The legend of the wall of flesh

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature' started by funepicwins, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. pipiplup Green Slime

    so now it's gonna be jack's adventures in hardmode
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  2. funepicwins Snatcher

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  3. Valanthril Rikku

    Fun try not to triple post please.
  4. funepicwins Snatcher

    Did I tripple post? Where?:confused:
  5. Valanthril Rikku

    I have already merged the three posts. ;)
  6. Nomig Voodoo Demon

    so my head hasn't exploded yet but around noon my head will explode in no time
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  7. Klokinator Raincoat Zombie

    Goddamn, this is really quite good. It has a lot of errrs in it, and I think the chapters could stand to be a bit longer, but so long as you consistently add chapters to it the story itself has a lot of length.

    Also, my favorite part was when the Dryad used the DIRT ROD OF ULTIMATE POWER!
  8. funepicwins Snatcher

    Spelling errors? I try to correct my spelling, but It's not 100%. Ih well.:confused:
  9. Nomig Voodoo Demon

    Before you talk about others think of yourself
  10. funepicwins Snatcher

    Hey, it's okay. I have spelling mistakes, and i'm not afraid to admit. No need to defend me. Also, writing this from a phone. Can't get to my computer right now.
  11. Nomig Voodoo Demon

    Not defending you I just think it's silly to comment others errors on a mesage that has spelling mistakes too
  12. Klokinator Raincoat Zombie

    Oh god, did I miss a single letter in a single post? You're so smart that you caught me!

    Not to even mention the hypocrisy of you calling me out on errors in my post when your posts are ehm, less than perfect 'round these forums. In case you're wondering, my post was complimenting him, not saying I thought his story was a piece of crap because it had a couple mistakes.
  13. Benon Green Slime

    hmmm... I just have one thing to say,

    When is the next chapter!!!!!!!:D
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  14. Nomig Voodoo Demon

    First I thought, what a good story, let there be a sequel, now I think where's the next chapter of the sequel, I WANT IT
  15. TerraFrozenFire Piranha

    i LUV this story! this is also sorta of a bump, to bring it back.
    Im like, watching this every week to check for updates.
    This is one of my favorite terraria stories around! :D
    I hope you will update it more often :)
  16. funepicwins Snatcher

    Thanks! Anyways, might do another chapter today or this weekend. Lots of tests to study for, so I'm getting less free time.
  17. funepicwins Snatcher

    YAY! I did plenty more chapters!:)
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  18. jo brandon Piranha

    there is one thing i don't get.
    in chapter 9, did he go back to the real world something?
    cause you can't play/be in terraria while playing...... terraria
  19. funepicwins Snatcher

    Which chapter nine? The original or the sequal?
  20. jo brandon Piranha


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