The face behind the Avatar?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Kane, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. Katie x Green Slime

    <3 I'm jealous of your nails, I bite mine xD
  2. Threule Blazing Wheel

    My nails what. I just posted a Cool Story bro pic back in my times, i still dont get watcha said

    EDIT: Just what i said:
  3. Cauthos Hornet

    I'm surprised to actually see a few females on this thread. Glad is wasn't a total sausage fest!

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  4. MeizterEckhart Green Slime

    This IS a sausage fest unfortunately...

    the babes are hawt tho! and by babes I mean the women.

    There are more women than men, so there should be more female players than male, a 4 to 1 ratio seems fitting, could you imagine that?
    there wouldn't be an internet if that were the case, the wars would be apocalyptic! like in Atlantis!
  5. MeizterEckhart Green Slime

    I´m the three of them , plus the one holding the camera and the one flipping the bird! amis.jpg
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  6. Kenjiro-kun Piranha

    maybe I'll post my picture someday, but not under Meizter, because he is scary
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  7. Haunt Fire Imp

  8. Arroz2003 Devourer

    me a year ago. imma big nerd.
  9. Arroz2003 Devourer

    Man almost all yall have emo hair! New stereotype. Terraria: the game for emos. Gotta grow muh hair out and dye it black or green.
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  10. Kenjiro-kun Piranha

    My hair is not emo '-'
    and its natural
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  11. Arroz2003 Devourer

    lol my bad. i was just throwing out a broad sweeping stereotype.
  12. Scar3dGam3r Yellow Slime

    My hair is not emo either. Its just grown out as well.
  13. Arroz2003 Devourer

    emo hair.jpg
    your 2nd row, far right. your in denial. Thats totally emo fro. I say we grow our hair and and do the blow out hairstyle!
  14. Scar3dGam3r Yellow Slime

    Most recent- so you are wrooong. =P
  15. Arroz2003 Devourer

    Lets just do this!
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  16. MeizterEckhart Green Slime

    But who are you in the picture?
    Its not fair if its not a real picture of you!

  17. Arroz2003 Devourer

    lol i posted my pic earlier
  18. Threule Blazing Wheel

    Someday, we'll do a emo day, where you must post yourself with emo hair if possibru
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  19. Dragonized Illuminant Slime

    I had my emo times a long time ago already.
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  20. MeizterEckhart Green Slime

    I'm ready to wear my wig if the EMO hairstyle ever comes back in style...

    cause it was the trendiest hairdo evar!

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