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    A series i will be making because i will be on a trip for 4 days and need something to do. Also inspired by robly18 who made The life a slime shown here, .
    Color text is gonna organize my thread. Dosn't include the first three days.


    Dear Diary, NO WAIT journal. Wait that dosn't make sense.
    Dear Myself, (Yea that makes sense)

    DAY 1: I found this journal in a backpack i found and im writing in it now.I some how ended up in this weird place by some portal, hmm how did it happen....

    I was camping with some friends, having a good time, it was midnight and i came out of the tent to go number 1. I then saw a light of some sort. Out of curiosity , i went toward it, it was a portal! When i saw it, all i remember was the light was majestic and magical. I was pulled toward it, and now im in this land. When i woke, it was daytime, then sun was high in the sky. I then noticed a backpack next to a tree, i went to it and opened it. There seemed to be large items inside, don't really know how it all fit inside. There was a pickaxe, a short sword, and a axe. I took the backpack and looked around my surrounding.

    After searching and exploring, it started to turn dark, i then retreated to a crappy shack i made. No light sources, and quite cold, i hid inside, hearing creepy noises, almost like zombies! Terrified, i tryed to sleep, pondering, what a day i had....

    Dear Dia-
    Dear Myself,

    Day 2:When i woke up, it seemed to be early morning, i opened the door and light from the sun blinded me. I then thought, "Shelter, need to build a shelter." I got out my axe and started to cut down trees. Weirdly, the wood came in stacks of two, quite strange.

    After about a hour of cutting down wood, i noticed a little green creature, it seemed to be made of slime. I was scared of it, not knowing what to do, it seemed scared as well. I then realized i had nothing to eat, "Slime shouldn't be that bad to eat?" I ran at in and swung my axe, I managed to hit it, and it started to hop away, i went after it toward a lake. It jumped in, or actually floated on the water. I jumped in but sank like a stone, not really sure why i sank when i knew how to swim. I had to jump my way back up, weird, almost gasping, clever little creature. 5 hours passed and i made a shelter. Killed some slimes. Also found out: slimes not tasty but quite flammable. Managed to make torches with the gel from the slimes.

    Found some cobwebs in a nearby cave, got the cobwebs and made silk, which would be my blanket. When it was almost sundown i then heard some yells outside. It wasn't night time so, it couldn't be zombies, i looked outside and saw a human, finnaly. He had his hair combed in front and had a brown shirt. He was being chased by a eye of some sorts. Must of got too close to that cave. I let him in and he told me he was the guide of this land. He told me what lies here, what biomes to look out for and what this land is called. The land of Terraria....

    Dear Myself,

    Day 3:Big day! When i woke up the guide was already up. We chatted then i decided to go exploring to see what i could find. He told be to be careful and get mushrooms. Mushrooms sound disgusting but i guess ill have to try one sooner or later... I had to go the river near by to drink water. Good thing too, or i would be exhausted. I saw some slimes, killed a few, then saw a blue slime! I ran after it but in ran into a cave. I decided to go after it but the cave was dark and too hard to see through the dark. I killed some green slimes and made some torches, then i went inside the cave.

    It was damp and claustrophobic in there. My torches lit the way and i saw some ancient drawings on the wall, quite a sight it was. Then i saw some copper and went to go get it, but then i heard a terrible noise. I was so terrified i ran out of there as quickly as I could!

    Quite embarrassed, I went to the guide and told him what happened. He said "Don't worry! You just need to be more prepared next time, look in another cave!" I then asked what to do next he told me to expand my house. I gotta admit it was really small. I chopped down some wood and started on the second floor. By sundown the home improvements were finished, tired and exhausted I went to my newly build bed that i made out of some wood and silk and I rested, wondering what that noise was.......

    Dear Myself
    Day 4: Found some ink, now i can organize my diary! I MEANT journal, journal.

    Today was calm, not much happened during the day, I managed to summon the courage to go back into the cave. No terrifying noises, thank god. I got the copper that i tried to get yesterday, good thing i had torches. I managed to make a copper sword and a copper bow.
    Will be much easier to hunt now.

    Me and guide talked and i showed him some items, he was quite knowledgeable about the items I showed him. He said Gel can be made into bombs to make sticky bombs! But at the moment i had no bombs on me. Oh well....

    Night approached but something didn't feel right. Some thing about the moon made me wonder....PART 2 COMING SOON

    A terrifying thing just happened, the moon just turned RED! The zombies then turned crazy and started attacking my door and they broke in! Me and the guide had to retreat into our second floor, i had to attack the zombies jumping up. One hit the guide and he was knocked unconscious! The zombies were relentless and i fought for my live.

    After almost 4 hours of keeping the zombies at bay, the zombies started leaving. I was safe, but then the guide wasn't the guide anymore.....he was a zombie. I had to kill front of my eyes........

    Dear Myself,
    Day 5:After last night, I have been lonely. Nothing much to do because I couldn't talk to anyone. I went out side to collect mushrooms when i saw someone in the horizon. THANK GOD someone else was there, when i got closer i noticed it was a man with a brown coat and a white beard, he sold items and bought customers' items. I called him the merchant.

    At noon, I went to the cave to explore, i found tons of items and ores (and enemies) in there, I came back with 90 iron ores 100 copper, and a mix or other items. I also found a bracelet, it was red and glowing, i put it on then i felt strength go threw my arm and body. It was.............. nice. I also found some bombs, torches, glow sticks, and a enchanted boomerang. It sparkled when you threw it and it did quite a bit of damage to enemies. When leaving I heard the "terrifying noise" again, it reminded me of the guide, i still miss him......I ended up running my ass out of there, again.

    I expanded my room a little, it looked quite nice, I crafted a iron sword, and a copper helmet, chest plates, and legs. This armor is a bit uncomfortable, but when you enter a strange world with monsters you do what you gotta do. The merchant sure is a picky eater, he only eats this thing called a slushi, its a mix of mushroom, water, and grass, (EWWW). Well today there was no blood moon, i decided to call this moon a "Blood Moon" because thats what the guide nicknamed it. Well im tired so goodnight.

    Dear Myself,

    Day 6, Quite a exciting day today. I found the entrance to a jungle. It was humid and quite beautiful, except for the fact that jungle bats are assholes! Also found a mysterious gold building in a cave entrance, it contained a blue band, quite similar to the red band, except this bracelet gave me magical energy. I felt empowered in a magic when I put it on.

    I managed to get enough iron to make my self iron armor, more comfortable and more protective. Also made a gold sword from some gold I found. I made many tools, but i'll just leave those out.

    While spelunking i found two big crystals shaped like hearts. They sparkled from the light from my torch. I then proceeded to smash them with my iron hammer and a small heart dropped. I grabbed it and then I felt my self get empowered with strength, kinda like the red band, but much more powerful. After i grabbed the two crystals i felt stronger. When I was trying to leave the cave, a huge monster appeared from the dark! I ran and dodged its attacks, it destroyed any thing it touched! I then finally made it out but then from the cave a huge eye broke through. The Eye of Cthulhu........ Part 2 SOON!

    He was huge. He stared at me. It was unnerving. It then grew little eyes that came at me! While they attacked me the Eye charged at me. He smacked into me with such force I flew maybe 15 feet! I charged at him and sliced part of him, It roared with its huge mouth. It then started spawning little servants again. I found his pattern, he spawned his minions then charged. So i used my sword for the servants and my bow and arrows for the Eye. After some repeating it got angry and opened his gaping mouth and charged at me from above, He hit me then all I remembered was me at the bottom of a big cave. When the eye rammed me we both fell into a huge cave under us. There were torches. I must have been here. The Eye of Cthulhu then woke back up, even angrier then before and charged. I dodged and shot some arrows. Then his mouth started to glow white, i didn't know what he was doing so i ran. A huge laser beam came out of his mouth! It incinerated some skeletons nearby. The cave then started to collapse and I ran for my life. The Eye was trapped inside of the collapsing cave. Buried forever.....

    After that I told the merchant what happened. He was astonished by my story. Then the floor began to rumble, "EARTHQUAKE!" the merchant said, running under the table. But it was no earthquake, The Eye of Cthulhu broke through half of the house, demolishing hours of work. He then charged at me and knocked me through the wall. Then he charged at the merchant....... I yelled, "COME HERE YOU SON OF A BITCH!" and I sliced him in two with my sword.

    He dropped some weird type of ore and some dark arrows. I then realized I just killed the Eye of Cthulhu quite a feat it was and I slept. Feeling like a hero....

    Day 7: I woke up then found my self really sore from the eye. I also realized that half the house was ripped in half! Completely forgot about that. I proceeded to cutting wood when a woman came walking by. Quite strange as she was dressed in nurses clothing. I said "Hi." She then kicked me in the face and ran toward my house. Oh yea and OW! Fucking hurt. Now I have a bruise on my cheek. I ran to my house and she was talking to the merchant. She was calmer and then she greeted me. She then said sorry. My cheek was bleeding so i had to put some silk on it. I then realized that she was kinda pretty. After I finished rebuilding I went to the cave.

    I went spelunking with the merchant. He knows how to use a sword apparently. Well every time he sees a monster he cowers behind me. At least he helps me get ores and point out items on the floor. Managed to find a flintlock because of the Merchants keen eye.

    As we continued Me and the merchant saw something glowing down a large cave pit. I build platforms and told the merchant to stay there. As i made my way down i noticed huge white and purplish colored mushrooms. When i made it down there was a small patch of glowing mushrooms. I grabbed all of them and cut down the huge one and stocked up on these weird mushrooms. "Wonder how they taste." I wondered. I then tasted one and it was delicious! I then climbed my way out , but the merchant was no where to be seen. I looked around and torch I gave him was on the floor. " Ugh, god dammit." I then heard screaming. But it was the merchant screaming. I went towards his scream and he was just cowering in a corner. I asked him whats wrong and he said " I SAW SOMETHING GLOWING IN THE DARKNESS!" "The mushrooms?" "NO! SOMETHING ELSE ACROSS THE PIT." We went back and to my surprise there was something glowing across. I gave him a mushroom and I build a small wood bridge. I went toward it. I was just another torch. But i havent been here then i saw something sparkle at the corner of my eye.

    It was a gold chest! I opened it found lots of goodies. There was a aglet, dynamite, and miscellaneous items. At the bottom there was a mirror. It was sparkling for some reason. I put it back in my backpack at went back to the merchant. I then took a closer look at the mirror. I gazed at it. See if there was anything wrong with it. I then looked around. I was back in my house! Weird, the nurse just looked at me. She must of saw me teleport or something. She then just quietly speed walked to her room. Then it hits me, " THE MERCHANT!" I ran to the cave and heard screaming, then a really scared old man running out. At least he was okay. What a day.....

    Dear Myself,
    Day 8: Today was normal, picked mushrooms, farmed some seeds and found out they were for blinkroot and dayblooms. Oh yeah, i made some gold armor, only was able to make a helmet. I also made some silver armor for my chest and legs. Kinda heavy, but i got used to it.

    I then saw a strange biome in the distance while exploring. Wasn't like anythin i ever saw. I saw some strange monsters flying in the distance in the new biome. They were flying in a weird fashion, unlike demon eyes. I went toward to the biome and there was purple grass, not like the blue grass with glowing mushrooms. I then remembered something the guide said. It was the corruption.

    I walked around and there was lots of chasms around the area. Then these monsters came out of them! They looked like they had teeth in front, had only one eye, and floated in a weird patterns. It then charged at me then i felt a strong pain when it hit, I started to fade, seeing some white spirit coming out of me then realize, it was taking my soul! I had to summon the power to pull my sword and slice it. I was back to normal, but with a bite on my chest. I then heard some weird borrowing noise, it sounded similar to giant worms so i waited then i much larger worm came out, much longer! I had 2 teeth in front and only one eye. It scared me because of how large it was! I ran to base it was still chasing me! I then turned around and swung my sword, I hit it and it ran away. Phew, that was close.

    After returning home i practiced using my flintlock. It was quite powerful, but i had very low ammo for it. So i took a shot at a slime, it went right threw it and killed it, huh. I went inside and saw the merchant flirting with the nurse even though he was really old! The nurse then slapped him and went back into her room. "She is a tough one!" the merchant said. I was hurt so i asked the nurse to heal me. Pay her money and she heals you. Kinda, slutty if you ask m- OW the nurse just punched me in the SAME CHEEK ow. Im going to bed, man the nurse need to learn her privacy.

    Dear Myself,
    Day 9: After all these days being here in terraria i then realized something. What were my friends thinking now about me. What happened when i left. I was troubled by these thoughts because they must be freaking out!

    After a while the thoughts faded and i went threw my routine. Pick mushrooms and get wood, explore or go spelunking, then hang out and talk to my friends, sleep. I decided to go exploring again to look at the corruption. It was a interesting biome. I decided to look into the chasm, it was dark and looked like an abyss to hell. I went down with my new grapple hook. When i reached the bottom I was in this large tunnel/cave. I then noticed lots of pots, when i broke them i got some dynamite. I then saw a soul eaters coming my way! I threw a stick of dynamite at them and it obliterated it. I then went toward there ashes for their coins, i then noticed a big floating.......orb in this small little room. I swung my pickaxe at it but it didn't break so i brought out my hammer and smashed it. A musket came out of it with some coins, i thought "Yay a new gun but wait, why in this orb?" I then had a chill go up my spine, thought something touched me but, nothing. I also saw another orb in a hole so i threw another stick of dynamite. When i broke that one another orb camp out of the dark orb, this orb glowed yellow hmm. I didn't know how to use it so I out it back in my pack. I then heard horrible screams! I looked around, again nothing. Frighted, i ran out of the little rooms, used my grapple hook to get out and ran! When I looked back I saw this large, thing come out of the ground. Wonder what that was.

    When I came back i saw this man with a dark brown robe, looked tanned, and held some guns. I asked, with my flint in my pocket ready, "Hi?" He then pulled his gun out and pulled mine from my hands. "Who are you!" "Who am I, who are you?" "Im a arms dealer, whats it to ya!" "Just wanted to say hi! Want to come in, maybe rent a room?" "Hmm might as well, have no where to stay." I built him a room, he thanked me and went in. Hes kinda a serious person, i asked him if he wanted anything to eat and all he responded was "Im busy." Wonder what he could be busy with, polishing a gun, making guns, gunpowder? Hmm oh well. Going to sleep now.

    Dear Myself,
    Day 10: Today seemed to be extraordinary! I was walking to a cave I saw yesterday when I noticed a big lump of land just floating in the air. Hmm how the hell is a island in the air. I had to check it out so I got a bunch of dirt and wood and made my self a ladder. It took almost two hours to make and climb all the way up. When i got up there was silver and gold everywhere! I mined all of it and then i saw a little house in the middle of this "floating island". I saw it was made entirely of silver bricks! I saw a door and went inside. It was dark so i lit a glowstick and threw it in. There was a chest in the middle. I opened it and there was this large red sword. It radiated red. I swung it to test it on some slimes nearby. It did nice damage but then red stars starting raining down from above! I then destroyed the slime and some other enemies nearby. "Wow, better keep this!" I then climbed my way down and continued to the cave.

    The cave was as it should be, treasure and lots of monster. When i continued there was a few chest. I looked in and found some potions. Not like ordinary potions. They had symbols and were colored. I decided to drink one. "It couldn't hurt?" I said. I drank then a shock of some.........power came through me. Then I something glowing but it was in rock! I recognized it was gold. This potion must allow vision of all ores! I also found out it recognized pots and chests. I found this large green potion i drank it but i had no effect. Wonder why.

    When I got out i went to the jungle again to hunt I then realized it was almost night, but i should be able to handle these guys already. Especially because i have that new sword. As night approached, I was killing monsters. They sure were a lot, but then the sky started to turn red! BLOOD MOON. The zombies then started swarming me! I had to fight for my life and make my way to the house. It was the middle of the night when i reached home. Good thing the door closed. I tried to open it but i didn't. I yelled for them to open the door inside as zombies started to approach. The merchant then yelled"YOUR ONE OF THEM NOW WE CAN'T LET YOU IN" "BUT I BUILT YOU A HOUSE YOU BACK STABBING ASSHOLES!" The arms dealer then said "Let him in NOW" The nurse and merchant let go of the door and i made it in. "Whats wrong with you guys!" "The dryad told us to keep you away." "Dryad?" "Hello...." "Who are you?" "Im the dryad or nature spirit of terraria." "Why did you tell them to lock me out!" "I said no such thing!" The merchant then started speed walking to his room. "HEY you get back here old man!" I pinned him against the wall. "ARGH i didn't do it shes lying *cough cough* "But we all heard you say it" "Yea we did!"
    "WHY DID YOU LOCK ME OUT." "I don't want to be zombie bait!" "Get into your room and if you do anything like that again im going to abandon you!" He then went into his room stressed and sadly. "Ugh, im sorry, but i have a question. Why are you here dryad?" Everyone then looked at her and she explained here self. After she told us everything we all went to bed. What a stressful night. The merchant better not do that again....

    Dear Myself,
    Day 11: Today was the most exciting day I have had in terraria so far! I was going back to corruption to break more shadow orbs. After getting a musket and orb of light from them i decided to see what else they dropped.

    After seeing that large thing a few days ago I kept my eye out on the ground and chasms. Killed a few soul eaters, then went into the chasm. There was as a suspected a shadow orb at the bottom. I broke it and another ball of light came out. "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH TWO OF THESE!" The ground then started to rumble, "What the hells happening!"A few seconds later I hear the usual worm burrowing, but MUCH louder! I panicked and started climbing up the chasm as fast as i could! I saw this huge worm start borrowing under me getting closer. I managed to make it out and then this huge worm comes of the ground and make a ear splitting roar! It went back into the ground and my heroic battle began.... PART 2 SOON! He roared as he broke through the ground below me. I flew yards away almost falling into a chasm. " OH CRAP jez this guys gonna be ha- *Eater prepares to attack again. "Fuck fuck FUCK. oof! I get launcher again by the giant worm. I heard him digging. I ran and i managed to miss his attack. I swung my ball of hurt all around and manage to some damage (i think) to the beast. Then a soul eater came out of a chasm and knocked me down. It bit me and held me down. The eater then came out of the ground and his gaping mouth heading straight for me...........................................My life flashed I closed my eyes thinking about my friends at the house. I felt sorry for the merchant. Then nothingness.

    Day 12: "UGH um where am I?" I woke up, but couldn't see anything then a light and a voices "Is he awake?" "Sock him maybe he will wake." "Can i have his musket, looks like a fine gun." "Where did you find him again?" "He was just in here when i went to pick flowers." All these voices sounded familiar. I then opened my eyes "HE's ALIVE!" *Arms dealers brings his hand back quickly* "Uh YAY hes alive *sighs*" "Where am I?" "The Dryad found you on the bed when she went to see if you were there." "Yes, you were gone for quite some time so i checked if you were home." "<.< Hey arms dealer, think dryads got a crush on the hero?" ">.> WHAT!" *Everyone stares at him* "Uh stepped on something, I got to go!" Part 2 later!

    Well today went fine not to many interesting things today except i saw a fellow with white eyes, probably nothing. The only thing im worried about is what was up was with the arms dealer, i dont know about him but the dryad seems really scared about me, huh. When I came home everything was normal. Checked outside towards the corruption "Ugh, ill get my revenge...." I went to go talk to the arms dealer to ask about the other day. "Hey arms dealer." WHAT?" "Uh dealer?" "WHAT!?" *Opens door* Um are y- WOW what the hell." "UM YEA I WAS TRYING A NEW WEAPON BUT IT KINDA EXPLODED!" Why are you yelling?" "WHAT!?" "Ugh never mind." Well i didn't want to mess with him for now before his hearing gets better. Now i go to sleep....

    Day 13: WELL today was way to much for me to handle, i found two new terrarians, but i'll go into detail(LONG READ)
    Today was colder then usual and wind was a bit strong, i saw the man with white eyes again, this time i tried to talk to him but he or her ran away, he was in a blue shirt and green pants, weird. I made friends with a dwarf who held lots of explosives with him, i made a stone house for him because, well you know. I went back out to get a patch of mushrooms I saw when i saw another fellow. He had a robe and a staff. "Um hello?" "Hi there" 'Who are you?" "Me? Im Rilam, im kinda lost and looking for a new home do you stranger have a home?" "Yes, well i could make you room, where have you come from?" "Well its a sad story which happened not to long ago...

    "I was a regular man with a wife and a son, my wife went to go check on the frostplant crops, were farmers, when a blizzard hit she decided to get back to the house. Then she saw huge blue eyes from the distance. She called for me and I saw the blue eyes, the legends were true of the white death. Then a huge icicle or leg of some sort came form the white out. It struct near us knocking us to the ground, it then killed her. I was devastated then the being shot or threw a blue orb at me which hit me, i was carrying my staff when it happened. I tried to block it with the staff but no use, it hit me with such force I was unconscious on impact. I woke up and I looked around and found out i was floating on water, but i then realized the water under me was frozen and the source was, me. My staff was also enchanted and turned into a big frozen icicle from the looks, and blue particles emit from it. I came to realize the my son was sleeping! I went to the home, it was demolished. I went to see what used to be my sons room, it was destroyed, all left was his bracelet.

    Thats when i vowed that i would kill the beast with my new found power."Wow, im so sorry, but i must say may i see your power?" "Well i haven't really "used it" yet but i'll try." I then stepped back and blast of icy cold air came from his hand! "Wow, thats really cool, maybe you have been chosen for this power?" "Maybe bu-" A rock from the distance was thrown at rilam "What was that?" I looked and some some rocks on the floor, but then they started float! "Um Rilam are you doing this" "No!" It then look like a Malphite! RUN! Part 2 soon!

    "Hey, you talk to the dwarf about not bringing bombs in here?" "Yea, he will test them outsi- *BOOM* "JESUS!" *distant voice* "Sorry! New recipe is a bit funky!" "He's gonna hurt someone!" " As long as its not me im fine with it.
    "Hey you guys hear something?" "HELP!" "Nah Maybe its just yo- "HELP!" "Oh crap, lets go! "Rilam! Use one of your powers on it!" "Ok, i'll try.... HUA YAH *Blast of ice comes from his staff. "Arms dealer! Shoot it! Shoot! Shoot! SHOOT!" *Arms dealer shoots at it and they bounce off it* "CRAP its immune to regular bullets! Let me get out my silver bullets!" Watch ou- OOF!" "HERO! You freak of nature!" *Runs at it with his sword* "EAT THI-" *Maphite grabs him* "HELP!" "Let me try to freeze his legs! YAH!" *Blast of cold air comes out of his staff* "Ugh my head, Eat this you basterd!" *Hero slices the beasts arm off* Malphite: ORGH "Watch out he threw a rock disk!" "Its heading for the dwarfs house!" *Big crash* "DWARF! Nurse! Go try and help him!" "Im back with the silver bullets!" *Arms dealer shoots at him, Rilam shoots icicles at him, Merchant cowers in fear in the house, and I slash him with my sword* Malplite: ORg*Maphite disassembles*

    After the battle we checked on the dwarf, turns out he was hit really hard on the chest and landed on his head when he fell. "Nurse. Will he be alright?" "Well yes and no. His wounds will heal but his brain is damaged and there no way to fix it. He is now stupid." "Oh, maybe we should take away his bombs?" "Well, yea he calls himself honeydew and simon, not sure why." "Weird....."

    Day 14: Today's color is puke green deal with it! Today i made a shocking discovery. I decided to go back to the corruption to see if the eater was around. I didn't find him but i found a cave, a deep cave at the bottom of a chasm. It was really dark and i was almost out of torches and then i saw something at the corner of my eye. Something with red eyes, i couldn't see it but it was coming for me. I RAN for my life."OH CRAP OH CRAP WHAT THE HELL WHAT THE HELL OH MY GOD!" It disappeared after a while of running. My heart was beating like crazy but my curiosity made me want to explore.

    I went back to the little town we have. After the encounter with malphite and we all recovered we decided we should have our own houses. We all built our own houses, i kept the house they used to live in because well i built it. I just made it into my home. We left the demoman of Honeydew what ever to himself instead of letting him help, he can be bothersome. "Demon eye!" "Crap, were gonna need to head back to the houses sorry arms dealer!" "hmph!" He stormed off into my house, i decided not to mess with him.

    So as I was saying, I came back to ask if anyone wanted to go with me into the "Corrupted Cave" No one wanted to, even Rilam, the arms dealer really wanted to go though. Not sure why, and thats when we headed off with all the ammo we needed and are gear and we went off to are most thrilling adventure.... Part 2 soon

    So me and the arms dealer headed off to the corruption. It wasn't like arms dealer to have such enthusiasm, but i need help whenever i can get it, especially here. Corruption was always a scary unforgiving place, I had to save the arms dealer a few times from soul eaters.
    We heard roars in the distance. "What the hell!"What was that?" "Could be that gigantic worm, we may want to move to that chasm with the cave quickly". We had to run to the chasm until we heard the roar again, louder this time. "Oh crap!" "Shit, we need to run NOW!" BOOM! Something from the ground burst through the ground but it was pretty obviously him. "CRAP RUN TO THE CHASM ITS OVER HERE!" We had to sprint to the chasm at full speed and at last we made it. "You sure that huge worm is not gonna get us here." "Well, i hope so." "ROAR!" "Well, that answers that, lets move!"

    We ran or well jump down to the cave, it was pretty deep. With eater of worlds nearby it is not to easy to do so. We finally made it to the bottom of the chasm and saw the cave. "That it! You brought me to the corruption, made my soul almost be taken away from me from those things, make me almost eaten by a huge worm, WELL THAT A PR- WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!" "Jez cool do- What wha- AHHHH! Part 3 soon

    "RUN INTO THE CAVE!" "AHHH!" "OOOoooOoOoOoOOo" "ITS A WRAITH RUN!" We ran for our lives into the "corrupted cave". "I think we lost it, oh my god my hearts racing." "No shit, what the hell is a wraith doing here." "I dont know, it might of been that thing with red eyes i sawthe first time here. "oOooOooO" "Crap, we better move." We walked through the cave, we saw soul eaters inhabiting them, big and small. This seemed to be a kind of nursery to these beasts. They were alot of little ones around the place. Armored skeletons roamed the area along with huge bats.

    "Great, how are we going to get out of here, we are in their hive or something, we going to die!" "Hey have some hope, at least it pretty amazing down here. Didn't think these things had motherly instinct." "Wow watch out!" A large worm type thing with no eye came from the darkness. We managed to dodge and i threw a torch, it looked like a worm attached to the wall. "A clinger?" "Looks like it, lets just ignore it." The arms dealer liked to point his gun around a lot while we were down there. Usually at me for some reason.

    "Hmm maybe over here there is a entra-, nope another dead end." "UGH I'M SICK AND TIRED OF WAITING!" "Huh?" "You stole my girl! We were going on a date, but you had do you magic stuff and magically appear on your bed so that she liked you!" "Dude what the hell man chil-" "NO your gonna pay one way or another, i destroyed your "magic bed" so now you die FOREVER!" *pulls gun out* "No arms dealer" "No, names rick" "ROOOOOOAAAARRRR!" "What no-. Then a creature took him into the darkness....

    Day 15: I couldn't believe it my self, i made it out,but not with the arms dealer. Seems he wanted to kill me, no wonder he was so shifty those past couple days. But why? Why would he try to kill me, what ever the reason he is gone for now. Now after all this nonsense i decided that we all go look for a new spot for our home, with corruption getting ever so closer we should move out.

    Day 16: 1st day on the move. All of us are in one peace and we are now going out again. We saw a long...thing above us today, we were all kinda frighted when we saw it. I thought at first it was the eater of worlds but we were not to sure so we just ran. Hopefully what ever it was didn't see us thank goodness.
    Rilam just notified us that his eyes have turned blue and his breath seems to constantly show like in cold weather. "Hey guys I just noticed that my breath is now visible for some reason " Then i said "Wow what the hell, its like 70 degrees out here hmm so anything feel alright?" "Um kinda i feel a bit different ever since that Ice spider hit me with its orb." said Rilam. We discussed but then we had to move as the sun was about to set..

    Day 17:I think we found our spot, no corruption around us and some sunflowers. We were all pretty tired and this would definitely be the spot but then i heard a voice from a cave. "HELP!" "Hey that sounded like help!" the dryad said "I better go, start building your houses i'll go check it out!" I said. As i looked around i noticed the voice getting louder. And then I found a goblin!
    "Thank you *cough cough* hero." he said. "Well if you say so myself. I mean ehm Who are you? Why are you in this cave tied up?" I said. "The other goblins said i was a outcast and was too smart for my own good so they threw me out. Thankfully you came along, if you could, can you tie me out of here?" "Of course.." And soon after we got back to base camp. Garnok as he calls him self is his name. He said he is good at tinkering. I guess that means he can tinker with my things and make it better? I'm not sure but whatever the cause our little town is kicking off with the dryad, demolishinist, merchant, mage, tinkerer, and me.

    We had some small shacks set up so we could survive the night. It wasn't to cozy but it was good enough. Time to sleep.

    Argh, something doesn't feel right. I just woke up in the middle of the night and i have been keeping something secret from everyone. When the corrupted beast that took the arms dealer attacked it didn't just take me it also attacked me and it bit me in my hip. It was bleeding and i was limping on my way out. I had to patch it up with some silk i had my self because the house was too far away and would bleed out. When i check it just now it was a scar and it was glowing a faint purple. Whats going on with me, maybe i'm dreaming, i'm gonna go to bed and hopefully it goes away.

    I will add "days" every so often
    Stay tuned and please like!
    Thanks to Oblivious for pointing out my spelling mistake :p
    Check the Op if theres a two part day to see if part 2 came out.
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    New day added, i have one extra day before i leave so yea. Check Day 2! ;)
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    You mean diary, not dairy. Dairy is a food group, diary is the thing you write in.
    Also, too many errors to enjoy it.
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    if you would be kind to point them out so i could edit
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    Why thank you, btw theres a secret that relates to roblys life thread, see if you can find them...
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    Day 3 up! The text for Day 4 and so on will be in different colors so its in more order.
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    Made Edits to days 1-3, fixed misspelled words, alert me of anymore, ty;)
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    Day 4 added, its a two part day....
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    These are rather good. I like the references to The Life of a Slime.
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    heh you saw it
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    Part 2 added, :(
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    Day 5 Added. The merchant makes his appearance in this day!
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    I like it a lot even if it has writing errors in it because most of the time i dont even notice them (engish isnt my main language)
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    Part 2 Day 6 has been added, for soe reason part 2 of day six is not red:(
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