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Discussion in 'Released Texture Packs' started by WarStalkeR, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. WarStalkeR

    WarStalkeR Cave Bat


    Thanks to Krish and his TerrariaCraft pack for textures and inspiration.
    Thanks to HateMeh and his Texture Pack Launcher's Source Code.
    Thanks to Leen and his Texture Pack for textures of new furniture and other things.
    Thanks to 0m3ga4 and his HDFS Texture Pack for high quality potion textures.

    1) I don't care, if you like this pack or no, I creating it for myself and just sharing with everyone.
    2) I don't care, if you allowed me to use textures from your pack or no. I will use them anyway and give you credit.
    3) I don't care, if you're using my textures in your pack and don't give me a credit.
    4) I don't care, if you hate/like me or no. I just completely don't care. Care 'O' Meter shows zero. Always.
    5) Feel free to suggest anything. Maybe I will take this in to account.
    6) I'm not good/bad/evil/etc. I am just myself and I do what I want. IRL too.
    7) If you didn't understood previous points 1-6, read disclaimer again from point 1.

    High Definition Texture Pack for Terraria. RELEASE FOR

    Screenshots (19/12/2011):

    Textures, that do have HD Quality in this pack (24/12/2011):
    01) All tiles' textures.
    02) All walls' textures.
    03) All background textures.
    04) Sun and Moon textures.
    05) All trees' textures.
    06) Interface textures.
    07) Active background textures.
    08) Active environmental textures.
    09) Friendly NPCs' textures.
    10) Characters' textures.

    Textures, that don't have HD Quality, but will have in next releases:
    1) Items' textures.
    2) Projectiles' textures.
    3) Buff icons' textures.
    4) Enemy NPC's textures.
    5) Gore textures.

    How to install HD Texture Pack:
    1) Unpack archive to "Terraria\" root folder.
    Note 1: Terraria_HDTP.exe will be in same folder as Terraria.exe
    Note 2: "Images_HDTP" folder same as "Images" folder.
    2) Run "Terraria_HDTP.exe".
    3)If you can't launch the game from Terraria_HDTP, or it crashes on start:
    * Be sure that old Imgaes_HDTP folder is deleted and fresh version of HDTP is installed.
    * Be sure that all of the following Microsoft packages are installed:
    -> Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable x64
    -> Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable x64
    -> Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1
    -> Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0
    4) If you done everything right, wait until all textures are loaded and enjoy the game :D

    If somebody thinks that it is malware, he can check here the results of tests:
    Virus Total scan by all anti-viruses for Terraria_HDTP.exe
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  2. ClutchV

    ClutchV Blazing Wheel

    Looks kinda fake because how they all stand
  3. Dinovash

    Dinovash Mouse

    I like it! ;)

    I'm keeping an eye on this one... looks promising... :)
  4. WarStalkeR

    WarStalkeR Cave Bat

    Because of that I added "Characters" to work on...
  5. ClutchV

    ClutchV Blazing Wheel

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  6. notuger

    notuger Green Slime

  7. AkaenRievkelar

    AkaenRievkelar Demon Eye

    The only thing I don't like out of this is the glass. Rest looks amazing.
  8. WarStalkeR

    WarStalkeR Cave Bat

    It's still work in progress, about 32% done. I will upload it, when I will finish all tiles and all walls, and when I will fix offsets of all items so it won't look like it's overlapping other pictures.

    Tried my best with the glass, it didn't wanted to be transparent at 15% percent, no matter what settings I used. Well, it's anyway better than original glass, IMHO.

    And for now a little teaser, how HD objects will look like:
    From left to right:
    Work Bench
    Demon Altar
    Golden Chest
  9. AkaenRievkelar

    AkaenRievkelar Demon Eye

    How the hell do you not have a job doing this amazing work.
  10. notuger

    notuger Green Slime

    This is amazing =D
  11. CrazyCoco

    CrazyCoco Nipple Lazers

    Moving to new Texture Packs section.
  12. WarStalkeR

    WarStalkeR Cave Bat

    Who said I don't? :D
    Actually because I do have a job it takes me so much to finish texture pack :)
  13. PoundSake

    PoundSake Dark Caster

    Oh my god this looks amazing. Can't wait for it to come out. I don't really download texture packs only to test them out and for fun but this makes terraria look amazing. Would you like me to put this on List of Texture packs?
  14. WarStalkeR

    WarStalkeR Cave Bat

    Yes please. Tank you!

    And If you can, please add to list of texture packs, you've created small screenshots, to show users, what waiting for them in texture packs :)

    Work in Progress, currently 33% done...
  15. Cpl Rowan

    Cpl Rowan Green Slime

    I believe he was trying to imply how do you not have a job doing THIS for a living not that you were jobless...anyways looks great, will be keeping tabs on this and the other HD pack, keep up the good work
  16. notuger

    notuger Green Slime

    continue to make the pack o/

    Oh I like your signature kk
  17. WarStalkeR

    WarStalkeR Cave Bat

    Because I prefer THIS as hobby. For job are good and interesting things like Forensics/Penetration Testing :)
    Are these trees are ok for HD quality?
  18. archlord588

    archlord588 Green Slime

    it looks great except.....one thing unless you do ALL of the enimies and npcs they are going to blend terribly if you know what i mean
  19. ClutchV

    ClutchV Blazing Wheel

    Nice work
  20. klikom

    klikom Green Slime

    Please change the glass. Other than that, awesome!
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