The creepy happening in Terraria... Someone tell me what this is...

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  1. ThatChapNamedCharles

    ThatChapNamedCharles Green Slime

    Dec 10, 2012
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    Okay. What you are about to here is not made up. I am not telling fairy tales and I don't think this has happened to anyone ever in Terraria before. I have looked everywhere, wiki, google and Terraria addicts and I am still unsure.

    This is what happened:

    On Saturday my friend wanted to play Terraria so he made a fresh, new clean server so everything would be new. I was going to go on a new Character but I couldn't get on the server with that one so I used my regular one which already had items on it (from singleplayer.)

    We built a house and found some cool stuff that day.

    The next day on Sunday we played Terraria on the server again. Later, I had to go to Dinner so I left the server and told my friend farewell. He stayed in the server and renovated the house.

    When I got back he said he found a tombstone near our house. I thought it would be a joke and he just placed a tombstone and edit it to try and scare me. I got on the tombstone and read it saying:

    "R.I.P Jerry. You will be missed..."
    And it had some dates on it but I can't remember.
    I thought this was a joke and just played along as I was thinking to myself:
    "Who could Jerry be?"

    My friend said he then found a neat cave but it had a sign infront of it. I went there straight away. I think he was trying to trick me again so once again I played along.

    The sign said:
    "Please turn back now. Don't go in this for saken cave. Leave now. I can't sleep anymore."
    Or something along the lines of that.

    So we went in the cave and went down as far as we could. We fought monsters along the way...

    We then reached this structured room. It had 2 chests in it with many resources and potions. There was an anvil too and my friend hasn't even got any iron. There is no way he could get all of this done in an hours time so now I thought something was going on. For sure.

    We grabbed the loot and went further down. We then came across what seemed to be a slime swimming session of slimes swimming together in some sort of pool. But that wasn't it. My friend had stepped on some sort of poison. He called me to come have a look. It was some sort of stone carved in a shape of a head. It was poisoning my friend.
    He was losing HP so he ate a mushroom and drank some potions and we were off again.

    We then came across a cave with dozens of torches. My friend didn't even have any torches or materials to make one before I left so something was going on. We geared up and went down. There was water. We found tombstones in the water that weren't ours as we had never been there.

    When we were about to pick them up suddenly 2 monsters came out of nowhere. A skeleton and a undead miner. Which is pretty awesome since an undead miner is quite rare. My friend chucked down a grenade and BANG! The monsters died. We grabbed the tombstones and put them up on the platform we were on to avoid drowning. It said nothing. Both the tombstones were blank. We then went to mine for some silver about 100 metres from the tombstones...

    My friend then said he saw one nudge. I did too. We went to read the tombstone and it changed. It said:
    "You will die..."
    There was no way my friend could of edit that...He was with me the whole time ages away from it. We ran. We began to dash out the cave. And on the way back. We saw more of those stone carved heads on the way back that weren't there. My friend blocked them up and we ran. They were appearing out of no where. We ran again. Then we came across a pink area near the side of a wall in the cave that we didn't see when we came down. (We were coming the same way back up when we did going down.) My friend went closer to it and he died instantly, flung up in the air.

    And on the feed in the chat it just said my friends name...Not his cause of death. It even said it on the tombstone... Just my friends name. Ryan.... I tried escaping, I was close and I died by large amounts of zombies and worms... When I respawned I disconnected from the server. My friend said that there was a sign in the house saying "I've died because of you..."

    I came back later to the server and I disposed of the sign. Trashing it. We then grabbed our stuff from our home and moved East. (The cave was West and we wanted to get away from there as much as possible.) We built a tower on a mountain as a new home. It was perfect. I then went back to the old house to see if there was anything left to grab. I went to the house, grabbed some things and then went to go block the cave up. But on the way back to the cave...the respawned somehow. It was an exact copy... I don't know how it was put back there... I blocked up the cave and left.

    Sorry for this being so long. Last few bits now.

    There was a sign next to the mountain as well saying:
    "You will burn..." Just shortly after we built the tower...

    The next peculiar thing happened was we were both in the tower together, my friend opened the door and this wooden mannequin literally jumped out of no where making my friend jump. We destroyed it and trashed it...

    We then finally were going to go to a dungeon on the surface that was apparently East. We locked the house up and went. But...We came across a sign and another construction of a small unfinished house on the way there... It said something like:
    "I'm sorry. Please forgive me. All I want is to start a new life. I'm sorry Jerry for what I did at the beach. I am just so cold hearted and alone right now not knowing what is going on. Please forgive me..."
    I couldn't remember it all. And I was with my friend the whole time so he cannot of built it. And there was no other players who joined or were in the server. It was just my friend and I and noone else.

    If someone can please maybe figure out what this may be and please respond to me ASAP. I would like to know what this is. Note that none of this is made up! This is not some sort of creepypasta. This is real!

    Thank you.

  2. lord_vinvis

    lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Sep 21, 2011
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    sure you weren't accidently playing an adventure map?
    few other explanations I can find to this fenomenon:
    - someone hacked into your computer
    - your friend somehow tricked you ( and was very clever!) ( he could have logged in with a late-game char. and built everything)
    - you are making this up ( It is an option that I must include, but I believe you.)

    some things are game-technically not possible:
    - tomb stones nudging.
    - strange pink areas
    - signs respawning ( or signs spawning at all)

    so, I must conclude( assuming that you are being honest)
    - someone/something has caused the game to malfunction, or hacked your server.
    however unlikely, this is my prime explanation.

    it is impossible your friend could have tricked you, because strange lethal pink areas cannot be made without hacking the game. unless your friend was the hacker of course.
    someone is probably having a great laugh from behind his computer! ;)
  3. ThatChapNamedCharles

    ThatChapNamedCharles Green Slime

    Dec 10, 2012
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    I'll ask my friend if he has downloaded any fishy files or gone to any fishy sites. Thanks. I'm not sure if these strange lethal pink areas are the underworld. I might go back in that cave to have a look...
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  4. Star and Moon

    Star and Moon Blood Crawler

    Dec 4, 2012
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    Have either of you modded the game? Do you have any screenshots?

    When did you create the world? Maybe is some rare unknown Halloween event that nobody's experienced before. I know it sounds stupid, but it could be possible.
    What is an Adventue map?
  5. lord_vinvis

    lord_vinvis Doctor Bones

    Sep 21, 2011
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    A map someone has made with usually a story of some kind, and that you can dowload from the web.

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