The Life a Adventure

Discussion in 'Terraria Literature' started by Pinhead Larry, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    :D also if your wondering why they are moving is because of new update.
  2. jo brandon Piranha

    Man, you just keep forgetting this thread don't you?
  3. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    lol sometimes i am inspired and sometimes im not, i will come up with a idea for a new day and idea and things take off
  4. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    I HAVE BEEN INSPIRED i'm making some more entries into the Journal And Day 17 part 2 is out, also with some edits to the days above.
  5. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    also, my main computer that i use for some reason can't log in to my account so i can't make entries. It says i have duplicate headings. Not sure what that means.... Help?
  6. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    Im debating something. I noticed that the first 10 or so days are pretty badly written i must admit. But i also want to get to the next episode. What do you people who look at my thread think i should do?
  7. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    ty Mythril for the like, it helps
  8. jo brandon Piranha

    Ok guys, i feel like i'm the only person still reading this:p
    so if you read this story please post( at least it will make sure that more then 5% of the posts are from actual people reading this:p)
  9. Pinhead Larry Green Slime


    no but seriously if you do read this and enjoy it feel free to post or give a like so i know i can continue and thx for a backup Jo
  10. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

    now i think im gonna stop making these for good, no one really seems to enjoy them (except for jo, ty). No offense to the community but im getting really into minecraft and i think maybe i will make a transition of this series into Minecraft (of course with the minecraft elements). Maybe one of you could continue? like The Life of a Slime? If i do make a minecraft The Life of a Adventurer then i will link it here.
  11. Pinhead Larry Green Slime

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