The Anti-Biome Bomb

Discussion in 'Biomes & Nature' started by Skeletor2711, Jul 20, 2012.


Do you like the main idea of an Anti-Biome Bomb?

  1. Yes, I want to bomb The Corruption away!

  2. No, that´s too crazy for me....

  1. Skeletor2711

    Skeletor2711 Green Slime

    I´ve been searching for an idea to get rid of an Biome invasion like in almost every map the corruption invasion is, BUT it should be an idea which is 100% involved in the game, not such an editor thingie, but an item that the player has to craft to get rid of one biome.
    That lead me to the ANTI-BIOME BOMB!
    Crafting that item mustn´t be an easy job, but a job for hardmode players, THUS:

    • You would have to search for a big load of resources, with almost every known ore and probably at least 10 souls of one hardmode boss.
    • You would have to craft that bomb in your house and you could control whether you´ll purify 85% (of the map) of The Corruption or The Hallow. (Maybe this makes two different bombs necessary - a "Purification Bomb" and a "Vile Bomb")
    • The Bomb can only be activated in space OR on one floating island. The explosion would be some flashes, as we know this from erasing a city in "Sim City 4".
    • After the explosion, the majority of one biome is turned back to normal.
    How do you like my idea? What would you change? Discuss! And please, developers, THINK about it :)

    edit: I am no modder, and I am not going to be one. Somebody who feels capable of realising this idea can pick it up. Just feel free :)
  2. Zaffre

    Zaffre Green Slime

    Hm. It seems like a concept, but there is too much grinding in hard mode already. Even if you were to get the materials, it would erase the point of hard mode. That is, destroying the Corruption, and spreading the Hallow. If you got one of these bombs, all you have to do is throw some holy waters on the corruption and activate it.
  3. Zinger

    Zinger Piranha

    i like the idea but i would make it only get rid of like 5% of the corruption or hallow, you know to even things out
  4. Cheerio

    Cheerio Cursed Skull

    Kinda good. But Zaffre does have a point. Still good. Maybe it could create a biome. I recently entered hard-mode, and I haven't got any Hallow yet. Could be useful. :p
  5. Looky95

    Looky95 Cursed Man

    This would be a good idea for getting rid of the surface biomes but would it reach to the underground biomes which in my opinion are much more irritating.
  6. Looky95

    Looky95 Cursed Man

    To be honest I really dislike the hallow aswell

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