The Invert Pack

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  1. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    The Invert Pack

    The Invert Pack is simply a texture pack where all colors are inverted. Don't believe me? Check out the pictures!
    Pics (open)
    Main Menu

    Fairy, wooden houses with Dryad and Wizard and Hallowed equip

    Purple Cursed Flames!

    Orange Water!

    Killing some blue Pixies
    "But I thought it was Water!"
    "YES, fire is blue. What are they teaching these humans nowadays?"

    Installation instructions
    1. Download and install TCCL
    2. Download the pack here
    3. Unpack the and put the "Invert" folder into your Custom Content folder
    4. Run TCCL
    5. ???
    6. Profit!
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  2. AaronC

    AaronC Spriter

    i'll admit, that looks pretty damn cool
  3. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    Thanks, but it's nothing, really(except for hunting 1630 files through my image editing program).
  4. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    You could try using some filters to make it look more a neon-like, try reversing hue now, and add some contrasted lightning, i wanted to do something like that before but i gave up cuz i had much work to do on few servers.

    Anyway i like these textures, but if you wanted to reverse the terraria colors, there's one problem about the biomes, they are changing colors of the screen and textures when you are entering them, except that the texture pack is nice!
    ===>Good textures are these which are just modified, not drawed from nothing, filtering brings the best effects.
  5. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    I'll leave the texturepack like this with only the sprite colors inverted, btu maybe I'll do another one. Changing the colors could also be possible by using tConfig, but I'm not that good at doing advanced stuff with it. Maybe I'll try.
  6. PinkeShy

    PinkeShy Eskimo Zombie


    Looks very cool. I like it.

    The only problem is that it melts my eyes.
  7. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    Its cool but its kinda cheap you simply opened the image and clicked invert.
  8. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    Such easy changes makes the best effects.
  9. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    No, the hardest changes make the best effects.
  10. NiraExecuto

    NiraExecuto Angry Nimbus

    Npatterson, if you don't like the pack, that's your opinion. Yes, I did only open over 1600 images and clicked invert, because that was what I wanted this pack to be. I know that it's nothing big. And I know that there's a lot of people who don't like it. So, why are you even here, if I may ask?
  11. Npatterson10

    Npatterson10 Cursed Skull

    I'm not saying I don't like it, I think its great. I'm here because it is just kinda cheap. And I'm just sharing my opinion.
  12. Voyager

    Voyager Face Monster

    Or did you just take screenshots of the game and invert them?
    Honestly this is the most worthless pack I've ever seen - But I guess someone had to do it.
    And probably one of TWO completed texture packs on here...:mad:
  13. ShadowDX

    ShadowDX Clinger

    Someone HAD to do it, right, but why are you telling it like it would be something bad? Personally i like the idea of simple filtering textures of origianal ones. BTW images aren't inverted because then, the background in hallowed underground would be green colored, not purple, so as you see the image is NOT inverted, but textures are. If there was a texture pack with inverted textures here already, i didn't seen it yet. Just stop commenting that texture pack is worthless, or useless, because changed textures themselves doesn't change anything in terraria except the graphic look, so i can clearly say that they are rather useless. If texturepack is owrthless for you, tell me what texturepack isn't??? You might dislike textures, but respect other's opinion and don't tell publicly that texture pack is "worthless", because then you might imply someone's taste.​
  14. Loki ISP

    Loki ISP Moderator Staff Member

    Settle it down folks.

    Feedback is always welcome, of course...but the TC here isn't claiming some hurculean feat of coding. It is exactly what he said it is.

    Maybe give some feedback on how to improve it instead?
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  15. haku411

    haku411 Slimed Zombie

    I love this! Somehow, this has a feeling that awakens the computer geek within me.
  16. cooldude1128

    cooldude1128 Devourer

    Impressive, but I was really hoping for a mod with upside down furniture for a prank on my brother.
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  17. edgarbany

    edgarbany Bunny

    You can call this texture pack as Tokearia :confused:

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