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    Grr...im trying to figure out how to install textures! I need to know exactly what to put exactly were
  2. We definely need a sticky to prevent this kind of posts...

    Alright, there are two methods on how to install a texture pack in Terraria and are based on the type of files the texture pack is made of.

    If the files in the texture pack are in .xna format then you have to:
    1) Go into your terraria folder.

    2) Absolutely make a backup of the folder named "Content" because we are going to overwrite some files so the changes are permanent unless you have made the backup.

    3) Inside the "Content" folder there are some other folders and one of which is named "Images" Usually when you download the texture packs, they come into a folder called "images" or "images2". So, go to your downloaded file and open that "image" folder. Inside you will find tons of files that will replace the original textures. Select all the files and then drag and drop them into the "Images" folder of terraria.

    4) Play the game as usual!

    If instead the texture pack has .png files...

    1) You have to download Terraria Custom Content Loader (TCCL for short), which you can find it here: http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/terraria-custom-content-loader.44541/

    2) Basically you put TCCL inside your main terraria folder (the one with terraria.exe) and then in the same directory you have to create a folder named: "Custom Content".

    3) Now go into your downloaded file and this time, don't open the folder you will find inside. Instead just drag and drop it into the "Custom Content" folder.

    4) Once that's done, launch TCCL.exe and the game will start as usual. At any time you can press F1 to access a menu in which you can select the texture pack you want from the list. To actually load the texture pack, select the first square (mouse over-ing it will reveal that's "Load .png"

    5) Enjoy your new textures in game!

    6) If you also wanna cheat a bit... press F2 in game to change between night and day :D
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    im sorry, does this thread count as a double post?
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    no it does not count as a double post.
    a double post is when you post twice in a row on the same thread (the message's can be 2 entirely different things)
    the reason marshmallon said that is because there are numbers of threads that are the exact same thing as this one, and that's just pointless

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