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  1. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Thanks for understanding. ^^

    Hell yeah! That mind-splitting ability is something I borrowed from my own story that I'm working on.

    That said, Dasgreil's magic, and the others who've been brought up to follow that way of sorcery, is not the only way to use magic in TDatG. The Empress, for one, uses magic in a way that is tied directly to nature, allowing her to bypass the need for spells. The demon was able to mask his ability, which comes from being taught another lifestyle of using Terraria's magic.

    About hell (open)
    The confusion is probably on my part for not making it clearer. :]

    The Wall of Flesh is a player (and actually has been a player for some time, but its involvement has been off-screen and in the past, so don't think you've missed the signs or anything; also, this doesn't count as a spoiler because I've mentioned before in some earlier post that WoF would appear at one point). And yup, the demon worships the Wall of Flesh ("another red god," although the validity of this deity is up for debate), along with the other denizens of hell.

    Also, the demon's existence is news to both Elaine and Dasgreil. As far as they and everyone else knows, hell is a made-up place--even blasphemous, since the Church of the Red God doesn't recognize it. The people of Terraria, above ground, worship the Red God that Dasgreil has reflected on, has appeared in Adam's dreams and is present in the beginning of this chapter in a dream while speaking to a disloyal disciple.

    The Empress is not the Wall of Flesh. Lol. Although I could see how that might be possible, what with her tendrils spilling out at unfortunate times. But the WoF is a creature of fire and the depths, whereas Elaine, while certainly a ruthless person, is a dryad -- to a certain extent.

    Much thanks. And your patience is appreciated. :D

    I feel I should make something else clear, in case there's some confusion. The Fiery Great-Sword (which, as far as I'm concerned, will not be called as such in this story if only because it sounds...kinda lame. [Sorry. But in-game, the title works just fine!] I'll just refer to it as the great-sword for now.) The timeline as it stands now with regards to the Great-Sword: the god-killer took it from hell; the Empress took it from him before she states also killing him; the great-sword was stolen from the Empress; and now the sword has appeared in the mansion/house that Adam and co. are staying at. The missing information will be filled in as the story continues, so nobody worry just yet about me starting to make shit up willy-nilly.

    So. There are some other hints/clues in this chapter but if y'all have already read the thing once, then it's not fair to have to read it all over again to pick up on some other stuff.
  2. xGama

    xGama Snow Flinx

    One word EPIC
  3. stevefox74

    stevefox74 Cursed Skull

    Impressively written. Amazing. Seriously, what makes you become such skilled writer?
  4. Jesusfreak54

    Jesusfreak54 Green Slime

    He's awesome.
  5. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

    You need talent to write exceptionally well. And by God does he have talent.

    Or, it could be that he is a university student at Creative English, therefore more experienced in creative writing.
  6. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Awesome. Thanks man! I saw the likes you left and grinned. It's always good to know that the story is attracting readers, even if it's not on the front page.


    Reading, man. Lots of it. Even when I know I can't afford the time to do so.

    And being your own worst/best critic. It's difficult, realizing that what seemed genius at one time is almost crap now, but I'm much better off for learning to keep my ego in check.

    Also -- and this is a personal preference -- clarity/simplicity in writing (although I'm not perfect at pulling this off). I mean, I can write something that might sound amazing, a page full of flowery description or pure action, but if it doesn't actually make sense, or if it fails to convey meaning because it's too convoluted, then that bit of prose is useless (to me, that is). So, I'll try to pass on describing the way a character looks too much, or at all, or skip on going too much into detail about appearances, or cut out redundancies and padding. I prefer dialogue, and try as much as possible to make it sound natural. Dialogue can convey a lot where descriptions can't -- although, of course, the exact opposite is also true as well.

    And planning. And patience. For this fan-fic in particular, I don't even bother sitting down in front of my laptop until I know what important scenes I want to tackle. Like, important/interesting moments that act as markers, around which I build up the rest of the chapter. Sometimes, the scenes I want to write either don't make sense, or have to be put aside for a later time, and I'm grateful for the restraint I had in waiting out my first impulses so I could recognize the better ideas that come later and actually fit the story's structure so far. Also, I revisit sections I've finished, only to be surprised that I was too pretentious, or revealed too much, or had written utter garbage. Rewrites are annoying, but they usually pay-off (sometimes a rewrite of a section is worse than the original).

    Appreciate that. I mean it, thanks! Always good to hear from you. ^^

    Again, thanks!

    And nope, I'm not in creative writing. ^^ Although there was a time when I really wanted to get into the program. I kinda regret not going for it now. I suspect if I did, my academic work would be much easier -- and more fun, too!

    EDIT: I don't want to give the impression that I don't know where to go with TDatG. ^^ There are currently two endings possible, although I think I can fuse them together without much fuss. And I know the major events that will happen throughout the story. The only problem is getting to those events. (And, of course, being smart enough to accept when certain desired events can't happen.)
  7. Gabriel91SatanGod

    Gabriel91SatanGod Cursed Skull

    You can publish a book! When you finished and have money, i will buy! I read the Prologue and its already Darn GOOD.

  8. AyeAye12

    AyeAye12 Paladin

  9. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Ha! I've actually got a book in the works. Years in the works, actually. Still haven't quite gotten the nerve to start writing it properly. Although I'm still expanding on it in my head from time to time, and typing down scenes.

    Thanks man. Still have a grin on my face. XD
  10. SethCloud

    SethCloud Green Slime

    I just couldn't stop reading. At some points, I went back and read from the start. I loved the into! This Fan-Fic is awesome. How did you think of the story!? Keep them coming man, Please!!!
  11. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    This is a very good story.
    Mind if I take some inspiration from it?
  12. Kadoja

    Kadoja Green Slime

    When are you going to put up chapter eight?
  13. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    That sounds cool. ^^ Mind if I ask what, exactly, has inspired you?

    And thanks for reading. Appreciate it!

    Good question. I thought that once I'd finished school I'd have more time to write, but since I've started working, that's turned out to be a lie. I have barely any time to myself anymore. What little work I do for TDatG comes from going through scenes again and again in my head or typing little notes to myself on my crap phone during my way too short breaks at work.

    That said, I'm 1500 words into Ch.8. I also have a good chunk (or so) of the chapter already planned out. I'm hoping to have Ch.8 released on the 12th, at the earliest, but it all comes down to whether or not I'll be able to summon enough strength to sit in front of the laptop after a long day of tiring work and hammer away at the keyboard.

    Also, thanks for taking the time to read the fan-fic!
  14. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    Well, you just make everything sound so epic... It sounds perfectly crafted. Really good story, by the way.
    You are more skilled at the art of writing then me. :( for me, :D for you.
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  15. xGama

    xGama Snow Flinx

    I'm just wondering, but do you have a editor or something cos when I'm reading I can't see any mistakes. If you dont then get one on TO there are probably plenty of willing volunteers.
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  16. XxSexyPonyxX

    XxSexyPonyxX Green Slime

    I must say, I have been reading a bit of this and I really like it ^_^
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  17. Classikly

    Classikly Vampire

    I think I'll spend a good slow week or so on reading this. Hopefully it'll inspire me to start writing again.

    Edit: I just realized, when reading Terraria stories you are consumed into the story. You feel as if the fictional world becomes reality. You feel, hear and see everything happening in the story..but then you realize that it's based on a pixelated 2-D game.
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  18. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Aww, thanks man. Take comfort in knowing there are a vast amount of much more skilled writers, all of them published, who regularly deflate my ego with all their awesome novels. (My current fave is K. J. Parker, who does humour, sharp/natural dialogue and a whole host of other talented stuff with words that leaves me shaking my head at the end of every one of his/her novels, wondering how one person can have all that swagger and not explode.)

    Yeah, I do the editing myself. It also helps that I write in Microsoft Word. Of course, there are things MW doesn't catch, so that's when I agonize over every line before posting a chapter. (And, of course, as soon as I've posted, I see three mistakes that should've been immediately obvious.)

    I've toyed with the idea of getting an editor. The only problem is that it'd have to be an editor who is only looking for grammar and spelling mistakes. Anything more, and then I'd be arguing with this as of yet unspecified person why, exactly, I chose to have a character do x instead of y. I can be a bit stone-hearted at times.

    In any case, the editing situation is under control for the mean time. If ever it becomes a problem, I'll start harassing a couple of people. ^^

    Woot! Here's to hoping you end up reading a bit more.

    That's what's so damned fun about writing: the craft of making readers believe your lies are true.

    Hope you're able to get writing again, though. It sucks when you lose the drive for a while.
  19. xGama

    xGama Snow Flinx

    Do you have like a bunch of deleted scenes stored up somewhere? If you do show it to us :)
  20. Garneac

    Garneac Yellow Tyrant of Death

    Yeah, I wish. Well, I do have snippets of interesting dialogue and scenes from future chapters, just so I don't forget them. Other than that, no, sorry. >< (All deleted scenes happen in my head, as I add and subtract stuff before I feel confident enough to start writing a chapter. Sure, I do end up changing stuff I've written, but I always delete the inferior versions. >_>)

    EDIT: Wait, wait. Looking through the Word document right now, I realized I still have the original synopsis, back when I wasn't too sure what the story would be about:

    ** ** **​

    GarneacIn the shadow of a dungeon, a man who has murdered innocent and damned alike does battle with a god.
    GarneacOn the other side of the world, another man wakes up in a grassy clearing to find he's lost his memory, like the other people surrounding him.
    GarneacHis fragmented dreams are the only clues as to his identity, as well as the truth behind how he and the others arrived in this strange and dangerous land. Now exiles, they must struggle to survive against not only the creatures that hunt them but also each other.
    GarneacAt the end of their journey lies a secret that may very well destroy the lives which they are trying to rebuild.

    ** ** **​
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