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  1. TheStukito

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    Hello guys! My name is Stanimir and i am a new Terraria Online player. After few days of gaming i decided that i have to do more about this amazing game. So i figure it out how to create my own texture pack. Trust me it's not that easy, so i'd like to share my current progress with you and i'd like to receive some fresh ideas. :)

    This is the texture pack official blog

    Hero's clothes

    [Crafting material]
    Green Dye

    [Seed - Crafting material]
    Jungle Grass Seeds

    [Accessory - Crafting]
    Hermes Boots


    Hearts (all kinds of Terraria heart items) & Bonus Textures
    Speach Bubbles
  2. ForeverCopper

    ForeverCopper Dark Caster

    Cool! Looks a tad bit like a Santa outfit :), looks good.
  3. TheStukito

    TheStukito Green Slime

    Well yes, this is the idea. :)

    PS: The materials used to craft the suit will be light and dark red colored as well.
  4. ForeverCopper

    ForeverCopper Dark Caster

    Cool, they will match well.
  5. TheStukito

    TheStukito Green Slime

    I just added a couple of new stuff :)

    PS: Stay tuned it's getting interesting and feel free to share some ideas if you want.
  6. ForeverCopper

    ForeverCopper Dark Caster

    Wow you did! Looks much better and more organized.
  7. Raging Rainbows

    Raging Rainbows Green Slime

    Can you also change the cursor?I get tired of the same old 1 all the time!I only recolor them.
  8. TheStukito

    TheStukito Green Slime

    Thank you :)

    I hope you like it :) Click here to see the new Cursor

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