The Lost Souls

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Would you join ?

Yes ! 19 vote(s) 76.0%
No ! 2 vote(s) 8.0%
Maybe. 1 vote(s) 4.0%
If I wasn`t in a Clan alleready. 3 vote(s) 12.0%
  1. KasperxDDD Green Slime

    The Lost Souls

    This Clan is fresh new !
    The Clan is deticated to fun.
    We are searching for loyal and fun members to join !


    Administator(s): Hero, Legend.
    Moderator(s): None.
    VIP(s): None.
    Member(s): Hero, Legend, Fang, Undreth, DERP/assassinsrul3, cujonator, jackalvince. [7]


    Name: Kasper
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Steam: KasperxDDD
    IGN: Hero

    Name: Aleks
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Steam: aleks9882
    IGN: Legend


    No griefing.
    No stealing.
    Listen to Admins and Mods.
    Must have Hamachi.


    How to join:
    To join you will need to send a request with information.

    Request Sheet:
    Why should you join:


    Welcome Back !
  2. Legendx Green Slime

  3. KasperxDDD Green Slime

  4. KasperxDDD Green Slime

  5. SynthAura Corruptor

    Don't you already lead a clan? If your old clan is now inactive please let me know so I can update the Clan List.
  6. KasperxDDD Green Slime

    Check out our forum.
  7. Fang Green Slime

    Name: David
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Steam: Fang5000
    IGN: Fang
    Why should I join: It sounds like an awesome clan and well I get sick playing with the same 3 people :\
    I'm looking for more people to play with and this clan sounds awesome.
  8. TheTylerLee Doctor Bones

    Clan Stealing is Fail, Ive been using "The Lost Souls" Since runescape classic.
  9. KasperxDDD Green Slime

  10. KasperxDDD Green Slime

    Accepted, only thing add me (Hero) and Legend on steam :)

    EDIT: And one more thing, you have to registrer on the forum to ;) Click here to go to the Forum !
  11. KasperxDDD Green Slime

    No one wanna join :( ?

    And every member have to sign up on the forum to :)
    Forum link ---> Click Here.
  12. Matherem Green Slime

    Name: Todd
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Steam: Undreth
    IGN: Undreth
    Why should you join:Well being in a clan sounds like fun, I have a mic and I am really good at Terraria, I'm an all around end game character with molten gear and flamarang.
  13. KasperxDDD Green Slime

    Very good :D Only thing now is to sign up in the Clan forums :)
  14. assassinsrul3 Green Slime

    Name: jon/jonathan
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Steam: assassinsrul3
    IGN: DERP/assassinsrul3
    Why should you join:id love to play in a clan server where i know that noones gonna just tnt me out of nowhere. And ive watched some of your videos and it seems like playing with you guys would be really fun. im good with sharing anything i dont need with new players
  15. Cujonatorr Green Slime

    Name: Chris
    Gender: male
    Steam: cujonatorr
    IGN: cujonator
    Why should you join: because im looking for a legit server and from the looks of it your clan looks pretty legit and since i gather tons of material we couple probably make a whole town if not a whole city or even a whole universe well i hope u like my application and i hope ill get accepted thanks for reading
  16. KasperxDDD Green Slime

  17. Jackal_vince_003 Green Slime

    Name: Vince
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Steam: jackal_vince
    IGN: jackalvince
    Why should you join: looking for a group to play with after nearly conquering solo
  18. KasperxDDD Green Slime

    Accepted :D Join our forum :)
  19. Cujonatorr Green Slime

    sorry to announce this but im quitting the clan because this clan man never seems to be online and i can never join a sever of urs so im quitting buy-bye
  20. KasperxDDD Green Slime

    Its just to ask, and im gonna put the server up :confused:

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