. Harpoons are delivered by the convenient means of a goblin invasion, providing postal service, entertainment and ample target practice.


    Day 8

    Sphere is a the perfect geometric shape. Thus it is of no surprise that so many objects within the natural world assume this shape. While we know of the origins of many spherical objects found in nature, shadow orbs remain a mystery to this day. Many theories exist regarding their presence within the corruption, but nobody has yet to prove anything conclusively. If the shadow orbs are a mystery, sphere of light would be even more of one, since it is often contained within the shadow orbs themselves. Whether there is some natural reason for it or it is all just an elaborate allegory regarding the corruption of light, or vice versa, the shadow always containing a core of light, remains a mystery. Regardless, one ought to enjoy the gifts received by destroying the corrupt spheres and take solace in knowing the items contained within shall be used for good. Right?


    Day 9


    Day 10

    Knife throwing is an art as widespread and pervasive as knives and daggers themselves. Just about every culture has it in one form or another. While not as lethal as arrows at range or short swords in close quarters, throwing knives have been the go to backup weapon for many warriors. Because the daggers lack the penetration, the craftier fighters would smear theirs with deadly poison. Some, more powerful, would even go to greater lengths and craft themselves enchanted blades. Such weapons would reappear in the hand of the wielder mere moments after being thrown, though, at the cost of one's inner power. Throwing knives are not a weapon for everyone, but a skilled warrior could put them to good use.


    Day 11

    These are not the pathetic zombies of today, infected by a strain of rabies, nor the dried out bodies of the old. These unfortunate souls are re-animated corpses of fellow humans, forcefully brought back to life, by powers unknown as a mockery of their previous self. The shackles and strips of tattered cloth are the only thing left to tell their story. They were not allowed the comfort of their graves, no, these hapless beings were brought back mere days after their demise, their limbs half eaten by their nighmarish peers, their eyes pecked out by crows and their insides hollowed out by maggots. The hunger they feel is only made worse by the last spark of humanity left in their rotting brains, horrified at their fate and disgusted by their own actions. Now, the blind horrors creep towards your doorstep, called by the pounding of your heart, the smell of your fear and the taste of your blood. Hoping for redemption...and a bite of your flesh.


    Day 12

    Nobody knows where your companions draw their stock from, but obviously money is still a powerful force in the world, to the point of instilling mercenary qualities in most people. Your compatriots would gladly risk their lives by denying equipment to the only people that can offer some semblance of protection, purely for the sake of vulgar capitalism. Common sense would dictate that money would lose value after the fall of society, yet this has proven not to be the case. Maybe it was the ubiquity and convenience of the ancient currency, but the money is here to stay and but one question remains: Why are the monsters hoarding it?


    Day 13

    Land of magic does not mean a land devoid of modern technology, although, in this case, modern might be an overstatement. While long outdated, the Terraria Arms I95 "flintlock" revolver and the I96 "Musket" sniper rifle are still reliable, sturdy firearms. Any good gunman will be able to find their mark with either of the weapons, as their accuracy is second to none. Undoubtedly, these weapons will find their fans among the starting adventurers who will enjoy their newfound sense of power. No bow can compare to the feeling of the squeeze of a trigger, the powerful kickback and above all, the hole left in the unfortunate target.


    Day 14

    There is no place more beautiful than open desert. Sea of dunes, endlessly flowing and shifting, waves upon waves of sand. Tiny whispers of rolling grains build up until the desert roars and the wind howls in answer. Barren place, seemingly devoid of all things living and even more beautiful for it. There is a sense of purity in the landscape without the taint of life. You are alive. Every step you take is an abomination. A blight upon the face of the sands. Fear not, however. The desert will punish you. And swallow you whole.


    Day 15

    Time. It is the indispensable twin of space. Everybody knows what time means, yet nobody is certain of its exact nature. Is it a mere continuation of events, a one way street from cause to the effect? Why is its flow affected by speed and even gravity? Regardless of the lack of knowledge, time can be worked and... toyed with. It can be cut to manageable chunks by the periodical revolution of the planet around the Sun and even further by the rotation of the planet itself. Smarter people would even craft elaborate mechanisms and slice the time into even smaller portions. This concept would be revised and refined during the ages until a point is reached when the pieces of time are imperceivable and indeed inconceivable for regular human beings. But such devices are rare and one can be very much satisfied with a lesser time machine. These pocket watches will do...


    Day 16

    The meadow is the greatest armory you will ever need. The fruit of the right tree can prove more powerful than the sharpest blade. The strenght of the smallest flower can outmatch any bow. The right herb will heal the wounds, unbound the shackles of gravity, awaken the powers within oneself. The right ingredients, the right procedures, the right mixture, the right temperature can make all the difference. With the right knowledge, the world is your weapon.


    Day 17

    Gold. Aurum. Au. Atomic number 79. Soft, heavy, yellow metal revered throughout ages for it's beauty, long recognized as a symbol of value and status. The warm glow, the sharp gleam has drawn the eyes of humanity ever since the first grains of gold were seen glittering in the riverbeds or slithering out of quartz formations already as pure as if fresh out of a melting pot... The promise of gold sparked wars, launched expeditions, fuelled treason and hatred and inspired artists all over the world. And with a bit of magic, it can serve to craft items stronger than any made of iron. Whether you crave a symbol of power, jewellery or just chemically resistant material, gold is there for you.


    Day 18

    Rings have a long history in most cultures. Circles, a known representation of eternity, combined with the precious metals and stones produce a powerful symbolism. Usually rings do not have much value beyond the immediate price of materials used or sometimes a ceremonial, sentimental or symbolic meaning. These, however would be different. While seemingly equivalent to their mundane peers, these rings offer a very important utilitarian value. Simply wearing the ring greatly accelerates the healing process in one case and restores one's inner strenght in the other. They are not exactly all the rage, fashion-wise, but they might save your life.


    Day 19

    Copper or Cuprum, as everyone's favourite dead language has it, was the one of the first metals subdued by humankind, thanks to its low melting point. At first used exclusively, later on mixed with tin to produce bronze. While not nearly as valued as gold or silver, copper can still offer its services to skilled jewellers, tool-makers and armorers. Widely used as a cheap, but reliable conductor of electricity, prime material for sculpting or base for jewellery. Primitive civilizations and starting adventurers might use copper as their starting material, the aesthetics of the material allow it to be viable resource long after it's structural specifications are superseded by other materials...some people simply find it pretty.


    Day 20

    Bioluminiscence provides a wide variety of uses. It helps to attract potential mates, lure prey or symbiotic organisms. It provides a means of defense for a number of deep-sea creatures. Squids will shoot shining liquid instead black ink that their shallow water equivalents use. Jellyfish would project a bright flash to blind predators. Now, chemically produced light is available to humans. Glowstics depend on mixing two compounds which in combining emit a steady stream of light. Very useful for underwater or extreme weather exploration. Or just simply as a backup lightsource. Above all, they are indispensable for any and all rave parties.


    Day 21

    Oaks are and have been for quite some time seen as the iconic trees. This was mostly due to them being rather wide-spread, but more importantly, for their amazing properties. Oak wood is incredibly strong and when processed properly, can exceed steel in usefulness, strength and reliability, especially under water. But it's not just the wood that makes oaks exceptional. Leaves of some oaks don't fall for winter and only die when they are to be replaced by a younger leaf. Acorns carrying the seed from which new oaks spring are important source of food of many woodland creatures. It comes as no surprise that oak leaves and branches as are often used as important heraldic symbols, most often a symbol of strength. The oaks have many other wonderful properties. Among the most important, oak barrels are crucial for the production of the finest whiskey and other alcoholic beverages.


    Day 22

    Wood may rot, stone may crumble, but iron is forever. Iron and it's many alloys are the foundation of most of current technology. It is the lifeblood of the human race, both figuratively and literally. For millennia iron was the symbol of strength and power and at the dawn of civilization, iron was considered just as precious as gold or silver. Interestingly enough, only impure iron rusts, pure iron is impervious to corrosion. And of course rust itself is what gives the blood its red color. Simply said, iron is the mainstay, the workhorse of the metals and you should learn to embrace it. Oh... by the way. It was not actually a joke. Iron may eventually be the only element in the whole universe left as other elements would slowly turn themselves into iron 56. Those of you with foresight and eternal life, should invest into iron gear.


    Day 23

    Have you ever wondered how the shafts in the corruption got made?. Why is it corruption and only corruption that is riddled with these chasms? Where do the corrupt monsters spawn from? What horrible sickness afflicts the land of corruption? What horror sleeps bellow?
    Food for thought:What are the shadow spheres? Eggs, maybe? Seeds of something unspeakable?


    Day 24

    Silver has been the symbol of purity and light for millennia. While not held in as high regard as gold, silver still finds many admirers for its clean, white look. It was the purity and the quality of reflection that led to silver being used in mirrors, first exclusively, later on as a small layer at the back of a glass panel. It has been long rumoured to be an effective material to use against creatures of the night such as werewolves and vampires. These are of for most part unfounded as silver bullets have been found to be only marginally more efficient than lead bullets. Silver is a soft metal, but given proper enchantments can be even stronger than iron.


    Day 25

    The world is not unchangeable. What is corrupt, can be purified, what is pure can be corrupt. It needn't be forceful... the finest dust can become the seed from which the change spawns. Such is the way of the world and humans have mastered the art of subduing one's surroundings to perfection. With these, you are being handed the means by which you do just that. Wear gloves when while handling. For external use only.


    Day 26

    Demonite is a strange material. It stems from the heart of corruption itself, it is the lifeblood of many dark creatures, stronger than most known metals. The connection to the corrupt monsters is self-evident as their own scales meld with the material itself to form an even stronger structure. Demonite items are hard enough to crack even hellstone itself and no monster hide is tough enough to withstand a bite from such items. However... Is it worth it?


    Day 27

    Muramasa is a sword named after an eponymous ancient Japanese swordsmith. His skill was supposedly passed into the blades themselves, as well as his encroaching madness, leading some to believe the swords were cursed. The legend has it that the blade was so sharp, that it would cut the leaves floating on a riverstream. Another legend states that muramasa has to draw blood before being returned to its scabbard. Even the wielder's would do...


    Day 28

    Underground is a naturally dark place. Baring fluorescent fungi and lava, very few sources of light are available. That is why people brought their own, at first fire in form of torches, candles and lamps, with electric and chemical lights later on. Those who spent more time underground felt the need to free their hands for other tasks, that's how the miner helmet was born. At first candle light enclosed in a small space in the front part of the helmet, later replaced by electric light stationed the same way. However, the modern age has come and devices such as this were made obsolete. Those with serious intentions of underground exploration should invest in the brand new night-vision equipped helmet. Buy now from your local merchant.


    Day 29

    Bow and arrow was the primary means of ranged damage for many cultures, some more deadly than the others. The discovery of demonite, opened a way for a more powerful weapons, bows included. The arrows would cause untold damage, shredding flesh and cutting bones even amplified by the strength of the demonite arch. The items would prove dangerous by themselves, combined they are downright lethal. And in the end, everybody likes compound bows.


    Day 30

    Contrary to popular belief, shuriken and spiked balls are not offensive weapons, unlike the throwing knives. Instead, they are escape weapons, usually thrown at the ground where it would provide a dangerous obstacle to the pursuers and with any luck could maim the clumsy or the unlucky ones. They could be used for direct attack, but no significant damage ought to be expected. Blame hollywood.


    Day 31

    Technology does not progress in a straight line. Some areas open as new discoveries are made, but others are abandoned as they become seemingly obsolete. The knowledge of ceramic and paper in the far east meant that research into glass was no longer necessary. But glass has proven itself to be a of great importance in regard to further development. Thus, if it were not for western travellers and traders, technological advance in the east would come to a grinding halt... because they were more successful at first. Pink vase. Made in China.


    Day 32

    The end justifies the means... or does it? Will you risk your very essence so that you can use these unholy tools? There is no other way around it, you need them and they hunger for your soul. The race against time begins. Will you manage to cast off their corrupting influence in time, or will you succumb to their alluring whispers? Where else do you think possessed armors come from?


    Day 33

    Bows are all fun and games, but without arrows, they are pretty much only good for starting fire. Then again, so are the arrows...quite literally. Fire arrows were the mainstay of all sieges and the technology only got better, as did the magic. Some arrows were good enough to start a fire. With some cursed magic, the fires could reach incredible temperatures and would even be potent underwater. And where mere fire would not be enough, jester arrows would penetrate any and all obstacles and explode inside, killing the garrison. Needless to say, the court jester was none too pleased about losing his stockpile of fireworks.


    Day 34

    Guns meant a revolution in warfare. A chunk of lead could punch through the best of armors and leave a hole much larger than a small metal piece would seem capable of. Firearms directed the evolution of other weaponry as well. The obsolete armor made large, heavy swords unnecessary and paved the way for light, nimble blades. Regardless, guns are a magnificent feat of precision mechanics, allowing for both tremendous forces to act upon the weapon itself and still the tiniest parts to move unhindered.


    Day 35

    Fallen stars are not really stars. They are meteorites who retained their unique crystalic structure even after surviving the impact with earth. Whether it was the atmospheric entry that charged them or if they were magically imbued beforehand and it protected them from burning within the atmosphere is not certain. What is, however, is that the fallen stars contain a good deal of magical power, which, in large enough numbers or using alchemical processes, can be harnessed. While they are not stars themselves, one could argue that it was once a part of a star. Then again, so were we. A star had to die so that we could be born.


    Day 36

    Grenades were among the first explosive devices ever developed. Usually thrown by hand, the explosion itself is only instrumental to the real danger. The shell of the grenade splinters into shrapnel as the explosive inside detonates, sending fragments of hot metal to distances up to thirty meters. Other grenade types exist, however. The concussion grenades, such as these, forego the shrapnel for strong shockwave. Their effective range is not as great, but they still pose significant threat. Great for removing those pesky zombies, while keeping the lawn intact.


    Day 37 (SzGamer227 edition)

    Demonite is dangerous my any rational measure. That much is certain even to a complete layman. The key is to make it more dangerous to the enemies than to yourself. Making a sword out of it is a step in good direction. I would write more... but skull above would not close its mouth.


    Day 38

    Water, one of the four (or five, depending, to which philosophy you subscribe to) elements, belongs among the most powerful forces in the world. Whether it is the slow, subtle, but ultimately inevitable erosion by rivers or streams, or the huge, uncontrolled power of the waterfalls or the sudden onslaught of flash floods or tsunami. Water will kill you if you don't respect it. But it's not necessarily the quantity of water that can be dangerous. If kept under pressure and then released through a small opening, the resulting stream can cut metal or stone. Not this sceptre, though. This is little more than a glorified garden hose.


    Day 39

    Fire requires three things to exist. Oxygen, which is what causes the decay of burned matter, temperature, which sparks and keeps the whole process going and finally fuel. It is in light of these things that we realize how powerful the imps must be when they can sustain fire in an environment that has only heat in abundance. The oxygen is thin as a result of pools of boiling lava and enclosed underground spaces and fuel is virtually non-existent. We can only speculate that they use their own magic power as a fuel, but one thing is certain. Even if they miss, each fireball is one breath somebody won't take.


    Day 40

    While crystal skulls already have a degree of fame (or infamy), their obsidian brethren are much more obscure. Nevertheless, the volcanic glass, only helps to amplify its unsettling appearance. As an amulet it's heat absorption properties are indispensable. As a decoration it is a foolproof sign of poor taste.


    Day 41

    Bones are the scaffolding, the pillars of the body. They are incredibly strong and incredibly fragile at the same time. They protect the vital organs, they support out weight, they give the body it's shape and anchor it's inner parts, they differ for every organism...some are hollow and brittle, some are dense and smooth, some are soft and flexible, some are hard and amorphous. These come from the undead. They are dusty and smell bad.


    Day 42

    Starfury is more of a wand, than an actual sword. The starstuff it's made of provides little to no cutting edge, but it does seem to draw the smaller falling stars. They are far too small to withstand the impact, but they can still do a lot of damage in the process. It's not free, though and the sword draws something from you with each swing. Whether or not it is worth it, is up to you. If nothing else, it provides a hell of a lightshow.


    Day 43

    Phoenix blaster is a handgun modified by the addition of a hefty amount of hellstone. While the ostentatious name may dissuade the more refined adventurers, it would be a shame to dismiss the weapon. The stronger material allows for greater pressures to act upon the weapon and thereby allowing for greater potential energy discharged with each shot. A sidearm truly worth of those who travelled to hell and returned


    Day 44 (Post-deadline edition)

    There are strange and peculiar plants in the world. Some shine, others rely on the immense temperatures of lava or magma. Some flowers do the opposite, rather than absorbing the heat, they produce it. It's hard to tell which part, if any, of the flower is living and which merely a masterfully crafted wand, but the fact remains that flower of fire is a powerful artefact, worthy of respect. Many assassinations were carried out by disguising a flower of fire in a bouquet of ordinary flowers. Because it's a clever thing to do.


    Day 45 (Post-deadline edition)

    Bows and arrows were a major breakthrough in the history of humankind. While not simple to make, like their counterparts, bows and arrows overshadowed, if not outright replaced spearthrowers and slings as the weapon of choice for many hunters and warriors. These bows use thin plates of metal organised to maximize their potential, while keeping in mind the size of the bow, not unlike composite bows, albeit much more streamlined.


    Day 46 (Post-deadline edition)

    Blowgun. Every single human being that ever visited school knows about them. The makeshift ones made from straws, hollow pens and pencils, shooting rice, peas, bits of alluminum foil, whatever was on hand... The advanced ones made from metal tubes, shooting sabotted nails and fishing weights. The concept is an universal one with several tribes all over the globe coming to the same design independently. While they would use venom-tipped dart, the average adventurer has to make due with whatever ammunition he has, mostly grass seeds. What did you make your blowguns from?


    Day 47 (Post-deadline edition)

    Copper helmet will most likely be the first piece of armor an upstart adventurer would forge. While offering very little protection, it does grant the feeling of empowerment that comes with making your own equipment. In the end, the helmet may just have more of a psychological effect, rather than an actual impact, but if it helps an adventurer to survive, who really cares?


    Day 48 (Post-deadline edition)

    Iron helmets were the mainstay of most major armies and continued their reign well into the modern combat. New materials and technologies are slowly pushing them out, but for now, they remain a constant amidst the battlefields. While not exactly a popular symbol, the stahlhelm was nevertheless a brilliant design and its derivatives are being used to this very day. It provides a decent defense and the added gasmask should protect the wearer from most poisonous gases. Too bad there aren't any...


    Day 49

    There are literally hundreds of different kinds of ammunition. Rifle ammunition, pistol ammunition, assault rifle ammunition, PDW ammunition etc.etc. That is why terraria gunsmiths has already come forward to one unified calibre of ammunition... From the lowly musket balls, the armor piercing bullets from meteoric iron to crystal shrapnel ammunition a single gun can use them all. It's only up to you which one suits your purpose the most.


    Day 50

    Lenses are quite single-minded in their purpose... They bend light. While that may sound mundane and boring, nothing can be further from the truth. Lenses are single-handedly one of the most important scientific tool known to man. Apart of helping humankind correct their poor eyesight, lenses has been the medium of choice to see the world through. Binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, lasers, cameras even solar panels would all be impossible to have without lenses. Lenses help us to see farther, they help us to see closer. They help us to look snazzy.


    And so the first batch of textures comes to an end. It has certainly been a rewarding experience, which with a slight exception, went without a hitch. I would like to thank each and everyone of you who took their time to comment or like the posts. I would not have come as far or as fast without your support. Thank you.

    Let the next chapter begin.
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    Day 51[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Keys. The holders of secrets, the protectors of treasures big and small, the safekeepers, the jailers. Keys are the very symbol of human distrust and insecurity, employed to prevent unvanted access to just about anything or anyone you can imagine, but there is more to it than that... Keys serve to put a mind at ease, to cease the needles worries. Whatever the issue is, it's now between the key and the lock. While keys in general remind us of how untrustworthy humans can be, the keys themselves can relay a completely opposite mesage. A gift of key can be a sign of confidence, of faith and trust. Keys can be the messengers, whispering of the wonders they can bring, once they render the lock meaningless. A loss of a key is usually a grave matter and a key found can stir the imagination like little else. Give keys the proper respect they deserve.


    Day 52[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Gemstones, the fairest of minerals, have long been established by humankind as the shiny thing to have. While only unusually sturdy and colourful stones at first, their beauty really shines through once cut into elaborate shapes and patterns, making a mere pretty stone a marvel to behold. Not only are gemstones an incredible sight, many of them have their own uses not connected to being pretty. Rubies have played an integral part in creating lasers and lab-grown rubies were the turning point for mass-producing the laser technology. Diamonds have been established as the single hardest known naturally occuring mineral for a long time, being used to cut metal, glass or even other gemstones. Sapphires are used in electronics, high-energy lighting and even in armed conflicts. Whether you're looking for an industrial application or just a thoughtful gift, gems are here for you.


    Day 53[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Chains are a collection of links usually made of metal or other materials with high tensile strenght. The shapes and sizes of links may vary from purely circular, rectangular to elongated circles, ellipses or even stranger forms. Historicaly, chains can evoke several meanings, strenght, security or a close bond that chains are meant to provide, or alternatively a failure of such state, where the weakest link would give, breaking the chain apart. The variety of uses for the chains are astonishing, jewelery, where the variety of chains is probably most apparent, in stead of a string be it for security or estetic purposes, finally in machinery where it supplements the inadequacies of either cogs or belts.
    Chainguns are named after the chain that ties them to an external motor and they always have only one barrel.


    Day 54[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Mushrooms are neither animals, nor plants, but rather they form their own kingdom, filled with specimen of all manner of shapes and sizes, let alone colors. Interestingly enough the visible part sticking from the ground, the spore bearing body, is only the cherry on top. The real mushroom is spread underground for hundreds, even thousands of square meters via hair-like veins called mycelium which supplies the mushroom with sustenance. Thanks to this, mushroom bodies often contain content from wide area around it, be it simple organic matter, corruption, even radiatioactive particles.
    All mushrooms are edible, some only once, though.


    Day 55[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Iron comes in many shapes and forms, but sometimes rare gifts would fall from space. Pure iron is for most part impossible to make with our current technology in any relevant ammount so for the highest purity and quality, we have to look for meteoric iron. Apart from iron, another rare, but welcome passenger, iridium, comes down on meteorites. Since iridium is quite rare on Earth it is usually a sign of a meteorite landing site. Both Iron and iridium are used in many alloys, which in turn give way for implementing the newest and most advanced technologies. Simply said, space rocks bring us the space age.


    Day 56[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Once the spirits of light and darkness are released, a great number of extraordinary creatures start to appear in the world. Some are a manifestation of order, some represent chaos, but all of them serve as a welcome addition to the eager adventurer's alchemy lab. It is up to you, whether you carve the horns straight out of unicorn skulls, gut the denizens of corruption for their still burning life flame or... well... heavens know what sort of horrors you do to the dying fairies to get their dust.


    Day 57[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Eyesight is the single most important sense humans have. That is why the proper eyewear is essential in keeping an aspiring adventurer ready to go. Goggles were designed to protect eyes from wind, from rain, snow, splinters, dust or acid... pretty much anything smaller than an arrow to the face. Sunglasses on the other hand look classy and have some merit when traveling on a desert or a frozen landscape. People wearing them on adventures, though, are basicaly asking for glass shard in their eyes. And let us not even ask what kind of a person would wear shades underground. No. Your vision is not agumented.


    Day 58[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Post-deadline edition) [/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Jungle is the realm of plantlife. What is not a plant itself, exists to serve them by spreading seeds, tilt the soil, or pollinate one of the most beautiful flowers in existence. Amidst the miriads of blooms, hidden among the jungle grass and trees, two stand out. It is without debate that roses are the queens of flora. They are the very essence of dignity and quiet beauty. It's not just the astonishing look or the alluring scent. The thorns are also the integral part of every rose, signifying that one can look, but not disturb the perfection by touching it. If roses are the queens, then orchids are no doubt the princesses. They are the quintessential definiton of exotic beauty and extravagance, but pay for their looks by rarity. Should you find one, it was surely a gift from the nature itself.


    Day 59[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Humans can make a weapon out of pretty much anything. Wooden sticks, sharp rocks, sharp rocks tied to wooden stick, the sheer ammount of ways people come up to hurt, maim or kill stuff is astounding. Even objects as magnificent and beautiful as fallen stars are not exempt from this process. Not content with using them only as a source of magical energy, the untapped power of fallen stars has been harnessed in the form of the star cannon. The star cannon is a star-powered mass driver that propels a fallen star to supersonic speeds, smashing the star not only through whatever hapless target happens to stand in the way, but everything and anything along the trajectory. To this day the destructive power of the star cannon is unmatched, but knowing humans, they will figure out something soon enough .


    Day 60[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1]([/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]Alternate texture edition[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][SIZE=1])[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Having a gun is all fun and loud noises, but the proper choice of ammunition makes all the difference. Tired of having guns shoot multicolored balls, the people of terraria decided to step in and create. Truly unique and easily recognizable ammo, complete with convinient magazines. Whether you are a fan of the good ol' fashioned lead bullets and high caliber caseless silver ammunition or whether you fancy more modern projectiles, such as the meteorite micro missiles, the self-propelled cursed incendiary grenades or even crystal flechette shots, you got yourself a deal. Let the fireworks begin.


    Day 61[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Armors are heavy, that is an undeniable truth of life. While chests would offer ample storage space to put one's armor in, that is hardly an efficient way to treat your apparel. Wooden manequins, on the other hand provide a convinient place to store your armor, while also showing it iin all its splendour, making in not only useful, but good looking as well. The sturdy wooden construction is strong enough to carry even the heaviest armor, but still smooth enough for the most expensive garment. Make sure to put some hat or a helmet on it, though. Nobody needs to feel the stare of the blank, wooden face every time you turn your back... surely you did not see it move, you must be imagining it...


    Day 62[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that it is better to see than to be blind, but in the end, sight is little less than perception of light reflected or generated by objects in the world. Plenty of objects that either let in, reflect or better yet, generate light is generally a good idea. Good lighting is not only important for any and all activities you might care to partake in, but it also plays an important role in interior decorating and setting the mood for an occasion. What kind of lighting, however, whether it be the macabre hollowed out skull with a candle, or the traditional chinese style lantern is entirely up to one's taste. Skull lantern is especially useful, as it is an unmistakable sign of a very, very poor taste.


    Day 63[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Candles are one of the oldest known lightsources. Relatively easy to make, needing only a piece of string and a solid fuel with low melting point such as wax or various oils. Contrary to popular belief, the wick is not actually what fuels the fire, instead it serves as a sort of pipeline, delivering the molten wax to be burned. The properties of the wick control how fast and how bright the candle burns. Water candles on the other hand are fueled by pure paradox and have the side effect of attracting monsters, which are drawn to the apparent insanity of the concept. The international unit of luminosity, candela, is originally based off the light emited by one pure spermacetine candle.


    Day 64[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Horseshoes are peculiar inventions. Wild horses never needed them, domesticated horses, however, have much softer hooves, which necessitates their use. Historicaly, they are made from iron or steel and then nailed directly to the hoof. Contemporary horseshoes are made from quite the same materials, but plastic, rubber or even something as precious as titanium may be used. While they come in variety of shapes and sizes, the classic one is an universally recognized shape, despite the ever decreasing number of domesticated horses. Horseshoes are also said to bring good luck. They have to be positioned the open end up, though, so that the luck doesn't run out. Horseshoes are items filled of paradoxes. It remains a mystery how stuffing one's pockets full of metal to helps to break a fall or why would someone ever make horseshoes out of glass.


    Day 65[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Baloons are a buttload of fun. But wait! These are not the run-of-the-mill red plastic ballons filled with helium, these are shiny too! Just cram one down your pants and the helium will lift some of your weight. It does make you look fat, though... well, fatter. ButT! Should you breathe in the helium, have some fun with high pitched voice and just blow up the baloon with the cloud from a bottle, that's a whole different ballgame. Not only does it lift your sizable bottom, but you can make double jumps by letting out some air. Butt jokes quota reached.


    Day 66[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Shotgun or scattergun is one of the most widespread, yet simplest firearms. Evolved from the ancient blunderbuss, shotgun is a gun that usually fires a spread of small projectiles, although a solid slug is an option. The random and scattered nature of each shot paradoxicaly makes the shotgun that much useful by allowing a higher chance of at least one pellete hitting its target. Better yet, the higher number of projectiles fired means a potentially greater damage. The long reload time between each shot may dissuade some people, but the high damage per shot makes the shotgun very useful in hit and run attacks. Shotguns are in fact so powerful, that they were banned from many historical conflict as far too "barbaric." The term riding shotgun originated in the times of the wild west, where the person sitting next to a coach driver would ride with a shotgun to deter, or shoot, any dangerous individuals.


    Day 67[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Wooden barrels are one of the oldest discoveries of humankind. They are made by wooden planks bent in such a manner to form a tube either, straigh or oblate. The planks by themselves, however are not tight enough and would leak whatever liquids the barrels may store, that is why metal rings are wrapped around the barrel. The metal rings are first heated to high temperatures which stretches them, making them bigger. Then they are hammered on the barrel and once secure, tempered with water. This process not only strenghtens the metal, but also shrinks it, squeezing the wooden planks tightly together. Very often then, the barrels are then set on fire from the inside to purify it, solidify the inside surface and provide the characteristic taste and smell which the barrels add to the liquids stored inside them. One of the lids often has a hole plugged with cork or another piece of wood, which is then removed and a tap inserted for easy pouring of the liquids inside. The best crafted barrels are not just containers, they're a work of art.


    Day 68[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Platforms and scaffolding are one of the most versatile building materials in all of existence. They can be used as ladder rungs, suspended stairs or bridges or an easy way to facilitate fast travel without any of that pesky terrain getting in the way. Amazingly useful for any upstart adventurers, who might use them to boost their mobility, even the most experienced and hardened veterans will always come back to the trusty platform, if not for the convinience of easy travel, then for interior decoration and structural arrangement in general. Whether you want to bridge a gap over monster infested chasm or just need a place to put your books, platforms are here for you.


    Day 69[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Piggy banks are actually very old inventions. The oldest known coin-boxes date as far as two thousand years BCE in minor asia and from there appear simultaneously in several parts of the world. Pigs are the ancient symbol of fortune and good luck, so using their shape was logical for a money receptacle. Clay or ceramics were the material of choice at first, later on metals caught on, until modern times where various kinds of plastic made their appearance. Traditional piggy banks had to be broken, a practice which did help increase the ammount of money saved, later on, plugs would be used to extract the money without breaking said piggy bank. These piggy banks go miles beyond of what the traditional ones can do. They can store entire armor sets, whole polearms, even furniture, all in a piggy bank no larger than your head.


    Day 70[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Fired bullets are actually pretty much invisible. That does create a bit of a problem when aiming is difficult and one needs to know where the bullets go. It is for that reason that tracer bullets have been made. Usually placed every five rounds in a magazine, tracer bullets contain a chemical mixture that ignites upon firing and burns throughout the flight, creating a bright trail behind the bullet. Apart from the obvious bonus, different colored tracer rounds are often placed near the end of a magazine to signify that it is about to run out. While tracer rounds are no doubt useful, they can have the negative effect of providing the enemy with your position and can even alert the more observant enemies that the gunner is about to reload.


    Day 71[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Pots, urns and vases weren't always merely a decorative objects or flower receptacles. Instead, in the past, they have been one of the most common storage containers. Fruits, grain, meat, herbs or spices, all would be safe within the clay bowels of these shapely pieces of pottery. Their shape was great nor only for storage and transport, but it helped keep the content stored inside it fresh. Despite their undeniable charm, they were unfortunately replaced by other, usually wooden containers. Whether it was their inherent fragility, or the abundance of wood over clay, is anybody's guess. Why are they so abundant in terraria and who puts stuff in them, is yet another mystery.


    Day 72[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Beer is one of the oldest beverages in human history. Commonly called the liquid bread, the name is not far from the original recipe. Vastly different from the hops-flavoured drink everybody knows, the original beer was actually red, not golden and made from much of the same materials as an actual bread, it was also much sweeter. Hops were actually just one of the many flavours beer used to come in, until the sixteenth century, when a law banned additions other than the bare necessities to make what we would call modern beer. The alternate theory says that a guy named Charlie Mops, who must have been an admiral a sultan or a king, invented beer.


    Day 73[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Moonglow is a beautiful tiny flower, usually found in jungles. The ancient terrarian custom equates it to shyness and beauty in the detail. In the modern flower language, it can also have the connotation of rich nightlife as the moonglow only blooms at night. Their tiny shining blooms are one of the main reason to ever visit a jungle and combined with the light of jungle spores, the night time jungle is a sight to behold. It seems almost like a crime to cut down these beautiful flowers to use as an ingredient in potions. As a houseplant, it is recommended for people who work late at night or who have a rich nightlife.


    Day 74[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Blinkroot is an underground herb and an oddity amongst the regular flora. Not only do they not require sunlight for photosynthesys and indeed does not contain chlorophyl at all, they actively produce light instead. It is possible that the fruits emit light to lure subterranean critters for the purpose of spreading the flower's seeds. There is little doubt of their usefulness as a potion ingredient, but the aesthetics of blinkroots leave a lot to be desired. They may be used to some extent as an auxiliary lightsource, but a flower patch or a shrubbery is pretty much out of the question.


    Day 75[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Clay made ceramic or porcelain dishes never used to be as prominent as they are today. In the old days, wooden plates and silverware were commonplace, but wood was slowly replaced with other, more expensive and useful materials. Still, some of the simple beauty of a sturdy wooden items remains to this day and time. People who appreciate wooden things or people who like the easy access to the crafting materials will often use wooden bowls. Some folk would even cook a sort of a soup and insist that it can only taste right from a wooden dish. It might be true, considering the recipe for the soup is a strange mixture between mushroom and fish soup. The taste of it is questionable, but the nutritional value is surprisingly high.


    Day 76[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Flower pots are vessels for growing or transporting plants. Most often made from clay or terracotta, flower pots and filled with whatever substrate a flower may need to live. Usually there is a hole in the middle of the pot and a saucer or a bowl of some kind is put underneath to stor excess water and store it for later. More often than not a pot has a protruding on the top, called collar, for easy carrying. Flower pots offer an easy way to grow plants indoors and outside of their natural habitats. Those without holes in the middle can also serve as a makeshift mug.


    Day 77[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Waterleaf is one of the most important flowers of the desert. Widespread and deep roots concentrate all the water from nearby area to sustain the flower. Due to the high concentration of water, the flower is highly sought after by desert creatures, which, in turn, spread the seeds. It is quite potent as an potion ingredient, but the taste of it is, quite frankly horrible. Due to many water preserving substances, it is rather bitter to dissuade insects and parasites. The berries, however are delicious.


    Day 78[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    The rise of civilisation was only possible once humankind moved past oral transmission of knowledge to more reliable and groundbreaking medium of writing. While used mostly to collect accounting and census information, at first writing has quickly proven itself the single most important advancement of the human species. Despite the huge advantage writing provided, the overall literacy rate hase been quite small throughout most of history, mostly as the means to hold power. Writing media were also rather hard to come by as they were often quite laborious to create. Even after the invention of paper and its expansion across the world, the main medium of writing, books were incredibly expensive and hard to produce, mostly because the have been written and copied by hand. Only after the invention of book press, did the books reach their apex. Whether it is an ancient tome found in the depths of a dungeon or even a blank book waiting to be filled, books are a marvel and a foundation of the human civilisation.


    Day 79[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Deathweed has a rather apt name. Not only is this an unsightly weed, found in the worst, corrupted areas of terraria, it is also highly poisonous. With proper preparation and taking every precaution, however, it could be used for brewing a number of potent potions. The flower is unusual in it's blooming period, which occurs only during very specific conditions, often called, the blood moon. The increase of monster activities, however, makes the harvesting of useful seed difficult. It could have been used to deter parasites from a garden, if it didn't corrupt it in the process.


    Day 80[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Dayblooms, while particularly lovely flowers, are quite common, which unfortunanately detracts from their value as a decorative plants. Much like sunflowers, dayblooms are quite attracted to sun and will only bloom under direct sunlight, hence the name. Quite useful as a potion ingredient, Daybloom is otherwise rather unremarkable flower. It does merit some attention as a common room plant. It does signify one thing, though. Whoever names terraria's herbs deserves a punch to the nose.


    Day 81[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Fireblossom is the strangest and most beautiful of the terraria's plants. It's origins and physiology remain unknown, as does its amazing ability to withstand the temperatures of the underworld. It's but speculated that the flower is actually crystalic in nature and the leaf pattern would support that, but nobody seems to able to provide any solid evidence. Due to fireblossom's heat absorption abilities, brewing any and all potions is very difficult and usually has to be done under great pressure to increase the boiling point. Also, nobody knows where the energy from the absorbed heat goes, but its high magic potential, might be a clue.


    Day 82[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    There has always been the tendency towards duality within the human race. The mind and the body, light and dark, good and evil, the male and female principle, the yin and yang represent all those and more with an universally recognisable symbol. Comprised of two parts, the female, dark and cold yin and the male, light and warm yang. The whole ornament is a part of a circle, which unifies them. Both parts, while appearing divided are still interconnected by a small dot at the core of each other's opposite. The symbol does not represent a conflict between the two aspects, but instead shows them as complementing each other, existing in perfect harmony, quite unlike the eternal struggle between the hallowed parts of terraria and their corrupt counterparts.


    Day 83[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Pigasi are strange, yet adorable creatures resembling a flying piglet with tiny white wings. No doubt imbued with much magical power, they can be most often seen floating around their chosen subject with cheerful and careless expression, ignoring the dangers of the real world, inspecting it with child-like curiosity. They appear wherever people believe or practice stupid things despite overwhelming evidence that contradicts their ideas. Various naysayers will also try to tell you that there is a hint of shadenfreude behind the pigasi's appearance, claiming that they find amusement in watching people do stupid things. It is a little known fact that they do not appear as a result of being summoned by the fairy bell, but instead are called by the ignorance of the casters, who, despite all their efforts and materials invested in the item, fail to notice that it does not actually do anything. The paradox of this action is purposefully concealed, though, since it is the ignorance that is actually required to summon a pigasus of your own and any attempt to summon one without a needlessly long and unnecessary process would result in failure.

    (Pigasi are a tribute to James"The Amazing"Randi, the creator of the pigasus award, former magician, professional debunker and sceptic and all around awesome guy.)


    Day 84[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Bells are one of the simplest and most widespread musical instruments and carry great significance in many a culture. Often used in a vaiety of religions to this very day, the importance of bells doesn't seem to have diminished over the ages and there are quite a few magical properties ascribed to them. Their sound was meant to summon people or other creatures, alternatively to alert or warn about to their presence. Sometimes the opposite was true and the ringing of bells could supposedly avert a storm or scare off supernatural beings. Some bells have been said to be able to fly and their flight marked the coming of good or bad luck. Above all bells and chimes, especially the big ones are by far the most magnificent instruments ever.


    Day 85[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Harps, the larger cousins of lyres are stringed, often massive musical instruments made of wood or metal. They are quite imposing and the sheer number of strings alone can dissuade most potential players, however, those that master this magnificent make for a magnificent sight. Not only is the music quite simply divine, but the sight of the harper's hands dancing on the strings is a one to remember. Their prohibitive cost may not make them the first choice of a bard, but many has chosen harps as their instrument of choice and those that did are often revered throughout the world for their skill. Magical harps have been known to exist too and it is said that their sound is strong enough to shatter glass... or bones.


    Day 86[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Talent can carry one quite far, but a craftsman can only be as the good as his tools, this goes doubly so in case of electric circuits. One may know all the ins and outs of electronic circuitry, without any proper tools, however, constructing anything but the very basic mechanisms is nigh on impossible. On the other hand, a set of the simplest rules will allow anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of electrical engineering to construct elaborate circuits. All the necessary tools can be bought from the mechanic, who will instruct you on how to effectively use a wrench on any kind of wiring.


    Day 87[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Top hats are often recognized as a sign of upper classes or the fashion sense of the wearer. First appearing in the 18th century, while quickly spreading to all classes and genders, top hats remain a universally recognized symbol for the high societies an nobility. They are also very popular among the magicians and illusionists, who mostly use them for the aptly named hat tricks. Notable wearers of top hats include, but are not limited to: Abraham Lincoln, Willy Wonka and TotalBiscuit.


    Day 88[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Dyes have been with humankind possibly since abstract thinking appeared in their hairy, primitive heads. Pretty much anything and everything that leaves a mark can be used as a dye, colorful bug shells, flower petals, dried up clay, anything goes. As humanity progressed, certain dyes remained, new ones appeared and others were been made obsolete. More importantly, more materials to dye cropped up. Stone walls would rarely use the same dye as clothing, or would require a different preparation at the very least. Eventually, chemistry took over with the production of synthetic dyes not thought possible by the people in the past. Just don't get any on your hands.


    Day 89[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Music sooths the soul and calms the mind, It conveys emotions neither words nor pictures can. The alluring tones can enthrall one for life, it can condemn to a life of willing slavery. To drudge away second after second, hopelessly chasing the perfection, grasping at it, yet always just a bit short and for what? Labouring away for a touch of the harmonious sound, each drop of sweat and tears buys brings one closer and closer to freedom. To casting off the shackles of serfdom and becoming the master, for just one short moment, to tame the rhytm and control the melody, to make... art.


    Day 90[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Innovation and progress are often a result of an imminent threat or are pursued for the sake of convinience. Some inventions can even be seen from both angles. They can be both used to simplify life and make it more comfortable or to set traps and snares in defense against dangerous creatures. No matter the choice, the usefulness of such items is undeniable and their versatility should make them a welcome addition to any adventurer's arsenal. For those with keen aesthetic sense or poor memory, four lovely colors are provided.


    Day 91[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    The circle of withering and regrowth is one of the cornerstones of the natural cycles. Plants succumb to the winter's cold grasp and die, leaving their lifeless bodies to dissolve and entrust their remains to the earth's embrace. When the warmth of the spring's touch once again invites the slumbering life to rise once again, the nutrients restored within the soil will once again provide sustenance to the growing plant. But to grow something in dead ground would require a good deal of cultivation... or a magic staff.


    Day 92[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Statues serve either a decorative or a comemorative purpose, quite often both. A skillfully crafted statue can do wonders as far as interior decorating goes or it could serve as a memento of a close person or a heroic figure. People from history distant or recent have been immortalized within a stone block and whether such honor has been bestowed on a person alive or dead, it is always a sign of great respect. While the traditional statues would depict scenes from the depths of history, the current trends tend towards a more modern imagery.


    Day 93[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Signs are a lovely example of a wonderfully poetic paradox. While they may seem as a quiet bystander, they rule human lives with iron fist. They provide guidance for those in need, an advice for those unaware. Their silent faces scream orders, whisper directions, invite to places familiar and unknown. Signs, however, can suffer from all the ailments of their human creators, they can exagerate or lie, misdirect or confuse, acting evermore as the extensions of their oh so fallible owners. While helpful, signs are often overlooked, until one day they fade or dissapear, leaving people stranded and lost.


    Day 94[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Fire is a great servant, yet a poor master, a mindless force, it requires much thought and direction before it can ever be safely unleashed. While it has been used as a weapon for as long as people could make it, its effects were very much unpredictable and indiscriminate in the damage caused. It has been only much later when humans learned to weild fire with some degree of control, resulting in the creation of the first firebombs and above all else, the flamethrower. At first a little more than strong bellows and a firesource, it has been perfected throughout the ages until the weapon known today. It has been, however, banned in many places due to it being considered far too inhuman. What a good thing the enemies aren't human. Or at least not anymore.


    Day 95[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Feathers have always been revered or at least seen as something beyond mere earthly objects by many cultures. Some of them considered them divine, because as birds fly higher, they get closer to heaven and their respective gods. The main property of feathers is their lightness and indeed, in the old times, it was believed that the lighness of feathers was what lifted birds. With all the admiration feathers recieve, it seems almost sacrilegious to use feathers in so many ways, yet the element of lightness is always present. The fletching helps an arrow fly better, powder feathers make for soft and light pillows, quills allow for easy writing and of course they can serve as various adornments or decorations.


    Day 96[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Bombs and explosive devices have been a part of human life since their conception centuries ago. Whether the circumstances call for brute force as is often the case in quarries and mines, or should you prefer more complex, yet more precise demolitions, or even shaped charges to direct the power in a specified direction, there is an explosive that will suit your needs. While each having a different composition and use, most conventional explosives work on the same priniciple of storing great amounts of energy in the form of molecular bonds, which release it upon breaking. Everything else very much depends on the nature of the explosive chemicals used, which can be anything from plastic explosives to wheat dust. The prestigious Nobel prize has been established by the eponymous Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite.


    Day 97[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Slimes are odd creatures, but terraria is filled with so many of them, strangeness seems to be the rule, rather than an exception. Unlike most creatures, their gelatinous bodies are strangely absent of any internal organs, yet they still possess a rudimentary inteligence, hunting for prey small and large which they envelope and slowly digest, increasing in size. It is not clear what can actually kill a slime as they do not bleed nor show any kind of weakness, nevertheless, while seemingly unharmed, a slime can only take so much punishment until it simply dissolves. Their gel shows a strange property to burn and corrode, yet upon the death of the slime it becomes inert, yet a highly useful substance, flamable and some say, tasty.


    Day 98[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Candles, while no doubt romantic and practical, can offer only so much light by themselves. While this seems like a problem easily remedied by increasing their numbers, it is at the cost of aesthetics. It is for that purpose candelabras were created. Simple arrangement of arms around a center each with one or more candles fashioned in a symetrical manner has proven an elegant solution. Candelabras have gained a significance in many cultures, quite often to mark a time. Some even consider the candelabra a representation of a tree, arms coresponding to branches. No matter the symbolism, candelabras provide decent lighting independent on electricity.


    Day 99[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]

    Grass does not refer to a single plant, but to a whole family of herbs. While most people would imagine grass the usual lawn or meadow variety, there are quite literally hundreds of different kinds. Grass is not necessarily short either. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, yet reaches heights up to forty feet. It is also one of the fastest growing plants in the world, although some trees in Terraria have been quite recorded to grow at incredible rates as well. Grasses have been used by humankind for ages. In ancient times grass was even used to make paper. But above all else it has been the major foodsource for cattle and other herbivores.


    Day 100[I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I][I] [SIZE=1](Disaster edition)[/SIZE][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I][/I]


    As much as I would like to say that this batch went okay, it would be as far from the truth as humanly possible. Doing textures on a borrowed computer is not a pleasant task in the best of times and the constant waiting really wreaks havok on one's psyche. Still the level of quality has hopefully been kept if not improved. Let us hope the next batch will continue this trend, without the problems that plagued this one.

    Big thanks goes to everyone who took time to comment. I couldn't do it without your support. Thank you, all of you.

    TCF has spoken.
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    Day 101 (out of freaking nowhere edition)
    It is said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. What is it that that people would even intend in hell? The barren, downright hostile environment holds but a few valuable treasures. There is a resource found only in the deepest pits of the underworld, however, the aptly named hellstone is a mineral so dangerous a mere touch can cause severe burns and great care has to be taken to correctly refine it. Given the amount of heat it produces, it comes as a no surprise that a normal furnace is incapable of even reaching its temperature, let alone its melting point. Should one be able to process hellstone, the reward would be an unusually strong and hardy material. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but the road out is lined with hellstone.


    Day 102
    Stars have been stirring the imagination of humankind ever since people cared to look skywards. Not understanding their real nature, a great number of myths have appeared in just about every culture of the world. And as if fables regarding the mysterious shining spots in the sky weren't enough, humankind's pattern seeking tendencies kicked in and tried to connect the dots in an attempt to form rudimentary images, which of course spawned thousand and one mythologies. But stars were not just the subject of fairy tales and fantasies, they were used also for navigation by many seafaring cultures. Now but one question remains. What is it in the atmosphere that causes them to flicker? That's no way for a star to behave.


    Day 103 (early bird edition)
    Electricity is pretty much the very lifeblood of our civilisation. Wires transfer the precious energy through the high power veins, down to the smallest of capillaries of the household appliances. Waves upon waves of electrons, not unlike heartbeat bring the power to the ever hungry homes and its occupants. What they do with all the power once it is in their hands is entirely up to them, anything from running water and lighting to deadly traps and contraptions. The possibilities are nigh on endless and the only limiting factor remains one's proficiency with installing electrical wiring. And the steep prices of said wires of course.


    Day 104
    Moon has been the Earth's constant companion for countless eons. While its origin is shrouded in mystery, its influence on our planet is indisputable. It protected Earth and its developing life from a good deal of asteroid impacts of that might have otherwise wrought havoc upon the fragile ecosystem. It keeps the planet on a more stable axis, stabilizing the temperature differences throughout seasons, its most noticeable effect the tides, pulling the water closer to the itself as it orbits the planet. Other interesting things about the moon includes the fact that it is always facing the planet with the same side, due to it having the same speed of rotation as orbit and the fact that it fits neatly with the sun, providing the odd eclipse every now and then.


    Day 105
    Try as one might, eventually bows or repeater crossbows just can't get any better and the desperate archer is forced to rely upon more deadly and elaborate arrows. Those that were not content with simple fire arrows may resort to using the exploding hellfire arrows. Such arrows possess a hellstone core that detonates upon impact, leaving considerable holes in the hapless target. Those who prefer less tactical thinking over brute force approach, however, might think about using the holy arrows. While not very damaging by themselves, they summon the power of heavens themselves and strike the landing point with several falling stars. Of course, it means that they are utterly useless underground, which significantly diminishes their already questionable usefulness.


    Day 106 (late owl edition)
    It is a mark of a great smith to craft an item which would overcome its unwieldy shape and remain effective at its job. However, it is an undeniable mark of insanity for the smith to even attempt the creation of such wild designs. No matter whether the axe was intended as a weapon or a working tool, it'll do its job well, no matter the unorthodox look. Of course choosing demonite as the prime and sole material does not help the matters in any shape or form. Who is crazier, though, the person that would craft such an item or the one using it?


    Day 107
    Most plants have developed their own method of spreading their seeds and the plant life of terraria is no exception. There have also been plants known for their strange blooming patterns. Only very rarely does one see such a mad show of nature's peculiarities, however. Some of these plants require very specific set of circumstances for them to even bloom, let alone release their seeds. In case they do, though, they are a real treasure, as having the rarest flora of terraria in your own flowerpot can be quite a boon for any alchemist.


    Day 108
    A visit to the underworld is anything but safe, but its denizens can be kept at bay given some preparation. But of all the perils in terraria, those most dangerous and startling can come from the most unexpected sources. A sound unmistakably human pierces the air and you hear an exhilarated voice echo in the dim caverns. You carefully search your surroundings until you come to a startling discovery. A lone figure, clouded in brimstone, wields a fiery blade and positively drunk with power, commands all of underworld. "BOW BEFORE ME, PUNY MORTALS ! FOR THE AGE OF HELLSTONE IS UPON US !"


    Day 109
    The jungle is a place as dangerous as it is beautiful. Leaving fauna aside, the flora alone can kill you in thousands of ways, one more unpleasant than the other. From the thick, sharp leaves of the jungle grass, which can easily cut one's skin if they are not careful to the beautiful wild roses that appear from time to time among the undergrowth, their scent ever so alluring and their thorns always sharp. Even more danger can pose the jungle spores. Yellowish glowing spheres are easily spotted and provide a valuable resource for many crafting recipes. They are fragile, however and their soft leathery shell can be easily pierced, releasing clouds of tiny spores, which if inhaled can kill you within days. By this point nobody should be surprised that the nature's gift that are the gorgeous orchids often grow in the most dangerous places, but they are a worthy prize for any adventurer.


    Day 110 (party time edition)
    There is a strange tension between technology and magic in the lands of terraria. The forces of the arcane powers and those of scientific progress compete for control, a struggle most clearly seen in the adventuring equipment. It may be said that an adventurer's gear clearly shows his personality and his tendency towards one trend or the other. Whatever the final choice is, whether it be the demonic armor forged from the cursed demonite or a high-tech exoskeleton suit constructed from the materials brought by one of the meteors, the choice is yours.


    Day 111 (demoralized edition)
    It is said that the appearance of ritualized burial was a sign of the onset of abstract thinking. The thought of transcendence and other realities is the very cornerstone of religion and therefore the basis for any and all burial rites. While most cultures adopted their own death ceremonies, burial is the most prevalent one. The thoughts of one's own mortality, however, have always led to the urge to leave something tangible behind. For better or worse, gravestones have fulfil that exact purpose, filling a void where was once a human being.


    Day 112 (home sweet home editon)


    Day 113 (more freaking grass edition)
    The less said about the corrupt grass the better. Don't touch it, don't smell it and for goodness sake don't even think about tasting it. If you can, try to avoid looking at it. This blue is not soothing for the eyes, not to mention why would you watch the grass when there are deadly monsters at large? Chances are even the rustling of it in the wind will make you go deaf. Or crazy. Or both.


    Day 114 (I forgot I did this edition)


    Day 115 (about damn time edition)
    The making of snowmen is a popular pastime in all the countries with at least semi-regular supply of snow. Carrots, pieces of coal and maybe a bunch of stick is all that is needed. It is very much unknown what is the origin of the custom, but snowmen of all shapes and sizes crop up every winter. What purpose do they serve? Are they really an innocent creation of children or do the towering statues of snow have a deeper meaning? Maybe they work as totems of sort, good snow spirits that protect their creators and their homes. But then, protect from whom, exactly?


    Day 116 (holiday edition)
    Naysayers may kick and scream all they want, the fact of the matter is that the core of the holidays are presents. Gift-wrapped bundles of greed and generosity, bring joy to the recipients and sometimes even the donors. Giving presents can tell a lot about both parties involved and even more about how they know each other, often highlighting the relation whether it be one of respect or quite the opposite. A well chosen gift shows care and effort, while a poor one illustrates a lack of involvement. The wrapping can tell tales by itself, was the present wrapped by someone clumsy and hasty or did they slowly and carefully crafted the perfect wrapping? Still, in the end it's the price that matters, nobody likes a cheapskate.


    Day 117
    Protective items and amulets are a standard part of any adventurer's gear. Whether they have an actual magical power or just boost the spirits of their owners makes often very little difference. Some of these items provide more than just a moral support, however. Indeed, an item pried from the deadly jaws of a mimic can prove quite valuable, protecting it's owner from various dangers and powerful trinkets like these can even change the tide of a battle better than a sword or a spell would. And if they somehow won't find their place in the backpack, they will definitely find it in trader's hands.


    Day 118
    Water as is the case with other liquids has a strange property. While supple and soft if touched lightly, flowing and shifting around the obstacle, a sufficient force will yield a completely different result. Water surface hit with enough force will behave as a solid and vice versa, a ball of water hurled with sufficient force will strike as if frozen in a block of ice. Spells that use water in such a way are often underestimated, but should one came across a tome containing the water bolt, they would do themselves a favour and tried the unimpressive, yet efficient spell.


    Day 119
    The battle between good and evil is a never ending one. The dark shadows corrupt and consume whatever hapless victim would enter their domain, slowly creeping outward, spreading its malicious influence to the surrounding environment. Still, not even the opposite does promise any rest and the burning light will always attempt to purify anything or anyone who would not be a part of its unnatural order. Ultimately people would be trapped between a rock and a hard place of searing light and swallowing shadow, but at least they would have a choice of their poison.


    Day 120
    No christmas could be complete without these strips of tiny colourful lights, they're just that important to the whole spirit of things, let alone the overall look of said holidays. Even the act of hanging them is often tied to family traditions with people designated. Leaving it to a child would signify trust, while letting the head of the family take care of it, is a mark of respect. And they are an early sign the holidays for those who lack calenders.


    Day 121
    Humankind has always been obsessed with looking into the future and there have been many strange and fantastic devices that were supposed to achieve that. From magical mirrors, to sacred water ponds, just about any reflective surface has a legend tied to it, but the most famous of them all has to be the crystal ball. Made from solid crystalline quartz, it retain its high transparency. But is it transparent enough to see the future through it? Whatever the case might be, it is imbued with enough magic to lend some of it to any potential wizard.


    Day 122
    To a layman a grass is a grass. But even excluding all the different kinds of grasses and similar herbs which are considered to be grass, there are still many varieties left to distinguish between. Different grass would be used for your lawn and different for a football field, there will be other grass to be used on the golf green and there will be yet another in the park. Higher, or even the middle classes would often see their pristine lawns as a matter of pride and invest large amounts of time and money into them. And while some grass can be purchased pre-grown and ready to be just rolled out onto the ground, most people will start from scratch. For that, there are grass seeds ready to be planted, each with a purpose of its own.


    Day 123
    Antlions are creatures of considerable duality. On one hand, you have the mature adults, slender graceful creatures reminiscent of a dragonfly. On the other, however, the larvae are nasty, vicious creatures. They would dig a cone shaped hole in the sand and borrow straight in the middle. Should any unfortunate prey that would come close to the the edge of the trap, the antlion larva would throw sand at it until it slipped and slid down the pit where it would be cut apart by the larva's enormous mandibles and devoured. That they came to grow to such a size in terraria is a testament to the efficiency with which it hunts its prey.


    Day 124

    Day 125
    Shields are the warriors first line of defense. The history has seen a great number of different designs and shapes, but the the idea of placing a big chunk of a sturfy material in the harm's way remains. Most shields throughout the ages have been made of wood, often reinforced by metal and covered by leather, but shields made completely of metal appeared too, albeit in much smaller numbers, as useful metals were expensive and only available to a select few. But in the age of plenty even shields made of cobalt, or even obsidian can be found, although these are presumed to be mostly ornamental.


    Day 126
    There are many kinds of doctors. There are the regular doctors of medicine and law. There are the fake ones like doctors of theology and philosophy. And then there are the awesome ones. General physicists are already pretty awesome, but more awesomeness only increases with specialization. Astrophysicists, nuclear physicists and above all, theoretical physicists.
    Dr.Who? Dr.Freeman!


    Day 127
    Usually containing one or more fish and maybe the optional water plant or other accessories, fish bowls have been the interior decoration of choice for quite a long time. Some call it cruel, claiming the fish are stressed by the uniform environment, some write it off as a sign of poor taste, while others thoroughly enjoy the look of the bowl and the spectacle the fish provide. Some people put their heads inside and drown.


    Day 128
    The tall grass can be a place of fun and joy, where herbs and flowers grown, hiding small animals and the occasional fallen star. It can be a sight for sore eyes after crossing a treacherous deserts or braving the corruption, tall leaves and ferns stretching forward in a welcome. For all its beauty, you can only admire it if you still have eyes... or your life. For every peaceful critter a dozen slimes, for every animal trail a road trampled by zombies and even at best of times, all manner of insects and parasites stride casually along the grass blades, just waiting to latch onto the first unwary traveler that would happen to pass by. Tread carefully.


    Day 129
    Goldfish were originally a breed of carp, admired for their distinctive orange color. They have long since stopped being a single species of fish, but became rather a concept of golden colored ornamental fish. Now dozens of various species have been bred by enthusiasts all around the world, to the point that not even the coveted golden scales remain. Still, they continue to be one of the most popular pets due to their decorative qualities and in some cases relatively low upkeep.


    Day 130
    Chandeliers are ornate sources of light hung from the ceiling, often adorned by glass or crystal ro refract the light and further accentuate their decorative element. In the past as well as the present the chandeliers are often the sign of wealth, as not only due to their considerable price, but also the actual cost of having just one lit makes it prohibitively expensive for most common people. This may not be readily apparent in the newer, electrical ones, but imagine chandeliers of the past littered with dozens of candles, all of them dripping wax and all of them needing to be replaced each day, so that they can banish the dark of the night once more.


    Day 131
    Vines and ivy are used by many a plant to reach difficult places, or to spread further and higher than would otherwise be possible. Whether crawling upward towards the sunlight or slither towards the earth to cover more ground vines are often very sturdy, to the point that some of them can be woven and used as a rope. Add a sprinkle of magic and a bunch of wild roses and the many shoots of the ivy whip would be at your command.


    Day 132

    Day 133

    Day 134
    There are two surefire, but mutually exclusive ways to make anything more awesome. The first is a jetpack and the other being, of course, a grappling hook. Not only is it a worthwhile method of transportation, allowing for quick traverse of great heights and lenghts, swinging madly and gleefully from tree to tree, rising to the tallest roofs and hills in a blink of an eye. But it is also an useful tool for reaching distant objects, creating makeshift ropeswings and an invaluable fashion accessory. All the cool kids have one.


    Day 135
    As if small blobs of slimes were not bad enough, there are even larger ones roaming the countryside. Huge, gelatinous cubes, more than a meter in size,corroding anything and everything within their path and leaving but a trail of slime in their wake. Some of them grow to such humongous sizes that rather than dying they merely dissolve into smaller slimes. Whether they roam the depths of the earth, the bowels of the dungeon or crawl the pits of corruption, the slimes are an ubiquitous sight in the lands of terraria, but no less dangerous for that.


    Day 136
    Terraria is a land of many opportunities. It is also a land of many dangers. Monsters come crawling from every nook and cranny, thick hides often protecting from all but the strongest of weapons and the ancient proverb comes true once more. Thread softly and carry a big gun. Fortunately, there is just the thing for such an occasion. While nobody is quite certain who makes these and more importantly how, the strenght of the minishark and his older brother, the megashark, is indisputable. Able to spit dozens of rounds per minute, the machine gun fish are formidable weapons capable of laying waste to entire armies. And with the proper ammunition, even to the gods of terraria themselves.


    Day 137
    Very little of the old terraria remains. Deep within the earth, however lie the secret ways of the old. One such secret is the forging of hellstone. While the process of creating a hellforge was lost, the ancient craft of runesmithing remains. The burning hellstone ore can only be tampered by the addition of obsidian and even then, protective runes have to be inscribed to safely weild any tools made from it. The reward, is of course proportional to the ammount of effort one needs to invest in the creation of such an item and the rare hellstone tools are sought after by all, but the most accomplished adventurers.


    Day 138
    Boomerangs are a type of throwing stick, a weapon used . Unlike most of the hunting stick desings, many boomerangs were crafted in such a way as to return to the owners, should they miss their throw. Shaped not unlike a curved propeller, the boomerangs would follow a curve until finally hitting something or returning to its owner. It's no wonder that terrarian inhabitants skilled in magic enchanted their boomerangs for even greater effect. While even wooden ones were efficient for most of the common wildlife, some went as far as adding hellstone, resulting in a weapon of great strenght and a plenty of accidental forest fires.


    Day 139


    Day 140
    Many people would feel a bit queasy about messing with the daemonic forces. Few would dare to enter the underworld. Even fewer, of those who survive would dare to bring back any of the dark items obtained there. The demon scythe is on of the most extreme examples as the tome of power needs to be wrenched from the dead claws of a demon, provided it was not destroyed in the struggle. Even then, would you dare to use magic weilded by demons themselves? Send ethereal scythes flying towards your target, slicing and dicing anything and everything in between? Would you risk your life and soul for a grasp of the daemonic power? Of course you would.


    Day 141
    Terraria is a land of many things, but waste is not one of them. Almost everything is out to kill you, fortunately everything trying to murder you, could be used in some form or another. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Quite literally. Whether it be worm teeth, jagged spikes of bone, filled with decay and corrupt to the core. The shriveled rotten hearts of the corruption's denizens, covered in boils and dripping with puss. Or maybe the leathery hides of the corruption's is what you're after. While leather is not exactly up to the latest fashion, they could be used to tailor a durable and comfortable suit for those who enjoy a more retro style.


    Day 142
    The eyes are the windows to the soul. What happens, however, when there is no soul to be found? Demons would often remove their eyes, seemingly blinding themselves, but in reality, only to see in places that would normally be hidden to them. Even hidden deep in the underworld, or whatever unholy pit has spawned them, they send forth their own eyballs to scout and torment those that roam the surface. The only solace can be found in the fact that their eyes, used to the gloom of the underground world are unable to withstand direct sunlight and will hide come daybreak.


    Day 143
    There are many ways to heal an ailment. Centuries of scientific progress in the medical fields have provided a fairly reliable, albeit an often slow way to recovery. Those who lack understanding of basic anatomy or at least common sense, however, might turn towards more unorthodox cures, whether they stick their limbs full of needles, wish really really hard to get better, or chew bark of the nearest tree, the results are dubious at best and relying on magic can prove fatal. The people of terraria, however know that the single best way to cure anything and everything from a broken pelvis to lung cancer is a mixture of common mushrooms and a healthy dose of slime gel. This unlikely concotion and its derivatives have proven themselves time and again and only the dreaded potion sickness has saved Terraria's medical care from dissapearing completely, which would, undoubtedly, be a shame, if only for the nurses. One might think that the use of magical potions for healing constitutes an alternative medicine, but as the saying goes, alternative medicine that has been proven to work, which terrarian potions certainly have, is called... medicine.


    Day 144
    The underworld is full of dangers. Beyond the obvious ones like the open lakes of lava, smoldering hellstone and the everpresent bats and slimes, there are things more rare and dangerous. The demonic inhabitants of hell are a story for another time, as today one of the most feared creatures in hell is about to be introduced. At over twelve meters long, the bone serpents are one of the longest creatures in Terraria, longer than even the worms of corruption, second only to the dreaded eater of worlds. Be wary of your step in the underworld. You never know what may lurk just beneath your feet. Hidden in ash. Waiting to strike.


    Day 145
    There comes a time when not even the deadliest spells offered by Terraria can satisfy a budding spellcaster and they are forced to conduct their own research into the arcane arts. One such discovery lies in the use of crystals. Small, incredibly sharp shards of crystal imbued with the souls of sacred creatures. While their sacrifice is immeasurable, the resulting hail, or storm of crystals can shred all, but the most dangerous enemies, within seconds. Since the spell is created by an amateur, the power consumed by casting the spell is significant. However its effectivness, if not its efficiency is indisputable.


    Day 146
    Of all the dangerous places in Terraria, very few are as lethal and unrelenting as the dungeon. The constant onslaught of the undead is hard enough, but it's the traps that are the real threat. One wrong step and you can end up stuck full of poisoned arrows, splattered against the dungeon wall by a swinging spiked ball or, of course, sawn in half by the blazing wheel. These blades of roaring fire roam the dungeon cutting anything and everything that would be unfortunate enough to stray into its path. Fear not, however your bodies will not rot dormant of the dungeon floor. They will eventually rise up and join their rattling bones to the undead legion, ready for the next living soul that would thread within their resting place.


    Day 147
    Sharks have been the apex predators for millions of years. Their genome, perfected over the ages has remained largely intact, the sleek deadly killer we see today is almost identical to its predecessors millions of years ago. Such is the perfection of their form, that for but minor changes to adapt to the local environment, they remained the same. Even those in Terraria are largely the same, possibly even more vicious as the dangerous waters make the sealife very competitive. Sharks are universally feared and respected among just about every culture that has ever come into contact with them and when its fishing your femur out of its teeth, you'll know why.


    Day 148
    Some mushrooms are good for eating, be it fresh, or chopped into a stew. Some mushrooms are dangerous, only good for extracting their poison. Some are great for fun and rotting your brain from the inside out. Some have medical use. Deep within the caverns of Terraria, can be found patches of glowing mushrooms, som reaching to incredible heights, some only forming small patches on the ground. The fact that they are glowing, can dissuade many people from ever acknowledging their medicinal use. Those who take the chance and try them out quickly find out that while they are not all that good for one's health, they significantly reduce the the dreaded potion sickness, allowing for consumption of greater quantities of the healing potion before the potion sickness sets in. They also make for wonderful nightlights.


    Day 149
    Terraria is filled with dangers. That much is clear to everyone. It would be quite untrue to say that nobody is doing anything about it. The rumors talk about a crack team of elite soldiers, sent to kill the biggest threats. Armed with the most advanced weapons and equipment technology can provide. Not much is known about their ultimate fate, but given the lack of any further news, it is very likely they have found their match. One trace of their activities can could be found in the underworld. Whether or not it was the wall of flesh, that meant their demise we shall never know, but sometimes one of their weapons can be found in its bowels. Despite its rarity, the Terrarian Arms I-514 Laser Rifle, is pretty much what it says on the tin. It is one of the most powerful weapons available. It's beam of azure fire will incinerate anything in its path. The first and last thing every adventurer needs.


    Day 150
    They're doors. They dont get lenghty explanations, they dont get a brief historical analysis, they're doors. They open, they close, they keep the wind and monsters out. Now with two stylish round windows and a handle of polished iron. Completely mundane, functional and absolutely ordinary.


    Aaaand we wrap up yet another batch. Took longer than I expected and much longer wished for. I have returned, however, hopefully better than before. The upcoming patch promises to nigh on double my workload, but I am confident that the pack will be finished sooner, rather than later (although whenever that may be is anybody's guess). Allow me to thank everyone who took time to comment, it is very much appreciated.
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    Day 151

    Piranhas have an almost mythical status among the carnivorous fish, second to only sharks themselves. Swarms of these are often desribed to strip the flesh of any creature ufortunate enough to come within reach. The actual reality is often much less dramatic, but still the voracious appetite of the piranhas cannot be underestimated. Some of the smaller ones could be ignored, especially in heavy armor, but those found in Terraria are anything but small. They may not live in such great numbers, but their teeth are still very, very sharp.


    Day 152

    Buckets are universally useful items. Great for wasting any excess iron you might have, it is quite good at carrying water or any material you might desire. Made from stainless steel it is light enough to be effortlessly caried around, but still sturdy enough to contain red hot lava. Should you not have any need for its liquid carrying properties, it can serve nicely as a makeshift helmet. It's not the best helmet available to an average farmer, but everbody knows it beats pans and pots anyday. Just don't forget to pour out any lava you might have inside it before you put it on your head.


    Day 153


    Day 154 (freaking fish edition)

    The angler fish are strange and terrifying creatures living deep down near the ocean floor. They lurk within the darkness of the depths and atract their prey with the shining lure ot the top of their head until the trap is sprung and their victim is devoured in one bite. Even more terrifying are their mating practices. The males are significantly smaller than the females. They would latch onto a female and eventually atrophy and die. The female would then keep his preserved corpse as a source of semen. The fact that these ones swam towards the surface is a terrifying evidence of their toughness as the pressure their bodies are under would tear apart a lesser creature.


    Day 155

    The dungeon is filled with creatures unlike the rest of terraria. The souls of the lost and the damned roam its cold corridors, crawl the steep shafts, or... teleport. Dark figures held together by twisted magic, lurk around the shadows hovering inches above the stone floors. They blink in and out of existance, looking for vantage points from which they would hurl bolts of purple energy, only to dissapear before a proper response could be mustered.


    Day 156

    Heroes are not born, they are made. They are people who would perform extraordinary deeds, surpas the ordinary, go above and beyond the call of duty. The motivations may vary, whether it be save a loved one, the whole world, or even just plain survival, but the tenacity and sheer willpower they share is universal among the even least know heroes. Most people are not lucky enough to even meet a real hero, but they might be lucky enough to get their hands on some of their belongings. From the far away world of Mars comes a hero like no other, a space marine, nay the space marine, hero to one and all, saviour of humanity and all around unpleasant individual. One who has waded through legions of demons and undead, fought against the corrupt and unholy, one who has been to hell and back, but lets face it, which one of us hasn't?


    Day 157

    The mythical brother of silver, mythril is one of the hardest materials in existence. Light and incredibly sturdy it is the perfect match for making strong, durable armor and tools, while maintaining verly little weight. It's also the only material strong enough to mine raw adamantite. Mythril is actually silver, in color, not only because it is the hue most metals have, but because it is an actual silver derivate. The greenish tint is caused by the copper oxide impurities exclusive to the Terrarian soil, quite probably because of the overabundance of copper veins.


    Day 158

    The proper footwear can mean the difference between failure and success in many areas of life. Whether it be running shoes, steel toe working boots or even roller skates, they can grant success or spell doom respectively. So it only stands to logic that in a land as dangerous as terraria the right chioce of shoes can actually mean the difference between life and certain death. Most starting adventurers will settle for some sturdy boots or greaves, but the smart ones will entrust their mobility, and lives, to one of the legendary sets of boots. The goblins have long since discovered the usefullness of rocket boots, but any of the others will have to be found the hard way, as the ancient folk did not like to part with their belongings even after they are long dead. Be wary that you don't join them.


    Day 159

    Asian weaponry has always been shrouded in a cloud of awe and mystery. Their wielders often claimed a spiritual connection to their weapons to the point that some would even say they were the tool of the blade, rather than the other way around. The connection would actually begin before the blade was even born. The smiths poured a part of their soul into the blade itself, throughout the long and arduous process that was the bladesmithing. This was compounded by the poor quality of the metal available and therefore most of the time was spent forging the impurities our of the material. Of course, the discovery of new and more durable materials and alloys, have rendered this technique of so-called folding obsolete, but the skills gained by the ages of adversity were invaluable in crafting the new generation of cobalt infused weaponry.


    Day 160

    The nature within the corruption is strange and twisted. Big creatures die and the small are subjected to growth spurs which not only grossly enlarge and corrupt their natural bodies, but also cause cancerous masses to appear within them. Their continuous growth is only limited by the ammount of raw materials needed to fuel it and as such the eaters of souls stalk the corruption, looking for the next pray to quench its hunger. Be wary that you don't end up digested within the disguisting globs filled with puss and the remains of your predecessors.


    Day 161

    Terraria has known mythril for quite some time. Its scarcity has made improvement difficult, but by the time Terraria has hit rennaisance, the forging of mythril has been all but perfected. The weaponry varies wildly between specialist weapons such as the cavalry sabre, a long slashing blade made to be used from horseback, to the universal weapons such as the halberd which is basically the swiss army knife of polearms. There is a hook to pull the riders from their mounts, a hefty spike to pierce even the heaviest armor and the blade for some general all-around carnage. Whichever is your favourite knight-opener will surely serve you well against the horrors of terraria too.


    Day 162

    Some hats are a symbol of status or allegiance, while some are useful accessories to have. Some hats on the other hand, have a purely aesthetical purpose. The bowler hats are a great example of a hat which signified one's status and social standing. The red colorcould be an expression of a fashion statement, or just an attempt at a differenting oneself from the army of lookalike workers. The robot hat, however is a hat with a clear purpose, not only does it look snazzy, it has a built-in radio that is very useful when traveling or just to chase away boredom.


    Day 163

    There are forces on Terraria, beyond the knowledge of even the wisest sages. Items of darkness and unbelievable power are said to exist, crafted without ever being imbued by the spirits. Some say they can be found within the deepest, darkest regions of the underworld, locked away, never to see the light of day again. Some say they are yet to be crafted, their powers unlocked by combining the items of elemental nature. With luck, these will never find their way onto the world again, but should it ever come to that, pray that your soul be left untouched.


    Day 164

    Terraria is well know for a its incredible diversity of life. The ammount of biomes stacked together within a very small strech of land is unprecedented and it makes a noticable imprint on the biosphere. Just the sheer number of different types of grasses and ferns is staggering, but it doesn't stop there. Not only is the jungle filled with dangerous fauna, but also with unusually beautiful flora. Leaving aside the well known jungle roses and the so called gifts of nature, the orchids and other flowers within the jungle alone are a good enough reason to travel to such treacherous places. Not even the hallowed ground would be left behind and its flowers are among the most interesting and beautiful. Don't get distracted by them. It might get you killed.


    Day 165

    Cobalt is one of the rarer metals to be found in the world. Named after kobolds, it has always had an aura of mysticism especially once the early smelters have tried to refine it, only to release a poisonous, arsenic-rich gas. While pure cobalt is greyish silver, certain cobalt compounds give the element a bluish tint, although other cobalt compounds have quite the opposite effect and are red in color. This has been historically used as a dye in, jewelery, glassmaking or ceramics. The cobalt used in the weapons-grade alloys in terraria has retained the blue hue in certain places, but a silver color in others depending on the various ingredients. Terrarian cobalt is extraordinarily tough and requires top-tier equipment to mine and refine.


    Day 166

    Two underground forces fight for domination. Closer to the surface, falling down from the skies and trickling down the mountainsides is the single most important substance, necessary for any life, water. After the long way down continuing its journey deep into the bowels of the earth, creating underground ponds and springs. Bubbling up from the molten core of the planet, however, is magma. Boiling hot mixture of liquified rock, it crawls to the surface, yearning to see the sunlight and be finally crowned, lava. When these two meet, however the volatile randezvous can often result in the creation of volcanic glass. Brittle as its clear counterpart, it has a beauty of its own. Its can be used as a jewelry material, decoration, even for wall tiles. The most striking thing about obsidian, though, is its color, which ranges anywhere from black or dark brown to deep purple.


    Day 167

    Adamantite derives its name, quite accurately, from the greek work for untamable. Its nature is unclear and many debates were had as to the true proprieties of this mineral. There is no question that it is incredibly hard and sturdy though, meaning that it would require nothing less than mythril tools to mine it. The appearance of this incredibly strong material has historically coincided with the realease of spirits, however its scarcity results in its quick exhaustion. It is therefore recommended that you would try to aquire as much of it as possible, before anybody else has a chance to. Of course this is the exact sort of behaviour that leads to the swift depletion of any adamantite veins.


    Day 168

    Corals, much like most of the life under the surface of the sea, seem out of this world. Reminiscent of passive flowers, or even lifeless rocks, they are actually quite the opposite. Corals are whole colonies of small organisms, not unlike plankton, creating hardened shells around themselves and sifting the seawater for nutrients. Invisible to a naked eye, the tiny organisms of the coral colony still manage to create beautiful, fractal-like structures. Not only do they alter their immedieate surroundings, but given enough time, they can alter the geological layout of a whole landmass, creating small islands and atols. While often sharp, they are ultimately fragile and can die quite easily to rapid changes to their environments.


    Day 169 (more freaking fish edition)

    The reach of corruption can be felt far and wide. Creatures innocent and benign are twisted and turned into monstrous reflections of their former selves. Even things as peaceful as a simple goldfish cannot escape its grasp and one can only take solace that the fish cannot scream. The golden scales pale and turn sickly purple, the usually tootless maw filled with razor sharp teeth and soft fins now bristle with hard, sharp spikes. Worst of all, they get an appetite for flesh. Yours in particular.


    Day 170

    It may be the rare iridium deposits that are a part of many a meteor or it might be the peculiar purity of the meteoric iron what makes it such an important asset. The meteor hamaxe, for example, is an invaluable tool to any upstart adventurer, state-of-the-art vibro blade on one end and powered hammer on the other, it will even serve as an apt weapon. Some of the more high-tech equipment, though, is too difficult to be constructed by a simple amateur adventurer. The technology of the breaker blades has been one of them. It is unknow what reasons could possibly have led to their ban, what is certain however, the remaining stock has been cast into the depths of hell itself. The real mystery is what ultimate fate befell them, as even a thorough search through the underworld has yet to reveal their current location.


    Day 171

    The usefulness of iron cannot be understated. Since the iron age, this metal has been the go to choice in almost every branch of human endeavours. One of the major advantages of iron is its versatility. Metalic alloys aside, just adjusting the percentage of carbon within the mix can decide what the iron will be used for. Whether it be welded steel for safes and other sturdy items, stamped iron for trash cans and any other products that use sheet metal or even cast iron for hard, sturdy tools like pans or cauldrons. No matter what your need, iron has you covered.


    Day 172

    Unholy flames burn within the creatures of the corruption. This vile and evil substance survives the death of their hosts and continues to burn mid-air much like swamp fires or foxfire. These lumps of green ember can be harvested and collected for later use. A good deal of this cursed flame is needed in the creation of magical tomes. Once they reach a critical mass, the book can be used to create a short-lived, however no less dangerous, version of these flames. A skilled wizard should be able to craft such a tome and lay waste to each and any enemy . Be warned however, the flames are volatile and far too dangerous for a common magic weilder to posses. The fire burns so hot not even water can quench it, but that was the point, wasn't it?


    Day 173

    It is quite possible to make a cloth from just about everything. The usual suspects like hemp and flax, cotton or yarn, hell, you can even make cloth from mineral fibers like basalt and asbestos. And if everything else fails, you can still rely on synthetic fibers. Why is it that terraria is so short on any feasible material? The oil reserves are negligable, the textile plants are non-existent, fauna unhelpful at best and minerals, despite all their amazing properties are quite unsuitable for the job. Thus, anyone looking for a woven piece of cloth is forced to collect spider silk in a desperate hope they might someday have enough silk for whatever they have in mind. On the bright side, the silk is very sturdy, not to mention stylish.


    Day 174

    Humans are by their nature social animals. They also have a certain affinity for coordinated motion and sound. In other words, people like to party. Whether it be a dance around a bonfire, a romp through the streets or a good ol' fashioned party, it is the mood that counts. And one of the most important aspects of the mood is lighting. Fortunately, there is a staggering array of lights, lamps and above all, disco balls. These can take any shape, from a plastic ball covered in mirror shards to a highly sophisticated, computer controlled lighting system. Whether you're up for one hell of a party, or just have a weird tast in interior decoration, disco balls have you covered.


    Day 175

    The adventurers in terraria, would encounter many strange artifacts. Some of those are mere relics of the past, the others have strange and unusual properties. Feral claws for example can often be found in jungles, very likely a weapon of a bygone civilization, whose only remains are shrines of gilded bricks surrounded by deep jungle. Another peculiar glove is the titan gauntlet. Its size and name give a fair idea regarding its previous owner or at the very least its size. While anyone willing to wear them needs to use some kind of padding to keep them from slipping off their hands, their sheer size and weight will add quite the punch to every strike the wearer makes. But, one artifact stands above all the rest, the proverbial holy grail of alchemy, the philosopher's stone. It is unknown who exactly was responsible for its creation, what is certain is that they have chosen to protect their discovery within the bowels of a mimic. Their ultimate fate is unknown, but since their treasure has stayed inside the mimic until today, it is safe to assume theirs was not a pleasant fate.


    Day 176

    Flares are pyrotechnic devices, very similar to fireworks. Whereas fireworks have historically been mostly used for entertainment and celbration, flares offer a more utililtarian approach. The powder inside the flares themselves burns continuously, rather than exploding in a grand spectacle. This is used for illumination of dark places or for light signals, which are visible over great distances. While flares themselves are useful on their own, their reach would be limited by the reach of their weilder and even thrown would not go far. That's where flare guns come in. Smaller flares are made into rounds that are shot from special flareguns and these can travel quite a bit further, or higher than any regular flare. The pistol does not offer much in a way of stopping power and the worst a person can fear from a flaregun is the occasional burn. Another drawback is that there has yet to be found a gunpowder stable enough to allow for any colors other than red or blue.


    Day 177

    Crowns are symbolic headgear traditionally worn by monarchs or deities. Made mostly from precious metals, gems or any other material symbolic of power and wealth. The shape and craftsmanship may and will wary between each crown, ranging from simple rings of gold, to opulent headwear made of precious metals, adorned with priceless gems, maybe even covered by exquisite fabrics. As such, they are universally recognized as a symbol of authority and importance. Even though, it is ornamental in nature, some crowns have been made from sturdier metals and worn into battle. These serve not only as a symbol of office, but also offer a small amount of head protection as an added bonus.


    Day 178

    There is a counterpart to everything. This school of thought is called dualism and it has many followers in the world of terraria. To good there is evil, to order there is chaos and to fire there is ice. It is undeniable that many aspects of terraria follow this idea, one example of such trend is the flower of ice. It has been long since the fire flower has been discovered, but it has long been foretold that a counterpart must exist somewhere in the world. It wasn't until the climate change has finally hit terraria and snow became more prevalent that such items have started appearing. The ice flower can be found deep within the frozen glacial tunels surviving by stealing warmth by any hapless creature that happens to come by. This of course, can be used to one's advantage and many adventurers have since learned how to use these for offensive purposes using just a little bit of inner power to stir the flower back to life. It remains naught but a speculation, however, what would happen if the two contrary flowers were to be brought together. Maybe it has already happened, but nobody was left to tell the tale.


    Day 179 (revision edition)

    It stands to reason that lights are created for lighting something. Still, all lights are not created equal. Even lights that produce barely any light at all can be useful to anyone willing to decorate their home. They may be lanterns of brass, for the people who enjoy the warm light of the gasoline flame, caged lights for those who like their lightbulbs nice and safe or simple oil bowls or candle light lanterns. The sheer variety is enough to satisfy even the most demanding interior designer. For the more discerning, chemical lamps, captured stars or even crystal hearts are available. In any case whatever your need be, you will almost certainly have to venture into a dungeon for your lighting of choice.


    Day 180

    Grenades have been the weapon of choice ever since the invention of gunpowder. Tossed by hand at first and later even shot out of cannons, these two groups have gone their separate ways as time passed. Still its use by the infantry has ran into considerable difficulties. The main issue with infantry grenades is that they have a very large lethal radius, but are only able to be thrown short distances. This poses a problem where a grenade thrown without cover is potentially dangerous to its user as well as the enemy. The solution for this has been the creation of rifle grenades and even grenade rifles. These shoot specialized grenades over significant distances using an internal charge, not unlike normal bullets, This allows for loading and firing variety of grenades and variety of payloads further and with greater accuracy. The more advanced grenade launchers come with a drum, allowing for semi-automatic fire and a scope for better aim. Do not trust grenade launchers with laser sights!


    Day 181

    Explosives are quite impressive no matter the situation, so it is no wonder that people would care to see their spectacle outside the battlefield. That reason, among many has contributed to the fact that before the widespread proliferation of black powder weaponry, fireworks have already permeated many cultures. Combined with the discovery of different metals granting a different color to fire and one of the most amazing spectacles in the world is born. Still, one should not forget that from the smallest firecrackers, to the mightiest fire blossoms, fireworks are still rather dangerous and need to be handled with extreme care.


    Day 182

    The military use of rockets has taken off shortly after their conception. At first they were nothing more than rocket-propelled spears, but the idea of using rockets to deliver more explosives was not far behind. The real boom of rockets and missiles, however started when the appearance of heavily armored foes necessitated a portable, self-sufficient, and above all, effective weapon systems. Thus the first handheld rocket launchers were born. With each conflict, better ones were developer and improved upon, each generation more effective, more efficient. Yet, as technology has advanced and kept advancing, we have forgotten much of the past. Far beyond of what the technology of today is capable of. There are still places where the lost technology can be found, however. The question is, can you survive long enough to obtain it?


    Day 183

    Some people prefer the natural look of things, quite understandable given the appeal of bare timber or bricks. Should those not strike your fancy, the old glass and steel look seems always fashion. Still, that may not be to everyone's liking and a coat of paint goes a long way to brighten up any place. Or quite the contrary as the case may be. No matter your taste in design or interior decorating, it's hard to say no to a good paintjob. It goes without saying, no artist can work without proper tools and painters are no exceptions, no matter the canvas they choose and in case they mess up, there is always the paint scraper.


    Day 184

    There are some very strange weapons that can be found on Terraria. Curious guns and peculiar devices with purpose shrouded in mystery appear in the hands of monsters and stored in hidden caches. Sometimes however, the use for such weaponry is readily apparent. The legends of vampires roaming terraria has proven themselves to be true, so however have the legends of tools created to combat this threat. The stake launcher is one such a weapon. Simple in its design, the launcher uses pressurized gas to propel a massive wooden stake sharpened at the business end to a nasty spike. This, of course makes it an ideal weapon at fighting vampires, monsters or pretty much anything that moves. The only downside is that the gas canister gets very cold with prolonged fire. Nothing that a decent armor could not cope with, though.


    Day 185

    When the first explorers arrived in the new lands, they greeted the savages living there and traded trinkets and shiny beads with them. Little did they know, that the ingenious indigenous population has already found a use for such materials. Not being a consumer culture unlike their visitors, the primitive tribes have found different use for the various gems. Where the explorers used steel and chain, their less advanced counterparts have found a way to utilize precious stones and fashioned them into grappling hooks. It took a long time to learn the process, but eventually, the technique of the gem grappling hooks has found its way to the whole terraria. The natives who donated this knowledge were not quite as lucky.


    Day 186

    Lead always seems to play the second fiddle to gold. Close to each other in the periodic table, they share a lot of similarities. They are both heavy, dense and relatively soft, but lead has certain properties that makes it if not more useful, then at least useful in a different way. Its more available and the low melting point of lead means its refinement is cheap and easy. One of the great advantages of lead, is that it is very apt at absorbing most ionizing radiation, on the other hand, lead is rather poisonous and prolonged exposure can prove fatal. In case of bullets, even a short time would do...


    Day 187

    Ichor is the golden liquid coursing through the veins of gods. As a lifeblood of deities, it is very dangerous to mere mortals, eating away their flesh and skin or in some cases even armor. It is also highly suspect that it is found within the ghastly denizens of the crimson. Whether they are somehow connected to whatever gods terraria may have or whether they caused their demise and only their blood is left within the bowels of the abominations. In any case, no matter how sacrilegious it may seem, the ichor can be extracted from within the corpses of the crimson creatures. Not only that, but a skilled magicians can use it to craft powerful spells and soak their enemies in the corrosive blood of the gods.


    Day 188

    Having electricity is pretty much the status quo of modern life. But having electricity on all the time is neither feasible, nor desirable. That is why there are a number of buttons to push. levers to pull and switches to switch. These seemingly simplistic devices give a skilled or a clever engineer a variety tools to create bridges, logic circuits, complex systems of wiring for anything and everything their mind can desire. Or you could just have a light switch, so that you can sleep at night.


    Day 189

    It is the skill of the chef that will determine the quality of the food, but it is the dinnerware that will set the tone of the overall experience. The best of soups will not win you over any favours if it is served in a wooden bowl, much like mead is not drunk from a wine glass nor is wine poured into cups or bowls. There is a proper ettiquette to be observed in the matters of proper dining and as the standards of living in Terraria, the excuses for living in a shack and eating off poorly fired earthenware are quickly and inveitably dissapearing. Make sure you are not an embarrassment of the entire land and invest in some pottery.


    Day 190

    Despite the slow advance of civilization in Terraria, it would be quite untrue to say that all its mysteries have been discovered. Archeology is a but in its infancy still and paleontology has barely taken off. Some may question the necessity or need for these disciplines, but the discoveries made by adventurers in all across Terraria point to one simple answer. There is still much out there left undiscovered, and the evidence for that is being found daily. Some of these discoveries take the form of various feathers, whose origins are not only shrouded in mystery, but also raised the question of what kind of animal has shed these? Whatever their source might be, so far, they prove invaluable insight into the nature of flight.


    Day 191

    Few people enjoy the sight of insects. There is just something unnatural and alien about them that inspires revulsion in most people. Still, however, there are exceptions, much like with every rule. One such obvious example would be fireflies. Sometimes also called the lightning bugs, they are well known for their mating dance, the tiny specks of light glowing in the night. While their charm vanes rather quickly if observed up close, they still look magnificent even when trapped inside a jar. They won't provide much lighting, but the mood they create is rather unique.


    Day 192

    Tungsten, also known as wolfram in the countries of the old world, is a dense, hard metal of remarkable usefulness. It has one of the highest melting points in the periodic table which is why it is frequently used in light bulbs, where the hotter metal produces a brighter light. The use for it does not end there, however. Since it is incredibly hard, it is a very good material in industrial alloys where it allows for sturdier tools. A material as good as that will never escape the military and tungsten is no exception. Bullets and cannon shells with a tungsten core or even sabot rounds made entirely of the metal. One shudders to think what else could be done with it should sufficient quantities be found...


    Day 193

    Freshly woven fabric in general looks dull and dreary. Even wool or silk leave something to be desired, the natural colors ranging anywhere from grey to brown and while the clothes may be functional, it definitely isn't pretty. That's where dyes come in. Pretty much anything that makes a stain can be used to color the whole article, but there are only a few materials that can reliably keep the color even after being washed. Still, there are a good few such things laying about, so getting the right ones should not prove too difficult.


    Day 194

    Originally mistaken for a version of lead, it would do tin great disservice to confuse the two elements. While tin shares the low melting point and the softness of lead, it is also quite a bit lighter. Historically speaking, tin was neither impressive nor important by itself, being used chiefly as decoration or as a part of an alloy, bronze being the most important one. It's modern use is mainly as a solder for electronics and metal pipin, tin plating of food cans, a corrosion coating and most importantly, the pipe organ pipes. And tin-foil hats. Which are actually made of aluminium.


    Day 195

    Having a dedicated climbing equipment is all well and good, but sometimes one has to improvise. Especially after Christmas, where all money is spent and there isn't any left to fund the next adventuring expedition. An inventive adventurer would, around that time look for easily obtainable substitutes of their professional gear. In the aftermath of the holiday season, the average living room is littered with leftover candy, and Christmas light wiring coiling around the sneakiest of places just ready to trip any unsuspecting passer-by. All this power can be yours to harness, however. You only need a bit of ingenuity and a very, very wasteful family and even you can use your Christmas decoration for your next spelunking trip.


    Day 196

    Orichalcum is an interesting beast. The legends say that it was mined by an ancient civilization in the times long gone. The civilization has since disappeared, however taking the secrets of the orichalcum with them. How or why is very much unknown, but an intervention by one of the eldritch horrors is suspected. Orichalcum exists even today as an alloy of bronze, used scarcely outside being an obscure coinage material. It is very probable, however, that the name has simply been hijacked, because it has none of the famed properties the original orichalcum was told to have. Also it's orange. A peculiar flaw that makes it very likely the numismatic version is but an impostor. Either way, the release of terrarian spirits has corresponded with a resurgence of Orichalcum veins and a new gold rush has overcome many an adventurer to craft their tools out of this wonderous substance..


    Day 197

    There is a hallowed tradition kept all across the world. Celebrations of bounty after a successful harvest have taken many a form. The most common would be to throw a magnificent feast. This tradition, while certainly grand and very enjoyable for all involved, there is an even more opulent and fun way, however. It is, of course, food fights. When there is too much food for mere consumption, what better use for it than to throw it at one another, or if the situation is bad enough, or silly enough at the enemies. Anything from rotten eggs to leftover fruitcakes will do...


    Day 198

    Few people realize the potential of orichalcum-made weaponry. Because of its late re-appearance to the world of Terraria, most adventurers opt for the more common and better known mythril. Those who take the time to acquaint themselves with the strange new material will find it ever so slightly superior to it's greenish cousin. The coloring and design aesthetics, taken coming from the ancient manuscripts, may put off many others, claiming the weapons do not look manly enough, but a proper adventurer can appreciate the edge they can give him despite the fragile look and abundance of elaborate ornaments.


    Day 199

    The curse of crimson is an deep and obvious one. Grass is nigh on unrecognizable, the ground itself bleeds, trees turn to grotesque caricatures of their former selves. While the superficial changes are dreadful enough, the truth is, the quality of the wood is not diminished. Not only that, it is enhanced and the hardened wood could be used to craft superior tools. Whether you feel that the end justifies the risk of using a timber from a tree so afflicted is up to you. It could save your life, it could turn you into one of the unspeakable horrors that roam the crimson.


    Day 200

    There are mysterious materials in the world of Terraria, strange metals and arcane ores lie burried deep within the bowels of the earth. Few are as strange as chlorophyte, however. This tough, yet malleable stuff is actually not a mineral, but a species of algae. Released to the wild with the death of a plantera their spores quickly take root and slowly consume their surroundings, until little of the original environment is left. This ecological disaster does have its uses, though. Chlorophyte, if you can mine and process it, could be used to create some of the most powerful gear imaginable. Not only that, but infused with mushroom spores, the organisms within chlorophyte can be transformed into a superconductor of sorts. A highly sought after commodity for those interested in the cutting edge electronic warfare.

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    Thank you.

    I'm afraid, I'll have to decline your challenge. When I actually design the hallow armor, it'll take days to get it done properly... like all armors in terraria. And I have yet to draw all hair types and female character. When that's done, we can talk about armors.

    Thank you. :D
    Neither, actually... It's just a hobby and I'm not really that good. I use too many colors and keep ignoring the direction of light.

    Also... I seem to have misplaced my tablet pen. :(
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    I'm sorry... I thought I made myself clear. Making armor is hard especially if you want to make it right. Making the inventory item is one thing. Full set... means 3 x 19 pictures. Think about it. I do have ideas for gold armor, unlike the hallow, which remains a mystery for now, but I go for quality, not speed.

    Spoiler: The only armor whose look I'm certain of is the meteor armor. And that's for the sole reason that I want to make it as my old power armor design.

    Thank you.
    I'm well aware that EoC has a blue retina. I also think it looks silly. Think of it as artistic license.
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    Eye see what you did there ;)
    I love the eye. I've never been a big fan of tools, but mobs, weapons and furniture can realy inspire me. Question, though, do you have all 6 frames of the eye made, or just this one?

    Also, with only 3 frames, 6 if you count the two kinds, I'd like to request a zombie. If you don't want to do it, how about a demon eye?
  8. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Gastropod

    Feb 26, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Thank you. :D
    Yeah, I only have this frame so far. I really did it just over the course of one day, idea and all... I wanted to submit it as promised. I'll do the rest of the animation and the second form soon. Frankly, I enjoy items (not necessarily tools) more than mobs and furniture.

    Zombie... Yeah, I might do that. Not today, not tomorrow, but most likely over the course of the next week. After all, (male) character animation is finished, so zombies should not pose all that much of a problem. Demon eye will be more of a problem, because I don't want it to look the same as the EoC.
  9. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Devourer

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Sounds good. Have good luck making your sprites. If this becomes an actual pack, I'll be sure to download it ;)
  10. Blaze959

    Blaze959 Penguin

    May 17, 2011
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    I hope you plan on making this a pack, I want it.


    But really, these are amazing, and would be a shame if you did not make a pack out of these and the ones to come. :D
  11. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Gastropod

    Feb 26, 2012
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    :D Thank you.
    Yes, that would be the general idea.
    (Yes! Why is it going so slowly?! Work faster, me!)
    Blaze959 and Maplestrip like this.
  12. Sunboy128

    Sunboy128 Cursed Skull

    May 11, 2011
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    Do the slimes on the next day.
  13. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Devourer

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Rainbow cutlery! XD
    Awesome, they look very good, very HD-ish ;)
  14. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Gastropod

    Feb 26, 2012
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    You guys don't read much of what I write, do you?

    Thank you.
  15. ridex

    ridex Green Slime

    Aug 13, 2011
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    day six blazed armour (Molten armour)
  16. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Gastropod

    Feb 26, 2012
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    You still haven't read anything I wrote have you?
    Here: Let me help you.

    Snirk Immington likes this.
  17. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Devourer

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Some people just can't read. You can add that to the OP, if you want to less people asking you to make armors, but I'm affraid there will always be people that only see the art (sprites, in this case)
  18. Gymrah

    Gymrah Green Slime

    Feb 19, 2012
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    I'd like to see the Zombie texture, or maybe the Blade of Grass.
  19. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Devourer

    Sep 24, 2011
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    And we have some pointy sticks! Nice :)
  20. TheCraziestFox

    TheCraziestFox Gastropod

    Feb 26, 2012
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    And I shall oblige...eventually. I already said that I will do zombies this week, the blade of grass will not be so fortunate.

    Here's the thing, folks...I'm not (just) picking my nose, here. During the weekend, I did:
    • All 18 non-healing potions.
    • Throwing knives, all three
    • Anvil
    • Table
    • Muramasa
    • Finishing touches on the Breaker, Nightmare pickaxe, Harpoon, Arrows of all sorts... and the pink vase
    Simply said: I am not putting everything I do immediately on the front page. This way I'll have something new to show every day even if that day I didn't make anything new or am working on something too big. Also notice that I don't put up textures one by one, but mostly bunch of them at once so it's more than just a texture a day.

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