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Discussion in 'Console' started by El Cuajinais, Feb 12, 2013.

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    The first time I read the word “Terraria” was on the Spelunky XBLA forum about 6 months ago. (I had absolutely fallen in love with Spelunky and was in awe, and still am, at how much fun random levels can impart in a game). Anyway I googled Terraria, saw how dated the graphics looked, and never gave it another thought. I never got into Minecraft for the same reason (well actually apart from the graphics it does look boring as hell too). Then I saw an article on IGN about 1 month ago saying Terraria would be ported to XBLA. I dug a bit deeper and I realized this game is a jewel. I’ve always loved, Metroid style 2D games. This is the same concept taken to another level. Just like Spelunky, the concept of exploration is genuine because the random levels mean not even the game designer knows what you are going to find. So in Terraria you have the genuine exploration of Spelunky, without all the stress of a time constraint and perma-death. Add to that hundreds of items, and the ability to build, and you have a drooling gamer here who is counting down the days for the XBLA release. (By the way, I did purchase the PC version because I could not stand the wait any longer, but I’m treating it more like a demo because I much prefer to play in my 52”, comfy couch, with gamepad on hand).

    Speaking of PC version, what’s with the original designer? He is sitting on a gold mine and he just wants to “move on to other projects”. It’s his life, but in this extremely overly overcrowded (redundancy intended for emphasis) game industry I bet 99.99% of indie game developers would kill to have a property like Terraria. The chances of coming up with a new fresh formula like Terraria (even with all the Minecraft parallels) are super slim. Some people don’t know how good they have it. Dude, you did it. You are where every developer wants to be. Allow me to give you some free business advice:

    This is what your road map should look like: You continue to rake in the $$$ with paid DLC, then you make sequel after sequel and continue to rake in the $$$. Just be sure to save-up for rainy days. Once the sales start to decline substantially, THEN you move into “other projects”. At which point you either sell the property or keep it to revisit it 10 years down the road to the delight of your screaming fans. Anyway best of luck to you on your endeavors; if you do come through with another PC update, for Christ’s sake make it paid DLC. I don’t know you but I know this is the main reason you lack motivation to continue development. Last I checked, no one likes working for free. Your time is worth a lot $$$, don’t sell yourself or your property short by feeding free content to the ungrateful, entitled mob that call themselves gamers. Sure, once you announce the update will be paid DLC they’ll bitch and complain, but they’ll buy it anyway if it is reasonably priced. And gamers bitch and complain on free games too, so that tells you all you need to know about how much attention you should pay to the hater comments.

    Which brings me to my last point. I love 505’s attitude of posting here on these boards. They have been A LOT more open to answering questions pre-release than any other game company I’ve ever tried to gleam information from. I wish more game companies operated like this. They simply use the phrases “at this moment…”, “is planned…” or “…is not planned”. It sure is refreshing to see a game company not be afraid of the mob. So what if something that is planned never actually makes it into the game? That is the nature of game development, nay, life. I’m glad they don’t allow themselves to be bullied into silence. (Or worse, the vague “you’re going to love it” hype bullshit treatment most community managers dish out). Please keep up the good work.
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    it's good that you like their work, tiy is actually continuing terraria i think, maybe a few more updates so don't worry

    and if you get bored with the content download a mod

    whoops meant redigit not tiy :D
  3. Keirndmo

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    So you're telling Redigit to make himself look like a greedy hog so nobody will buy his other games because they know he'll make them pay for DLC to actually get to the fun stuff in the game.
    Sounds like a bad idea.
  4. DarkCore1967

    DarkCore1967 Yellow Slime

    what are u talking about?
  5. 505Games

    505Games 505Games

    Huge thanks for your support - it really is hugely appreciated!

    We really do want to tell you guys as much as we possibly can, so thank you for your encouraging words.

    Stay tuned for more trailers and comps before release.

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  6. DarkCore1967

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    hey 505 what type of new content is being added in? because some look like recolored variants or are they placeholders?
  7. El Cuajinais

    El Cuajinais Green Slime

    Yes Keirndmo, what ARE you talking about? Are you suggesting Terraria in its current form is not fun? Why did you play it for so many of hours if it wasn’t fun? Self-flagellation? Oh that’s right I forgot: Paying $10 for a game entitles us to the game and a lifetime of content addition updates, my bad.

    I’m suggesting the Relogic developers get paid for any additional work they put into the game; because they sure can’t buy groceries or save for a house or their kids’ education with the “goodwill” of gamers. That is just how the world works. To anyone who does not believe one should be compensated for working, I have a some lawn at home that could use mowing… What’s that you say? You cut it several times last year already? How dare you! I paid you $35 to cut it last year and now it’s overgrown again! Get back to work you lazy, greedy hog! You know what on second thought that’s it:

    I’m filing a class-action suit for all the irreparable damage and grief you have caused me and your other customers. As soon as I finish composing my open letter to Joey’s Pizza Parlor and sign the petition to change the ending of Rocky V, I’m meeting with my lawyer. You know, cause I’m entitled to stuff and shit.
  8. Loki ISP

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    Couple of things - good and not so good.

    I'll echo how great it's been working with 505 on my end. We made contact early on, and I greatly appreciate their collaborative nature in working with the staff and community to truly make this an epic launch-to-be (with more to come! :) )

    I'll also thank 505 for helping to revitalize Reds love for his creation. Statue needs to be built! ;)

    Now to the other side...

    None of us know all of Reds reasons for leaving - and, TC, recent events would indicate he is back and somewhat fly in the face of your economics theory. I can say almost unequivocally that your hypothesis for his leaving is incorrect. He left to take care of his newborn and because he needed a break (the "drive" was waning, his core team left). Folks have tried to project their own assumed intent and rationale on Red for months...and now it all looks pretty foolish.

    That said, it's up to him if he wants to go DLC at any point...but I don't think Red is hurting financially (and I assume console royalties aren't going to hurt).

    Regardless, Red is back, 505 is here, and things on TO are looking pretty damned good right about now. :D

    Finally, a reminder to everyone to address the points being made and not the poster and what you assume their motives to be. It makes for far better discourse.

    Welcome aboard to the new folks! :)

  9. El Cuajinais

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    You should be able to tell the community mostly anything as long as you qualify your statements like you have been doing. Most of us are adults, we can take it. For example you’ve mentioned in another thread that there are “a few things to hammer down and confirm” before you can give an exact release date. I’m actually more interested in what those details are than on the release date itself. I’m curious as to how games get released into XBLA and PSN. Up to this point I’ve always believed it was the Game Fairy that delivered them to the XBLA store every Tuesday with the flick of her wand.

    Thanks again for being active in the forums.

    PD- I have a question that is not related to this release that I would like to know about. Probably the modders or better still, Redigit can chime in:

    What percentage of the game do you estimate could be reused if one was to implement 2D HD graphics like the ones in Spelunky, Castle Crashers, etc? It can’t be as simple (and costly) as re-doing all the art assets can it? (Well the liquids engine will probably need to be re-done to do justice to the graphics). I’ve never backed a Kickstarter project, but I would be up for backing that in a heartbeat.
  10. DarkCore1967

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    didn't he leave because he had a child?
  11. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    As noted in my post that you quoted. ;)

    Look, as a husband and father myself...there comes some times where one has to put their career on the back burner in favor of family. As Red has noted, he is either all in on work or not engaged. His career wasn't one where he could just "cut back"...and after dedicating his time to this game, it was time to return the favor to his family.

    Given the new child and his teammates checking out - it had to seem like a good time to at the very least take a break. He couldn't promise a return at the time because who knows? How could he? If he had and then didn't return, would that be better? I don't expect most people here would understand given their current life experiences.

    Damned if he did, damned if he didn't - especially around good ole TO.

    Now, we have the gift of hindsight at this point...but I hope the example is instructive moving forward.

    Just my perspective.

    Anyway...didn't mean to derail. :)
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  12. El Cuajinais

    El Cuajinais Green Slime

    Your tact & patience are admirable Loki, you're moderator material for sure. ;)

    Anyway didn't Red get the memo that the firstborn of every developer must to be sacrificed to the videogame gods? Woe is he!!! Now every game he makes will be cloned to iOS within the first six months of release!
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