The legend of the wall of flesh

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature' started by funepicwins, Dec 17, 2011.

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    this tread is going in
    np this tread is going in my sig
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    Wow, I really didn't know I was THAT good a writer.
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    cool story
  5. pipiplup Green Slime

    already the end :eek: it's shuch a good storrie
  6. xland44 Lihzahrd

    I never understood why people keep making pointless stories. Most of the time the story is a bunch of crap, written by horrible wanna-be authors.

    This story was quite good though. Even though the idea of Redigit as the god of terraria is overused, you didnt make the story too fantastic (as in, too much fantasy) to the point that it gets silly, stupid, and boring to read. Congratulations, this is the best pointless story I have ever read. ;)
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    Just finished the FINAL CHAPTER! I'll still write (or type) more stories, but for now, here is the final chapter of the legend of the wall of flesh!:)
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    Did I just misspell Redigit's name through the WHOLE STORY?? OOPS!:confused:
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    Thnaks! And it's not pointless, it's for people to read and enjoy!:)
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    aw the end
  11. funepicwins Snatcher

    Or IS it?
  12. funepicwins Snatcher

    The new journey proluge is up! Did a little mini-chapter to satisfy my writing needs! The first "real" chapter is still gonna be in January!:DNot too long!
  13. I just read it, it is awesome.
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    Can't wait to start the sequel!:)
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    I think I can't wait one more day my head is about to explode
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    Make the next book!
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    It'll be today. But I just woke up! So not now, but later. Around noon EST(eastern standard time). I have a LOT of cool stuff planned.
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    Bit late, I know. But I think this is the best chapter yet!:)
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