The Awesome Server [ free build ] [nigtly boss battles] [tshock]

Discussion in 'Server Archive' started by twannna, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. twannna

    twannna Piranha

    im planing on re opening the server

    just need to get some buildings fixed en get tshock up and running again with some new plugins and then we are good to go :D

    the server wil sometimes be online so not 24/7 not yet atleast

    port: 7777

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  2. Szayeloporro

    Szayeloporro Bunny

    I'd like to join I also have a friend that also would
  3. twannna

    twannna Piranha

    join twan terraria18 or 19 or try it without hamachi
  4. Szayeloporro

    Szayeloporro Bunny

    It's not working
  5. twannna

    twannna Piranha

    than try with hamachi still some space in twan terraria19
  6. twannna

    twannna Piranha

    its now non hamachi :D
  7. RITF_Antman898

    RITF_Antman898 Green Slime

    do you have 1.1.2?
  8. RITF_Antman898

    RITF_Antman898 Green Slime

    i cant get on :mad:
  9. Nolan_Terraria

    Nolan_Terraria Green Slime

  10. twannna

    twannna Piranha

    yes its 1.1.2 and other guys srry but its not 24/7 im working on it but its hard for me :(
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  11. Klyge432

    Klyge432 Giant Worm

    This seems like a cool server are there any rules like NEW CHARS ONLY?
  12. twannna

    twannna Piranha

    there are a few rules yes but u dont need new chars
  13. Hobobob38

    Hobobob38 Green Slime

    me and my brother would like to join
  14. Oranje

    Oranje THE Orange Troll

    Can I make some 8-bit game avatars on that server?
  15. twannna

    twannna Piranha

    :O if u could do that for me then yes plz :D
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  16. Oranje

    Oranje THE Orange Troll

    I will go to the server when I have some time.
  17. hordes09

    hordes09 Green Slime

    this world is cool
  18. CyberDash

    CyberDash Cursed Man

    i just wanna ask why the server has'nt been on for 2 entire weeks!
  19. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Green Slime

    Twaannaaaa! Why is there no activity on your server longer? It has been down for 2 weeks, and then your YouTube! And Skype and Hamachi ._.? Meh...
  20. i used to play i was chase and the server was hamachi i did not know that

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