the legend of lance

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  1. King Toad Dark Caster

    I don't think he's the first to come up with that idea, and I don't think I am either... I do agree that it is a good idea, though, but I might be a little biased on the
  2. lance armada Demon Eye

    personnaly id like to make up something better. the idea that he died seems sorta cheesy. but then again im usually dissapointed in my work.
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  3. King Toad Dark Caster

    I think that as long as it is only mentioned briefly its fine, and I tend to think that anything I write is sub par, so don't feel bad about that. Then again, I tend to see the positives and negatives of my writing style and lose my momentum if I take a break...
  4. lance armada Demon Eye

    i made a big save. i posted 2 chapters in a comment accidentally but i saved myself from writing it again by copying the 2 chapters before it saved them and then deleted the post then pasted them. im getting better at this XD
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  5. Bombadil Green Slime

    Keep this up! Very good story going on here :)
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  6. lance armada Demon Eye

    thanks, its nice to hear i'm appreciated.

    i try'ed to add some 1.1 things as well as my own twist. i think i did fine with it. if you like my story it would be nice if you liked my thread or added a message to it so i have more motivation to add more story. nut anyway thanks for reading.

    i was on a windows 7 computer when i added chapter 31 and 32 and it didnt spell check. once i get a chance to use my old windows xp i will hopefully fix it. and thank you bombadil for favoriting me.

    ~Merged by Crisis~
    ~Please use "EDIT" in the future~
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  7. Bombadil Green Slime

    :) happy to help
  8. lance armada Demon Eye

    redid the last chapter. they once again need to get to the corruption and destroy all of the shadow orbs. but the mysterious farrow knows them and wont stop until they are defeated.
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  9. Soul Eater Face Monster

    the grammar is horrible. some things dont have qutoes, it dosent really say whos talking, but DAM is it long
  10. daaseemas Dark Caster

    Actually long stories are quite nice, especially good ones like this. And don't let horrible grammar stop you from reading this. It's quite good. Also the speaker is unknown. Several books and movies have unknown speakers. This author is not perfect and must be trying his best if he continually updates his story. There are several Great authors out there and i would like them to continue their stories. I see your point Soul Eater of why you may dislike this story but still give him some praise.

    Keep working Lance this story is nice
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  11. lance armada Demon Eye

    haven't been updating in a while so i made a long chapter. well, long that is for this type of story. im going to try to get better dialogue and better speech. but we will see if i can do better.
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  12. lance armada Demon Eye

    with 1.1 out now im having trouble putting the new elements into the story without changing before and also still having the new extra elements that i made up. unfortunatly as well I've run out of ideas. or at least ideas on what next. i have ideas but they don't tie too well. maybe a new story. or maybe i just need to give myself a break from this story.
  13. lance armada Demon Eye

    if anyone ever wondered why i discontinued this and my other stories, the reason is because i made the storyline flow in a direction i didn't realize was bad until it was too late. for some reason i couldn't just edit the story. and i still may have this problem today, BUT today i realize this story had so many epic things i am going to delete everything that turned the plot in the wrong direction. which means i am going to delete everything after the dungeon. there may be some events i will revisit but that will come in the future. so welcome back LEGEND OF LANCE
  14. daaseemas Dark Caster

    Coolio Ill start reading this more!
  15. lance armada Demon Eye

    ITS ABOUT TIME I UPDATED THIS!!!!!!!!! i am going to be changing past events. like i will probably make it seem less like he fought the eater of worlds and make it one of those other worm corruption thingys. i may also change barlocks name to something else better, unless i cant think of something or anyone comments not to. I also have to say that i will PROBABLY NOT BE FIXING GRAMMER ISSUES. i am allot better now with grammar but most of my story was made a while ago when i had bad grammar(chapters 1-19) . This story will possibly be updated very uncommonly because i lost allot of interest in terraria because they aren't going to be adding anything new anymore.
  16. lance armada Demon Eye

    ... i said id be editing this more often but im not. this is sad but at least now i have added a new objective. maybe that will give me more incentive to make more of this.
  17. daaseemas Dark Caster

    Many stories barly lasted. I'd say yours went farther

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