The Life a Adventure

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature' started by Pinhead Larry, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. jo brandon Piranha

    just a few more months and that demolitionist is a famous youtuber:p
  2. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    herp, anyway, expect a new day tommorow, also plz leave a like and comment so i know people enjoy my stuff! ;)
  3. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    really sorry, have a party here on saturday, next day tommorow! for sure hopefully
  4. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    RAGE is one hell of a game lol sorry next part soon with suprising results...
  5. Freedom's Flame Blazing Wheel

    I was thinking about getting that one. That's made by id Software right? I thought they were working on Doom 4? I know that they probably have multiple games being made at once but Doom 3 came out quite a while ago.
  6. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

  7. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    DAY 14 PART 1 OUT TODAY! sorry for long delay.
  8. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    Day 14 part 2 out today, remember to leave a comment and a like ;)
  9. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    Day 14 part 3 out now, WITH A TWIST!
  10. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    Day 14 part 4 is gonna be the season finale, expect a long part as well! Also dont go "HES GONNA STOP MAKING DAYS AGAIN" dont worry, season 2 starts in about a week and a half. The finale will be out this weekend
  11. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    guys i would love to make another day but i dont see many comments or likes. I need inspiration people ;)
  12. jo brandon Piranha

    true, almsot nobody comments-.-
  13. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    quite sad, cant go on without some inspiration, if people like and comment i know people like it
  14. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    i can't continue without inspiration, if no one will show some likes or comments im not gonna make the season finale
  15. stevefox74 Blazing Wheel

    I tried my best to enjoy it but the paragraphs, the colours! It blinds me! When it comes to talking, you need to separate them. Like,
    "Hi." says, Player 1
    "Ohai." says, Player 2
    "What cha' doing?"
    "Heya guys, anything new?" joined Player 3

    Try not to use bright colours.
  16. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    ok ;) gotcha, but if you want me to do all the changes i need support
  17. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    thx a lot lance! got a achieve :D
  18. bamseper Cursed Skull

    hmmmm.... i didnt readd throught this, since there is too many "a char wakes up dnot knowing anything" stories in my opinion. but it seems good! keep it up
  19. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    Day 15,16 and 17 part 1 are out!
  20. jo brandon Piranha

    Thats one big update:p

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