TConfig The Hellish Hardmode! A mod by Bullseye55. {Continuous WIP}

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1. Do you like the Hellish Hardmode? 2.Do you prefer small, frequent updates or big, slower updates?

  1. Yes, I like the Hellish Hardmode.

  2. No, I do not like the Hellish Hardmode.

  3. I would like shorter, but faster updates.

  4. I would like bigger, but slower updates.

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  1. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    If you just want to download, scroll to the bottom of the post. I take 0% liability of complaints if you don't read.

    Release Eight and this mod will be merged into Terrara Avalon as a part of a very major project. Your experience, and my team's experience, will sharpen once the merge is complete. This mod, after that, will only exist for nostalgic purposes.

    Release Seven Hotfix One is Released!

    Enjoy the addition of several new assist NPC's, as well as a few other gimmicks.
    This release was released quite early due to a critical bug that needed to be fixed as soon as possible. Thank Dookie4455 for first reporting it. :)


    Very Important! To get the Hunger System running, download it from W1K's thread, extract the obj. file, then recompile that. Not the old version! The Hunger System opens up about 28% of the mod.

    Official Site!

    Includes Changelogs, Content Logs, and information.
    Note: Certain things on the Content/Changelogs are left out on purpose.

    Version and News:
    Release 7.0 is out!
    Updated to Tconfig 0.29.0!


    The Hellish Hardmode aims to revamp Terraria with suggestions made by the Terraria community and from my own immense imagination. It will be updated at least a bit.


    Surfpup's Tconfig:

    W1K's Hunger mod:

    Content List:
    Show Spoiler


    The Terraria community has announced, I have made! Introducing Corrupt and Hallowed Staffs of Regrowth, and Magic Grenades that require Mana instead of actual grenades!

    Try the Status Chamber! Included in the Hellish Hardmode, the Status Chamber refills your health and mana completely and fully, though keeps you in place for six seconds.

    Wanted to have a purpose for mining? Try making a Madagma Bar. These bars require 2 of every bar in the game at an Adamantite Forge.

    Ever wanted to not have to wait for that special time when your plants bloom for their seeds? Fear no more! The Seed Fabricator can make any seed with the right materials. Bring a blowpipe with you though. This is a very late-game item.


    Beta testers and I are getting pictures soon. Check on my Steam Profile for the latest spoilers.


    Surfpup - For designing Tconfig that makes this all possible.

    W1K - Helped with the tidbits of information what I needed and resolved a lot of tiny mistakes in the code. Credit the Inferno debuff to him, the Charge System, and half of the Molten Jungle spreading Dynamics.

    Yoraiz0r - Helped me with a lot!

    Star and Moon - A spriter for the mod!

    Omnir - Helped with shading and sprites by teaching me, also let me use his Arm Cannon.png as a template. Hence the Shock, Poison, and Pulse Beams.

    BlahBlahBla: We are kinda partnered up. We both have helped each other.

    The Terraria Online Community - Helped with ideas with their suggestions threads. Hence the Magic Grenade and the Corrupt/Hallowed staffs of Regrowth. I constantly look at the suggestions, so if you have one, please post it there. If I can do it, it maybe will be in this mod.

    The GMA Gaming Clan - My gaming clan. Ask for an invite. The community sure helps me here!

    Rest of the credits in Readme included with the download.

    Special Mentions:

    The Terraria Plug.DJ, hosted by Pickred!

    W1K's Mods.

    W1K's Mods: Terrariastuck.

    Omnir's Mods.

    I am hosting it on Dropbox. Hellish Hardmode by Bullseye55.rar - Normal version; 0.29.0.

    None - Beta version. Latest Beta; 0.28.3. Betas need to be compiled with the Modpack Builder.

    Source is now included! Feel free to learn from it! I do not include the obj. file, only the source. Makes it more learner-friendly.

    Copyright Notice:
    I will never use or another ad waiting service for you, the loyal downloader. If you see anyone posting my mod with a paid to go link, it is unlawful.​

    This mod is made by Bullseye55. No distribution of this mod can be done by anyone but Bullseye55. This mod will not go into any modpacks. No modifying this mod in any way, including for private servers or personal use. This mod may only be downloaded at Bullseye55 download services/Bullseye55's Dropbox and any subdomains/hosting sites used by Bullseye55. No uploading on any sites, including Piratebay! All rights reserved and copyrighted.​
    If you have a similar mod, yet you designed it, feel free to post it. BlahBlahBla's Avalon has a minor similarity of my Madagma/Molten Bars, yet they are different. You are allowed to post similar mods, but not copied mods.

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  2. Eldiran

    Eldiran Green Slime

    Nice, looks really cool! Especially that Lightmine Launcher. Are those lights permanent?

    Any chance of more info on what's in the mod? I'm crazy picky about what mods I use, so I need to be able to see if there might be anything unbalanced/thematically out of place/possibly glitchy.
  3. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    The second release is coming in a week, along with a more descriptive post.

    I will have a written summary of the items by then.

    Most of the overpowered items can only be made with Madagma bars, which are a royal pain to get.
  4. Eldiran

    Eldiran Green Slime

    Cool, looking forward to it! Thanks.
  5. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    Well I was about to download and play with this mod, then I saw this notice above.
    Pity... Makes me wonder why even bother releasing the mod to the modding community at all?
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  6. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster


    On another note, you seem to be a really good coder/spriter. This mod looks really nice.
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  7. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Nababoo, thanks for the encouragement. :)

    Reason why I am on the good side: My coding is actually a full time hobby. :p
    I simply love doing it. :)

    What I mean, is into other mods. You may use it with other mods, though other mods may not integrate this mod into their mod.

    If you want to modify my mod, you must make sure not to release it. The copyright notice will change where private modifying is allowed soon. Release Three is when.

    Edit: On a side note!

    Release Two will be out on the 17th! Expect a Torch Launcher that fires torches that on contact, place themselves on walls! A few bug fixes will also be done.

    Can't believe I broke the Status Chamber by putting 400 mana instead of 200 mana. Rediculus. :p
  8. AtomskShade

    AtomskShade Bunny

    Torch Launcher, Now why does that sound familiar? Other than that, I really like the premise of the mod, It seems promising. I will say please save often, and don't abandon this idea later on. Or at least announce that your going to be abandoning it.
  9. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    I will keep this mod updated and the community fully informed. :)

    If I scrap something, it will always be on this thread. :)

    Ah, didn't catch Obsidian's mod.

    I'll just add a lightblock that shines with a blue light, and a gun that places them. :)
  10. Trace Kern

    Trace Kern Green Slime

    Well this is a little bit more reasonable.
    I am currently working on a compilation modpack for personal use. So far I've got thirty nine separate mods included, which I am working on getting to play nice together, as well as editing minor things like trimming out items and content I personally don't have an interest in, or making recipes for items which currently have none (Like mods which haven't yet set a recipe for their items).

    I originally had no intention of releasing this compilation, but I've had requests from a few forum members to do just that if/when I was done with it. I have no intention of even attempting to claim credit for any content, and the only changes would be personal taste tweaks.

    That said, if you'd prefer I not use your mod, that's your right.
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  11. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish


    Release Two is going to be all bug Fixes. I could not figure out the Failed to Load errors what I was getting, and Jackhammers-Lightblocks have been scrapped for now.
  12. MasterLuigi452

    MasterLuigi452 Piranha

    So this mod is indeed still in WIP due to almost neverending ideas from suggestion thread.
    I am really glad I contributed Magic Grenade to your mod. :p
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  13. Kalcipher

    Kalcipher Clinger

    If you improve the sprites i might download it.
  14. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    I had to get this out. Expect for a mod-changing July 30th update! It will be MUCH bigger than the last one. So far, I've gotten these things done:

    Counters, working on a full kitchen set through release 3-4.

    Food items, working on a few recipes through release 3-4.

    Shock Beam now has an alt. fire that is activated by the right mouse button! It fires a much larger shot that goes half a screen before fading. Shock Beam now has a cooldown, and damage is greatly boosted.

    Rapidfire Cannon now has an alt. fire that is activated by the right mouse button! It fires a piercing round that pierces enemies, but at the cost of taking 2 ammo each bullet instead of one.

    (My personal favourite) Gatling Gun now heats up as it is used! This means that the more you use it, the faster it gets, until it cools off again. This is now the advanced Megashark!

    Molten Ore is blastable, but to forge the bars themselves, you need Adamantite and souls.

    Status Chamber now has beeps each second!

    Rocket Launcher now requires Madagma bars, but has increased damage and a faster firing rate!

    I wish my services and work on the mod make you satisfied. Note, for the people who skim read: The changes above are for the next update on July 30th. When this update launches, I recommend making a new world and a new character. Of course, it is up to you.

    This mod Does Not support multiplayer. It might in a very future release, but this is uncertain.

    As I always put: My short-term schedule is below.


    Release three will have an updated forum post, with full credits, and a full item list. Also a bit of new content.

    Release four will finish the Kitchen Set and add more food. It might do other things, but I'm not sure.

    This is my schedule for now. As always, I will notify you if anything changes.
  15. MegaWolfNineWammies

    MegaWolfNineWammies Green Slime

    Looks cool, i shall try it out :)
  16. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    A few new updates about Release three what I need to get out before it comes:

    1. Requires W1K's Hunger System mod, which can be found here:

    2. Many systematics of the mod are heavily changed. I fully recommend you start a new world and character, as most items have huge nerfs and buffs.

    3. Some items now have custom abilities. Mentioned below:

    Rapidfire Cannon has an alt. fire that pierces enemies, but requires more ammo.
    Shock Beam can charge up for a massive blast.
    Gatling Gun now gets faster the longer it shoots, then resets to normal.

    If you want the best experience, Release Three is in three days.

    I am updating the item list now, making it a full item list. Itemlist is nearly done. Just a bit more misc. content left!
  17. Bullseye55

    Bullseye55 Fungo Fish

    Release 4.2 is out! The Hellish Hardmode is updated to Tconfig 0.24, the latest version.

    I really should get me a blog so I can keep everyone informed....
  18. nababoo

    nababoo Dark Caster

    Hellish Harmode...

    I like the seed fabricators. Interesting item there.
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  19. W1K

    W1K Bumping into people without being here

    Well, the thread kind of works like a blog. If people are interested, they just follow it.
  20. Can anyone tell me what sort of changes this makes to mob spawns and general difficulty? I'm seeing a big list of endgame items but for a mod called "hellish hardmode" these all seem like they'd make the game easier.
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