Pre 1.2 The Ancient Spirits of Light and Darkness

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  1. Dogat Yellow Slime

    The Ancient Spirits of Light and Darkness

    The Story
    The Hallowed Empire of Terraria has existed for meny centuries. Until now the great wooden wall has kept the Corruption at bay, but the wall is weakening and as unrest among the citizens of Terraria grows as they begin to resent the weak and cruel leadership of the Hallowstone coucil, the Empire is the weakest it has ever been. You must help restore peace to the lands of Terraria, and under the Hallowed people's guidance, destroy the Corruption once and for all. But as your quests unravels, you discover the seemingly pure Hallow is not exactly what it seems.

    Start a new character and bin all starting items.
    Do not break or place any blocks unless explicitly told to or to continue your progress if you have somehow made the map uncompletable.
    Do not take clothes or armor off of mannequins. (NPCs)
    Do not craft anything unless you are told to do so.
    Note: This map is quite text heavy with an emphasis on story and creating a living game world rather than just pure action.

    The Great Wall of Terraria.png
    The Glass Castle.png
    World's End.jpg
    The Corruption.png
    Castle Skeletron.png

    The Download
    These images are also available on

    I have published the map there, so you can download it from the link there. Good luck and don't forget to post comments and feedback on either this thread or on Curseforge.

    Two player version of the map is now available! Thanks to all who helped contribute to up to 2,000 downloads.
  2. alecool34 Tim

    Sounds cool, downloading now. Is it multiplayer compatible?
  3. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Sorry, unfortunately it is not but my co-author and I are currently working on a sequel which we plan on incorporating 2 player co-op. Look out for the sequel when it is released.
    Also if this map gets enough requests to become co-op compatible then i may just have to make it multiplayer compatible.
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  4. corrupted ninja Green Slime

    it was very fun. because i am me i cheated of course.
  5. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Thanks for playing it! How did you cheat?
  6. corrupted ninja Green Slime

    well lets t say the hamdrax was a bad idea
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  7. alecool34 Tim

    So you literally mined through every wall in the map? Have you got any experience with adventure maps at all?
  8. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Ah, so you played the beta version. The hamdrax was included at the start in case of any blocks which made the map unplayable. The new version doesn't include the hamdrax as there is no point that you can break the map.
  9. corrupted ninja Green Slime

    no i didnt mine through every wall. i am NOT RETARDED. just i didnt know how to get to a chest so i would see what was in it. that is all. also halllowed armor looks really nice on me.
  10. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Hallowed Armour looks good on everyone =P
    And what chest?
  11. corrupted ninja Green Slime

    i dunno there were a few, its been a while since i played it.
  12. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Two player version of the map now available.
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  13. CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    You know, for a certain stone block quest (activate by lever), a meteorite formed there, so I couldn't move. Getting a pickaxe for it. Good thing I know where to get a gold or better pick
  14. Dogat Yellow Slime

    Dam, that's unlucky, although I don't really know how to counteract that. How did you find the map aside from that mishap?
  15. CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    Well, I had to cheat a bit at times (due to forgetting to go to another bed issues) but overall, pretty good. The amount of statues at times are op though. And the WoF did tear through me with lasers.... So I'll try it again today. But pretty good.
    Note: why mimics??? They are hardmode in a softmode world.
    Later Note: Since Guide won't come back, ill start a new one. And i'll skip part of the game to do it...
  16. Dogat Yellow Slime

    To make the statues seem less deadly, make sure you complete all of the side missions for extra loot! It will make the map easier, for example did you find the shadow-scale armour? Or find the cobalt shield?
    The mimics are there simply because they make the puzzles and mazes more tricky, because you know that if they catch you it's going to be messy. I find they make the game more intense.
  17. CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    And the way it ends is sorta lackluster for all you do and what it says. Namely "You may either side with the shades of the corruption or the equally corrupt Hallowed council and decide the fate of Terraria forever." I hope the sequel addresses that.
  18. Zero713 Green Slime

    This game was actually pretty darn good for me, enjoyed it alot. I only played a little of it and knew I had to make a video on it lol Might need a sequal to straighten some things out though lol.
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  19. CB54 Eskimo Zombie

    The end says they are going to make a sequel zero713.
  20. Zero713 Green Slime

    Ah, awesome, well can't wait for that then. lol

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