The Complete Guide to Terraria Online Signatures

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  1. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    .::The Complete Guide to Terraria Online Signatures::.
    Written by: SynthAura

    This newbie-friendly guide will guide you through everything you need to know about editing your signature on Terraria Online. If this guide helped you or if you support my current and future guides please like this post and recommend this thread to members who have questions or issues answered in this guide. Thank you.​

    Table of Contents:
    I. Overview
    i. Introduction to Your Signature

    ii. Terraria Online Signature Rules

    iii. Locating the Signature Editing Page

    iiii. Editing Your Signature

    II. Advanced Editing
    i. Adding an Image to Your Signature

    -Adding an Image to Your Signature from the Internet

    -Adding an Image to Your Signature from your Computer

    ii. Adding a Link to an Image

    Introduction to Your Signature
    Your forum signature comes after every post you make on Terraria Online. It is a space you can use to post your favorite links, place a banner or other image you like, anything that doesn't break the Terraria Online rules and doesn't exceed 150 pixels height. Some clans or servers on Terraria Online have banners you can place in your signature to support them with every post you make.​

    Terraria Online Signature Rules
    Terraria Online has rules regarding the size, and what you can post in your signature. Please read the rules before posting anything in your signature.​
    Click here to see the Terraria Online signature rules (open)

    Quoted from the Terraria Online Forum Rules posted by confuzzledyma

    Here is a 150 pixel height meter I made specifically for signature height reference:

    Locating the Signature Editing Page
    To edit your signature you must first learn to locate the link. The link can be found by hovering your mouse over your username and clicking "Signature". You'll then be taken to the Signature Editing Page where you can edit your signature however you please, as long as it abides the rules.​

    Editing Your Signature
    Once you've reached the Signature Editing Page, all you have to do is add what you want to your signature, click "Save" (or "Preview" if you want to make sure it was edited correctly), then you're finished and your signature will appear under all your posts and conversations on Terraria Online! For a list of BB Codes you can use to "spice up" your signature click here.​

    Advanced Editing
    Adding an Image to Your Signature
    Adding an Image to your Signature from the Internet
    To add a picture that is posted on a website or forum, simply right click the image you want to add, click "View Image", then right click the image again, click "View Image Info", right click and copy the highlighted text, go to the Signature Editing Page and click the "Insert/edit Image" icon, paste the code into the text field, and click "Insert".​

    Adding an Image to Your Signature from Your Computer
    To add an image to your signature from your computer, first you must upload the picture to the internet using a image sharing site, some notable image sharing sites are Photobucket and Imgur. Once you've uploaded the image you want in your signature, simply right click the image you uploaded, click "View Image", then right click the image again and click "View Image Info", right click and copy the highlighted text, go to the Signature Editing Page, click the "Insert/edit Image" icon, paste the code into the text field, and click "Insert".​

    Adding a Link to an Image
    To add a link to an image in your signature, simply left click the image in the Signature Editing Page to select it, click the "Insert/edit link" icon in the editing toolbar, and insert the URL you'd like the image to link to. Whenever someone clicks the image in your signature they will be sent to the URL you inserted. This is a helpful feature for support banners, giving viewers the option to click the image and be directly sent to the thread the banner supports.​

    If this guide helped you or if you support my current and future guides please like this post and recommend it to members who have questions or issues answered in this guide. If you have a question related to Terraria Online signatures that isn't fully answered in this guide please post it in this thread. Thank you.​

  2. Appleloaf

    Appleloaf Green Slime

    Very handy! :)
    I already knew about how to make a signature, but this sure do helps out the newbies.
  3. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    Thanks! That's definitely the target audience of this guide. Some of my new clan members kept asking how to add banners to their signature, and after some searching I saw there was no guide. So I got the inspiration to make my own.
  4. AgentShawn

    AgentShawn Cursed Skull

    Hooray! Now people have even LESS of a reason to get signature-related infractions! :D
  5. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    Indeed! xD Thank you!
  6. Svein

    Svein Green Slime

    Thanks, was handy i found out my fault was i tried to use imageshack, which didnt work, but then i used imgur and it all got placed!
  7. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    Okay awesome!
  8. Chowder138

    Chowder138 Cursed Skull

    This was really helpful! but how do you contain part (or all) of it in a spoiler box?
  9. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    That can be found in the BB Code help page linked in the guide. But all you have to do is type: [spoiler="Insert Spoiler Box Title Here"] before the text you want in the box and [/spoiler] after the text you want in the spoiler box.

    If you wanted to put "The cake is a lie!" in a spoiler box with the title "Portal Reference" you would type the code like this:

    [spoiler="Portal Reference"]The cake is a lie![/spoiler]

    And it would turn out like this:
    Portal Reference (open)
    The cake is a lie!

    Hope I helped! Let me know if you still need something!

    I hate to bump my own thread, but I put a lot of work into this and I was hoping it would get a bit more of a chance to shine.
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  10. Excellent guide. Just like to say as a reminder that if your sig is above 150 pixels, even ONE above 150, and it's not due to some glitch or whitespace, then I WILL infract you. I don't care who you are. I don't care what you've done. Keep the sigs under 150 pixels each. Know that in case of a sig like mine, where it's over 150 pixels in conversations and on my profile, that's fine. As long as on regular threads it stays under 150 pixels.
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  11. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    Thank you! but I think warnings would be a plausible addition, considering I wasn't even aware my signature was over 150 pixels, and I'm more than willing to shrink it, which would have avoided the 5 point infraction I just received on my signature which is now under 150 pixels. Are 1 day warnings possible? Now that I've got my mind set on this new rule I think I'm going to post a suggestion thread about it. lol
  12. Think it a strict thing. You won't be making this mistake again, correct? So it worked out.

    Warnings never work out. The amount of users who ignore them is shocking. If there's no infraction involved then it wouldn't work out. At least that's my personal experience.

    Always check your sig. I triple check my own sig whenever I change it, and make sure anything on the edge is ok before I use it, like I said with the larger in conversations thing.
  13. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    Of course, I didn't plan on making the mistake in the first place. In fact, a warning would have alerted me that my signature was slightly too high, and I would have changed it right away, avoiding an infraction and being more vigilant in the future. What I'm proposing is a warning system that would give the member one day to reduce his signature to the appropriate size, and if action isn't taken within the time given, then the infraction would be given. So that members who blatantly break the rules will be given the infraction, but members who were previously unaware of their rule infractions will be given a chance to fix their mistake.
  14. That requires moderators to watch currently, which is a downright pain. A plugin that did that would be nice, but I don't think the forum currently has access to something like that.

    I currently do something like that for people with broken sigs, like their spoiler going three times to take it over the limit, because of that weird glitch. But that's a small few.
  15. Aleks White

    Aleks White Green Slime

    good to know that someone can do this
  16. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    Yeah that's basically what I'm saying would be great for the infraction system, but I guess you can only have so much epicness in one forum eh? :p and as for the spoiler glitch, it seems to happen to me when I try to center the spoiler, but deleting the spoiler, saving, and pasting the spoiler code again usually fixes it (Although it can't be centered, but the text inside the spoiler can be.) Isn't there a programmer in the staff though? The enchanter does that kinda stuff doesn't he?
    I don't follow.
  17. He's busy with a lot of stuff, you can request it from him though, Telshin is his name.

    Also, combine your two posts. I already gave you one infraction in this thread... let's not make it two. Delete the second one. Consider this your lucky warning.
  18. Warren Peace

    Warren Peace Green Slime

  19. SynthAura

    SynthAura Corruptor

    He posted after I posted my reply to your thread. I don't appreciate the condescending tone... As for the warning rule I'll post a suggestion thread and see what the community thinks before I continue on.
  20. Doesn't matter. You can edit it. And if you're breaking a rule I'll say it in any way, usually I just give a three point infraction for that. It just happens that you're in conversation with me already, so I'll keep it as one infraction (the sig).

    After you post that thread I'd show it to Telshin after you get your votes though, he reads his profile and responds to say if he read the post or not, so it's probably the best place to show your results.

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