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Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by Maplestrip, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    Allright, in this thread I'm not showing off a great texture pack, I just wanted to show a strange thing that I noticed you can do with a texture pack. If you make a extremely big sword, as I will show in the picture, you can extend your swords reach with A LOT. I used a Fierry Greatsword for this pic, but I destroyed those two blinkroots you can see in this pic, because I made the sprite really big.
    Ginormous sword.png

    As you can see, the larger the sword is, the further your reach gets. Also, if you make the "sword" bigger, it will be further away from your character, meaning that a large sword wouldn't stay in your hand, but would float right above it.
    I noticed this when I made a really small sword, my reach was really small. This might be really usefull if you want to fight tons of monsters far away, or to make the game harder with a smaller sword.

    Has anyone else ever noticed this? Also, does this work on other weapon sprites too, like on arrows or throwing items?

    If I put this in the wrong place, mods please move this.

    EDIT: I thought I'd play some around with it, so I found out finding caves and breaking pots gets really easy too :S

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  2. curator

    curator Green Slime

    Hmmm i wonder if it works on servers
  3. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    I don't know about that, since I never really use texture packs online. This might be really usefull for farms, though, since you can destroy all the mushrooms in the world with one swing, in theory :p
  4. curator

    curator Green Slime

    We must test this theory
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  5. Thats strange, I didn't think that changing the texture would change the hitbox or reach of an object, I thought that it was calculated in the .exe and the texture simply gives a visual for that calculation; that the image doesn't change what was pre determined in the .exe. I know that changing the size of an enemy doesn't change it's hitbox though D:
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  6. Crunchiie620

    Crunchiie620 Green Slime

    I've known this for a while.
    But no texture pack.
    Shouldn't this be on feedback and bug reports?
  7. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    Yeah, I thought of that too, but you can't really call this "vanilla Terraria", can you?
    I don't know much from coding, but has anyone ever found that code, or changed it?
    I also knew that about enemies, yes.
  8. curator

    curator Green Slime

    Actually in theory thats how it should work on a server but i do not know
  9. Mr.Person

    Mr.Person Moth

    This is amazing. Nice discovery!
  10. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    It's actually really annoying when you accadentally forget to remove this thing from the texture pack and each time you swing your sword in a cave, all the cobwebs and pots of other caves get destroyed :p
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  11. MiniManolinho

    MiniManolinho Clinger

    I don't think this is normal. Increasing sprite size shouldn't make the hit range increase.
  12. Pedguin

    Pedguin Herpling

    This has been abusable from the start and if you are really going to sink that low to use this to your advantage and gain items then you might as well download a warehouse map with every item already there, there's no fun in abusing this to get items but if you feel like going crazy with big sprites be my guest!

    This doesn't need patching, if they patch this then people trying to make larger swords out of smaller sword sprites will make the hit area off - I don't want this to ruin future texture packs, just leave it be and if you want to abuse it then go for it.

    It also works on servers but they cannot see your textures.
  13. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    I completely agree, as I would never sink any lower with abusing than duplicating liquids, however, as you said, I like to go crazy with massive swords and I thought it would be quite cool to have a sword that can destroy the world :p

    The title might imply that I want to use this for cheating, or that I want people to know that there is an easy way to cheat (not like this would be a usefull way to cheat), but that's not what I meant. I was just suprised by this and I wanted to show what I discovered.

    It's not a very good way to go anyway, since this would make it harder to hit mobs that stand near you and it's terribly annoying that ALL pots and cobwebs get destroyed around you.
  14. Nathan B.

    Nathan B. Dark Caster

    hey maple why don't we have a fight with the sword emildi made me lets make it an iron broadsword texture :p
  15. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    What sword did emildi make?

    Also, I forgot to note that this could also be used to make your hit range extremely small, if you want to make the game harder for yourself :)
    Ofcourse you can also make mobs or even blocks inviasable with a texture pack :p
  16. Nathan B.

    Nathan B. Dark Caster

    [​IMG] this one just rename it "Item_4" and put it in a texture pack :p
  17. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    Lol, I can easily do that :p
  18. FatObeseBird

    FatObeseBird Eskimo Zombie

    Yes this can be exploited, i mod with tconfig, and apprantly the size of the item is the size of the sprite * the scale, and yes this probably will work on multiplayer
  19. Warlick77

    Warlick77 Bunny

    Yeah... What I was thinking about was if you edited the 'darkness.jpg' (if there is one of course, if not, just ignore all of this.) and erased it all, would the game recognize that there is no such thing as the dark, making it easier to traverse underground? I have no idia.
  20. Maplestrip

    Maplestrip Corruptor

    I thought the same thing a long time ago, but I'm affraid there's no such sprite. I'm sorry, but I'e already tried it.

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